How To Make Your First 1$ Online? No SKILL, NO Website, And In Minutes!

in this video i want to share with you exactly 
how to make your first one dollar online   this video may be really a big motivation 
for beginners to work online i hope to   watch till the end because it will be 
full of useful information stay tuned hi everyone how are you i'm hassan from H-educate 
and today i want to publish a small video showing   you how exactly you can make your first daughter 
a couple of dollars online working from home maybe   you're a student maybe you are a total beginner 
and you want to just make a one dollar online   to give you the motivation to start working and 
building an online business so in this video   i will show you two main methods to make 
money online one is so simple and so fast   and the other one is building a real business 
the full video will be less than 10 minutes so   please don't miss any second because i will 
share with you a lot of valuable information   before we start please don't forget if you like 
to watch more videos like this about digital   marketing online business making money online 
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to get every new update almost every day so   let's start together i don't want to waste 
your time so let's go directly to my pc   and see how things work the first method is to go 
to websites that allows you to earn money quickly   by doing simple tasks as an example this is 
the first website called picoworkers please   open a notepad or something to take notes and save 
these websites so you can test them later on when   you finish the video the first website is called just go and sign up and you will   see here in the find jobs section you see a lot 
of jobs and tasks you can do so it's like a tiny   small job you can do and you'll earn like 0.1, 
0.08, 0.05, dollars and so on each job takes like   maybe two minutes three minutes or four minutes it 
depends anyone can do it as an example if you go   let's see this one you will take 0.05 click on 
it it will tell you you need to go like to google   and search for something and click on the link 
and open it so it's like opening a website and   then after you finish you need to submit the 
proof like a screenshot that you did that so   it's so simple i think for beginners the same 
way we have a lot of other jobs like signing up   here you can see this one also is a search visit 
you can go open google and search for this term   and open this website then send him a screenshot 
of the website and so on so it's a small tiny jobs   small tiny tasks that anyone can do with no skills 
and earn like 0.08 0.04 and so on by the way you   can go here to payment and filter the price let's 
say more than zero point like 0.5 as an example   okay apply and you see here like jobs that pays 
you one dollar per task and so on so you can go   and do some jobs on these websites and 
make money online directly this is the   fastest way you can ever see to make money 
online other website is called micro workers   it is the same concept as picoworkers just sign 
up and you'll find a lot of tasks like those   where you can make money just by doing these 
simple tasks the third website is called neobux   neobux and family clicks our websites that allow 
you to make money also like 0.01 and 0.05 and   so on by clicking on links and clicking on ads 
and so on by the way all these methods i don't   prefer and if you are following my channel 
i don't teach any of these methods i think   it's my opinion anyway that they are only waste 
of time even though you can make like five or   ten dollars per day working for five hours 
on picoworkers as an example i believe that   five hours a day for 30 days can build for you a 
full online business with at least at least couple   of thousands of dollars per month you can build 
a real business by consuming all this time but   anyway it's up to you i'm sharing this with you 
maybe someone wants like ten dollars or twenty   dollars to get a domain or whatever so you can go 
and use these websites to earn a couple of dollars   a week or something and use it in your own 
business or whatever i don't know so this is the   first method is using websites like picoworkers 
microworkers neobux and family clicks to make a   couple of dollars per week working a couple of 
hours per day as i told you i don't prefer this   i consider it as a waste of time but anyway it's 
up to you the second method is going with a real   business and this is where i really always advise 
you to go with and this is what explained always   here on my channel on my blog and my courses and 
everywhere is to go and start building a real   online business now since this video is about 
making money and making the first dollar online   as fast as possible i think the best way to 
start with is affiliate marketing or freelancing   because as you know if you're following me we 
have mainly five methods to make money online   freelancing affiliate marketing online stores SAAS 
businesses and content creation all these require   some time and effort and hard work but the easiest 
between them i think is affiliate marketing or   freelancing now in freelancing also you have 
to do some work promoting your gigs and so on   even though i explained everything here on my 
channel you can refer to my channel here let's see just to put you on the right path if you could do 
my videos here you will see i have the freelancing   service here where this is the freelancing service 
freelancing course you can go down and see how we   can learn some skills and gigs to apply you can 
see also this video on how to promote your gigs on   fiverr and so on so this is about freelancing and 
about affiliate marketing which i think is easiest   also because you don't need any products you have 
the products you can just promote and start making   money online is the fastest way i explained this 
in detail here in this video the fastest way to   make money online and i showed step step-by-step 
case studies like this one here copy my affiliate   marketing system like this one here like this 
one here this video all these are case studies   i applied here on my channel in front of you live 
and i showed you how i made multiple conversions   using affiliate marketing starting from scratch so 
again to sum up we have mainly two methods to make   the first dollar online is following websites or 
working on websites like picoworkers micro workers   neobux and family clicks and similar websites 
you can search for them on google if you want   or simply can build a business with affiliate 
marketing and freelancing by following my other   videos in my channel where i explain step by 
step how to start as an example this video   here affiliate marketing from scratch i showed 
you step by step how to reach $1,000 per month   also i showed you a full action plan in this 
video how to build an online business in 97 days   please please go and watch these videos every 
day i get messages on my instagram profile   on my email people asking me please hasan tell 
us how to make money online friends please i've   published these videos already on my channel 
how to start from scratch please go watch them   and start applying and you will see how to make 
money online easily in a couple of months how to   build an online business so that's it for this 
video i hope you enjoyed it please don't forget   to go to my website now we 
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