How to Monetize YouTube Videos (+ TOP Ways to Make Money on YouTube!)

in this video we're gonna step through how to monetize YouTube videos that starts with joining the YouTube Partner Program but YouTube ads are only one of the ways to make money on YouTube and in our experience it's actually the least profitable so we'll then dive into some other income streams that we're using our primal video that for us at least have been more effective at driving revenue and they all work from the very same videos hey it's Justin Brown here from primal video where we hope you grow an audience and scale your revenue with online video if you're new here make sure you click that subscribe button and all the links to everything we mentioned in this video you can find linked in the description box below so let's jump into it now given this video is all about monetizing YouTube videos let's kick it off with the elephant in the room how to switch on YouTube ads and join the YouTube Partner Program now if you already passed that stage then don't switch off just yet this is just one revenue stream that is available to value adding content creators and it's actually the smallest one that we've found our primal videos so once we've gone through this first part we'll then dive into the other revenue models that you can switch on for the very same videos to maximize your results and to diversify your income streams all right so the first part joining the YouTube Partner Program and turning on YouTube monetization on your channel there are some requirements that you need to be aware of here especially if you've got a newer channel you do need to have currently one thousand subscribers and four thousand hours of watch time on your channel to be eligible to join the YouTube Partner Program now if you want to check what you're up to with these requirements all you need to do is head over to your YouTube channel I'm just on a test channel I've created here you want to go to your YouTube studio dashboard area come across to monetization and it will tell you here where you're at so this particular channel here I have four subscribers I have 1,000 that are needed and I currently have 0 public watch hours and I have 4,000 that I needed and you can click there to be notified when you are eligible so you go we're going to send you an email when this channel is eligible to apply so if you've met the requirements then here instead it's going to show you you have enough and you just click the button on screen to apply for the YouTube Partner Program now once they've actually reviewed your channel and you've been accepted in there then this is where you can start to turn on or enable your monetization so how this YouTube monetization or ad revenue works is that when you have it enabled on your channel and that you have ads enabled on your channel then companies and people can run ads on your videos and then you receive a percentage from the money that is spent by those companies or by those people running ads on your videos so the amount you can make here is really a variable based on how much it costs those companies to run ads on your videos and how much they're willing to spend to put those ads on your videos which also then comes down to your competition and the amount of views that you're getting on those videos and on your channel now you can turn the monetization off for individual videos so if there are some videos that don't meet the requirements or that you don't want to have ads on then you can manually turn that on or off for individual videos now while the ad revenue is probably the biggest part of the YouTube monetization program there are actually a few different things that you can enable on your channel other ways that you can make money from YouTube as well so once your channel is approved and you're now eligible for monetization if you head over to your studio dashboard come down to monetization and you can start to see some of the other ways that your channel can make money as well again there might be some further requirements to unlock all of these things but you have the ability to make money from merchandise versus you can design and sell your official merchandise t-shirts hoodies phone cases all linked below your videos if you've got the requirements for memberships then you can enable that as well and that's where your fans can become members of your channels paying a monthly fee in return for a special content or special perks that you offer to be private live streams or just exclusive orhan released content and you can also enable supers which are super chats on super stickers and it says here this is where fans can purchase goods on your channel to connect with you during live streams premieres and uploads so typically though a super chat is like a tip where you're receiving money or people can tip you money while you are live and obviously once you've got access to these things you can set all of them up under this same page just using the tabs at the top so for this channel we'll get access to merchandise to memberships and also to supers and in here you can actually see the most recent super chats that we have been given from our live streams now if you head down to the settings area again on this YouTube studio dashboard go over to your upload defaults and then across to monetization here you can set the default upload settings for your videos for the monetization settings that you've now got access to so you can enable here or disable the types of ads that you want to have accessible on your videos and even specify if you want to have them available during your video as well or you can come over to the videos area and on this page you can see the videos that are monetized if you've got a green tick it says the video has been monetized it's been reviewed and it's confirmed to be suitable for most advertisers if it's yellow it means that is it is restricted advertising a restricted amount of views on that video and you got to make limited dollars from ads on that video and if it's red it means it's not eligible to be monetized and if you've actually got it switched off then it's going to look like this so this is a video where we didn't want the ads or anything run on it and in here you can easily turn ads on and off each one of the videos just by hitting the drop-down arrow and you can see that we can turn it off yeah okay so that's the YouTube monetization and ad revenue side of things now we're going to share our top ways for making money on YouTube outside of that ad revenue so not only can you be generating income from the ads and things that you can switch on on your videos themselves but those videos can also be generating you income through other means as well so really there's five additional ways that you can do this so the first one then is affiliate marketing and this is essentially where you were paid a commission or a referral fee for sending leads or for sending sales to a another company or to another product or service so it could be that you're creating things like a product review video or you're mentioning a product or a service inside of your videos you could put affiliate links below in the description and when people click those links and sign up or purchase through your link then you are paid a commission for that sale or for that lead now if you're interested in finding out more about affiliate marketing I'll put a link to a video up in the cards it's going to help you out with everything affiliate marketing but essentially this is where you are recommending products or services and things that you use and that you think are going to benefit your audience and in turn you receive a commission for it so it's really a win-win scenario and that's why we like affiliate marketing now one of the greatest things about affiliate marketing is that this is something that you can start to implement from day one yes your Commission's might be small because your traffic and your link clicks off to those services and products might be small but this is something that if you invest the time to sign up for these affiliate programs and then to start creating videos around the products and services obviously if they're good products and services then this is something that can scale over time the longer those videos stay up the more views that they can get the more link clicks that you can get the more commissions you can get so it really is a high leverage revenue stream because it is something that once you've invested that time and got it set up then it really isn't going to take much of your time beyond that point to potentially see the return from that four years after you've created it so the next one then is sponsorships or brand deals and obviously there's lots of different ways that you can shape and construct these deals with other brands and sponsors and companies and things but essentially you're going to be paid a fee or an ongoing amount to be mentioning a product or a service inside of your videos it could be that you're guaranteeing them a certain amount of videos or a certain amount of social media posts as well to promote their product or their service or it could be that you're just mentioning in your videos that this video was brought to you by brand or company and I'm sure that you've seen a lot of videos like that on YouTube now I know a lot of people might be thinking that they need to have a massive channel or a massive audience to be able to get sponsor deals and brand deals yes maybe for some of the really really big deals the audience size and everything does matter but do note that even at a relatively small channel size you can still work with different brands you can still work with different companies and yeah you can really shape and change the deals to match and it could really be as simple as just mentioning that product or service in your video or you might do a full product review or a full tutorial showing someone how to use that product or that service and I receive the deal or the revenue that comes from that is going to be negotiable depending on what it is you're actually doing but also based on your audience or your reach as well now I do know of people who have a youtube channel around the fifteen hundred subscribers and they are paid by brands for sponsorships to create content for their brand on channel 4 10 to $15,000 per deal so the opportunities are definitely out there and you don't need to have a ridiculously sized youtube channel to be able to make good money from this stuff but know that it is an exchange obviously if you're going to get money from a company or from a brand you will need to do something for them to get them in front of your audience now while it is another way that you can make money from your videos it's probably not as leverageable as things like affiliate marketing because the deal will actually stop at some point every sponsor deal every brand deal will have a length of time that is running for at the end of that there's no me where they stop paying you so normally where you can stop creating content for them I'm mentioning them in your videos it's also the time they stop paying you whereas with affiliate marketing it's kind of those videos can stick around for years and bringing you in leads and traffic and those sorts of things and commissions for years to come so we've looked at affiliate marketing looked at sponsorships next up is done for you work or consulting or coaching this is essentially where you are trading of your time for money so you are doing something for someone or you were helping someone with something obviously your skills your knowledge your expertise your interests but you there is a trade off you are trading your time for money and how the YouTube side of things comes into play here is you are using your videos to drive traffic to those services or to bring you in leads for your business so it could be that you're creating content on YouTube around solving a problem for someone and then somewhere in the video you might mention that you also offer this service for people that you could do it for them to save them all the headaches or all the trouble so it's the perfect way for people to be able to find you online to bring in those leads or customers to you but how you make money from it is where you are trading your time for money now out of all the revenue streams that were throwing out there in this video this is probably the least leveraged because obviously you are trading your time for money you stop trading your time you stop getting paid the dollars but it is also probably the fastest way for you to make money so if you need to make money right now then this can be the quickest way for you to get extra coin in the door but you are trading your time for doing so now another thing with this model is as you were getting busier as you're getting more leads through and you're filling your calendar you can actually start to increase your rate so as the demand for your services increases you can increase your so that your trading time for money actually becomes more valuable to you you might be training less time but making more money as you grow and as you fill your calendar the next one then is drop shipping so this is essentially where you are selling a product online that you don't need to have a warehouse full of this product in your possession you don't even need to see or touch the product at all people place an order for that product through you and it automatically gets shipped out to them on your behalf so it really could be as simple as t-shirts or coffee mugs or hoodies and obviously so much more than that but you are creating demand for the product that is then essentially made and sold without you needing to touch it only when the product is actually ought now Shopify is a great example of a service that does all of this and manages all of this but know that you can drive leads and sales from your YouTube channel to your Shopify account what's your drop shipping account just by mentioning your products inside of your YouTube videos and it could be as simple as offering some merch for your fans or for your audience so the fifth way then is with digital products so here we're talking about something digital that you can sell and offer to your audience off the back of your YouTube videos or inside of your YouTube videos these could be things like ebooks unreleased content courses templates presets a membership sites something that you are creating once or putting effort into creating once in a lot of cases and being able to sell it really an unlimited amount of time so this is one that falls into more of the higher leverage tasks because once you've created it you don't need to keep creating to be able to keep selling it but in terms of fast dollars in or how fast the dollars are going to come in typically with this it is not as fast as something as offering that done for you work with a consulting or the coaching but the payoff long-term because there's not trading your time for money is that you can keep selling your digital products 24/7 with no additional work for you to be delivering those things you're constantly creating those things now in terms of using your YouTube channel to drive digital product sales or awareness for your digital products it can be as simple as just calling it out and offering it as a next logical step for those that liked the video content that's obviously related to it and is looking for that next step so you could be saying something like if you love this beginner video editing tutorial then you're gonna love our full course where we dive deeper on this stuff and we show you step-by-step how to sell the transformation in there or sell the outcome in there obviously if you're lining up the free YouTube content with your digital product then you can easily make it the next logical step for those action takers that do want to take that next step with you so for us at primal video right now our primary revenue streams are affiliate marketing which is where obviously we're talking in in gear or software or services that we use and we recommend and we use affiliate links wherever possible for those a great example of that is actually our resources page if you head to primal video comm /resources to give you a great example of all the stuff that we do use that we do recommend and you could set up something similar for you for your channel for your business so for us affiliate marketing yes we do have ads turned on so YouTube monetization and ad revenue turned on on our YouTube channel and we also have a digital product which is our primal video accelerator program which is a monthly membership or an annual membership to be able to access all the tools the system's the resources all the stuff that we use to run primal video is what we put into our accelerator program now if you want more information on anything that we have covered in this video then check out the description because I've thrown some extra links down there to other resources other videos and also some information about our accelerator program as well so now that you know all about YouTube monetization and the different ways that you can make money on YouTube check out the video linked on-screen which will help you with the tools that you need to have your videos showing up on YouTube which is obviously going to drive and scale your revenue as well and I'll see you in the next video

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