How to Make Money With YouTube Shorts | The Best YouTube Shorts Tutorial To Start Making $10,000/Mo

whats up with you guys in today's video i want to show you how to make money watch these shorts on youtube it took me less than five minutes to create and i'll show you how you can do exactly the same the best part about this youtube short videos is i want to show you how your channel has made money so you can start earning tens of thousands of dollars every single month and get millions of views these views can be translated into dollars if people buy your affiliate products and i want to show you and walk for step in detail and show you how these people do it without ever showing their face without using their voice or any of them have to film from this content it is going to be a
complete step-by-step tutorial and we are starting now what go to you guys come here again from the smart money tactics channel guys and as I showed today an introduction, I want to show you how to make money with a youtube shorts without creating these videos without showing your face without your own too use voice but before I do I want to let you know that if you entered my 2,000
give away where 20 lucky winners are I'm going to win 100 each, I'm going to be announcing the winners at the end of to
make sure you watch this video for it but if you want to enter give away the next one I just started click on the link in the description of this video here I have given away a brand new two and a half thousand dollars where 10 lucky winners are going get 250 each which is the link in the description of this video now today guys I want to show you again a fantastic youtube short strategy that can help you make a lot of money but the best is you can start with these youtube short videos without much work for those of you who do not know a youtube shorts the video format of longer format is the one you get on your phone and the youtube short came out after thing with tick and instagram and the best of this is that YouTube has this content push if you hierhee n come, can you see how many views or how many views it guys get in such a short time we talk hundreds of thousands and even millions of views and you do not need many subscribers and today on this video I want to show you how people still crush it the short and fitness niche and the reason why i like it If I refer to this, it just keeps me amazed at how many views it is channels are hardly any subscribers, but when I looked at this I found this brand new kind of concept where people create it videos here where it uses animated videos and it does not show their faces in which they do not speak these different kinds of videos they have I only have music there and I want to show you exactly how you can do that too, and I will walk you through and show you some of these channels one of the channels I found is this here called health fit hindi when you come here, you can watch it watch this person video here nine seconds and when you watch hi those 506,000 views now, I'm going to show you how you can get people to click on your link and more importantly what you need to do to possibly create longer videos later and start earning money with YouTube advertising revenue, but watch out the volume of you guys have an opinion guys one point four million six hundred and fifty thousand five hundred six thousand etc and it's all animated top videos that can literally appear as you appear from 10 seconds 7 seconds 20 seconds and it's very easy to make here's another channel here guys called Super healthy fit if you browse below you can also see this channel get hundreds of thousands of views and millions of views with these animated types of videos and I will show you now an example of one watch, it's best called exercises to lose belly fat shorts a month ago 89 000 views if we click on this video here and we open it, I want to show you what this video looks like you can see, it's just an animation a little jumping words that pop up it's good with you guys super simple to make it, had 89 000 watch the only thing this video is missing is a call to action I want to show you how in your videos so when people come here, as you can see, click on us to show look more at this person a link to a clickbank product you can use digistore24 too and when you click on this link here guys it is I bring you to this page and what if you scroll down here what you are going to find is an offer of a smoothie diet here that someone is promoting well and I will show you how much money you can earn from this but one thing you in you should have videos is a call to action because this is a youtube shorts and unless you have a call to action it is highly unlikely that someone will click through but do not worry, you can also create longer format videos that you will also enable you to make money with YouTube advertising revenue another channel that i found here is the old fitness yoga, it's another channel use animator type videos and i'm going to walk you through and show you where are you going to get it animations from i'm going to walk you through and show you how to upload it video how you can possibly arrange this video so make sure you keep watching so you get all these steps and if you end up going to the gift I got happen now at the bottom and just comment, I'm in the give away and press the like button appreciation guys and as you can see here is another channel here do what I absolutely love this channel here are guys they do these animated type videos but they do the longer format videos and if you watch their channel here on social media blade I mean look at how much money they make us talk about tens of thousands of dollars every month and they get tens of millions You can imagine millions of people coming to your channel possibly clicking on a link you would be making in your description not tie thousands in not only advertising revenue but tens of thousands also in affiliate marketing sales, so how are you going to create these different
types of videos here the first thing you need to do to create one of these videos is you need to come over to's canvas is going to be your
best friend and it is very simple to create these videos once you are done here is what you need to do scroll down and you want to click on mobile video as soon as you click on the phone video, these are the longer format videos I give you should have shown Here it's fast if you hover here you will see that it's 1080 by 1920, that's exactly what we want and that's the format we're going to be able to use now that we need to get these different types find
animations you want to do, come here to google and type animated now you can be happy with fitness images enough if you go here to tools and go to use, right click on commercial or other licenses or creative common li sensation can you be happy to find some of these that you can use from here I will show you an example of how to do it now, then I'm also going to show you where you can buy some of these possible as well , if you roll down here guys, that's all you're going to find these different animated workouts so if you click on something like that example you're going to find all these different and then what you want you to do it simply so let's say you come here and click on what's going to happen it goes into another opening page here, and you can very easily save this a poison and what you want to do is repeat the process and
open some of these so you can go here come and you open some of these and then what you are going to have, you are going to see all these different animated types of gifs and what you then want to do you just want to say: wanted to use this here and let's say you have a video wanted to make let's say with these four scenes past here how you can really get your core strong or how your course can make strong in four weeks do you simply you come here and you would save this picture come so you can click on to save the picture as and you can quite call it simple practice poison one as an example I am going to save it and show you exactly how we can use it what you do is that you come here on canva and then on canva over here is what we want to do create four scenes here because remember we are going to use the four different scenes and then what you are go with this poison over you can simply come here, grab it and drag it over and like you we can see that we have it here now what you want to do as I showed you we are going to use these four here so this one two three and four so what you want to do is that you actually want to expand it well and expand it until you can only see this poison above you can see the top and bottom it does not really matter too much so you can get here and it can do this is the first one we are going to use then what do you want to do here w il you simply come over to elements and click on this form here and then you can just drag it over the top slide well, we can copy and paste it here to the bottom this is where we are going to add our text so you want to repeat the process here for number two number three number four so i want to drag it to here and what then we are going to do is that we are going to drag it was the second person we are lying here so we are going to drag it out and I going to fix it then I'm going to show you how to add these different types of word animation so I'm going to finish it and I'm going to show you exactly how we are I'm going to add the word animations ok guys so I just went through and now have the individual exercises created I'm going to show you exactly how I went about passing on these animations and adding because I want to show you how to do the
exact same, so all I did was that I came here to text and I click on Let's say you wanted to use this text here can very m aklik click on it and then move it on top so for this exercise I mention it improves your core is right so you could easily do it come here, double click on it and just tap to improve your call now you can just drag it so it fits okay, you can play with the colors you can come here guys and choose whatever color you want, here basically what you want to do is you want to tell them exactly how many sets they want to do how for how many seconds how much rest and you can find all this information on google ok so easy, guys, I came here and I just chose to add a heading that we can browse now down here with you can see here that you have it aligned so you can click on it can click alignment and what I chose was it alignment so that it is in line with the left hand side as you can see, I did everything I put here five sets daily 20 seconds on and 10 seconds rest well so you can do exactly same, so all you do is you come here and type it so in you mo do it, say five sets daily like that, then you can press enter
and then you can type 20 seconds up and enter 10 seconds rest as an example if you want to change this color here, guys, you can just emphasize what you want to change, if if you double click on it you can come over and drag what you can play and change the colors well, so I make you know this white here and now I'll show you exactly how you are going to animate it well, and then all you need is have guys I will show you that you do not have to do it it is very possible for every one simply copy it now what you do not need to go and then do it again, so if you want to take it, improve your call we can copy it come here to this one where we have nothing and you can just come here guys and paste it in ok so you do not have to go through and do everything again so we can copy it come here and paste it then in there is okay, as you can see now, is that what you want to do now too, is you want to add some effects here you want it animates so you click go to animate here guys and you can see that you can choose this different, so let's say we choose a bounce here then for this one over here we can roll as an example choose well, and it goes really looks good when we are done this video is good so we have the one finished we have the second one third got the fourth now what we need to do I want to show you here what I created the fifth one here is very easily a fifth scene here and what made I posted here, want more tips to lose weight fast, click on the link in the description and for each of I went to animate it and I have added an animation, such as you can see it will look really cool here from here it's us what we need to do want to add some music to this and then I'll show you exactly what it's all the track is going to look like then it's going to upload to YouTube and we go add as you can see a call to action we are going to add a product so we can start making money to earn with affiliate marketing, what you want to do now, you want to get here and Simply click on audio as soon as you click on audio guys you can exceed just type in here practice so we can find
this type of audio, we can click on it as soon as we click on it, let me just mute it now for a second so this is the music we are going to use now here what you can do is that you can play around with this let me just post it here so it's not too loud and then what you can do is listen to the music where it's getting a little more upbeat when you look at this it looks like it's starting to get a little more update optimistic from here so we're just moving it over one now thing you want to watch guys if you watch these scenes here how is it six and a half seconds long it's six and a half seconds long what we can do is that we can change it to five seconds well because we do not want it to be too long and we want people to watch the other scenes well too, because again k yk time is also really important with youtube shorts and more watch time you get than YouTube is going to show it to more people well so we can change it to five seconds than now yes, and what is it going to do is going to make us five has scenes are right, so five five is 25 which means the video is going to be about 25
seconds long which is perfect and it's also five seconds, so what can we do now, we can click on this as you can see it's there now , I'm going to play it to show you exactly what this video is going to look like we're going to download it, show you how to upload it, how we'll get it call to action inside product so we can start making some money, so what you are doing here is just click simple to play let me just increase this volume a little bit, we are going to stop it and let's play it for you as you can see all the animations are there and they work perfectly and against the time the animations are done, he turns to the next one and it's great, people will definitely watch this rdie videos and you will definitely get a lot of views and then it goes on to the last scene where it's going to have us call to action, so I want more tips on losing weight fast, click on the link in the description because I get from people tell me that you know no one goes on your link in the click
description well people who are looking to lose weight, click on the link in the description from here guys you just want to do, come over here and click to download and what you are going to do, you are going to download it now as an mp4 video sure you keep watching, because at the end of this video I will show you where you can go to get more of this animated gifs, as well as all these animated workouts and also who the winners are also from the gift guys, so that you come here, click on the suggested mp4 video and then click go download, it now goes to download this video once it is downloaded I will walk you through and show exactly how we are going to upload it so that the video fits kl aar is download here what we want to do as you can see, it is downloaded to get to our channels here and once you have done that, you want to click on this little create symbol and then from here we want to upload this video so I go now click to upload from here we want to grab this video and just drag it over the top, or you can find it in your
files because it would have been saved to your computer and this is where we are going to format this video guys so a YouTube knows where to print this video and two we also want to call action because we have a call to action in our video we want a
product here well so this is where you will have the description good , what do you want to do first thing we need to change here is the title well so we're going to remove it now the best place to get inspiration for these guys is to Watch some of these other videos and exactly what they did know this is a core type of exercise okay, if you come here and watched some of this other channel e you can see that some people prefer the best exercises to lose belly fat, ect.

Do exactly the same so you all should simply come type in here something similar I strongly recommend that you do well is that you get a software that is running to help you and tell you exactly how many times something is searched for YouTube a very good software one called here vid iq they have a generous free plan you can take look at, I have a link in my description you can look at it and then it basically happens when you sign up here and type in something like how to lose a belly fat you can see it's going to show you exactly how many times it's searched every month on youtube and it's I give you some related key terms now once you ever upgrade for it and you pay for it if your channel starts really making some money you are going to have a whole lot of different suggestions when you are on the free plan you are only going to have a few but this few will also help you as you can see I typed how to lose belly fat i know how to lose belly fat fast how to get rid of belly fat how to lose belly fat naturally, etc.

What then are we going to do, we are going to use this here, how to lose belly fat let's say fast okay so simple we just want to come to our channel here and just type how to lose belly fat fast well, and then simple guys you want to come here and type in hashtag
shorts okay, you want to make sure you have the other thing in it you want to do here, guys in the description is also what you want this keyword also here in the description of your video also good help only with seo and of course tell YouTube where to print this type of content so you can have it and then you can simply from here just watch the four different workouts you can start today okay something like that from there down this is where you want to call action for the product if you want to lose weight very quickly click here okay what then happens here, this is where you are going to
have your reconnected link, I'll show you how you can do it now can play with the call to action and put in that you know what you want basically or refer back to the product it does not matter, look and see exactly what these other channels are do it too but to get this product what you would do is that you would find it a lot simply come over to a website like or do you have storage 24 or any other affiliate program that you have available in your country that has these different types of weight loss products etc once you have logged in to clickbank as an example of what you are going to happen to, you want to come here to their market from which you want to browse, you can see that you have all these different categories here and if you scroll down you want to find fitness and health, then come below and just click on health and fitness as an example then from there guys, as you can see here, you can search by gravity now what we are going to do is we are going to find exactly the same product that the other person used so if you scroll down here I'm pretty sure it's somewhere down here it's here , guys, the smoothie kills okay 21 days fast weight loss okay what you can do is you can turn that call to action into something like click here if you want a quick 21 days weight loss program well and then a little more tempting, ok going to probably click a lot more get and then from here, as you can see, it's 28 every time someone buys it now to promote these guys simply click to promote once you click to promote, come here and click generate hop links and then click on the link there from here guys you always want to do want to shorten these links well it just looks a little better use a site like a small url, or you can even use something like well so you come here and you can paste it now here for you what was I follow some time my channel will know I'm a big fan of setting up a landing page using a site like convertkit I talked about it Collect emails many times so you can redirect these people with vers illende types of products also for the purposes of this video are good but simple and simple remember only the best practice is to create a landing page to gather clues so you can re-target with email broadcast and convertkit is free, there ' a link in my description so you come here guys click on to make a small url and then simply a copy of the link we come back to our video and we can paste it there so this is where you got your title here got a description, you got your call to action, you browse here guys because it's a youtube short we do not need a thumbnail what happens here from here is that we need it It is true to add some labels vid iq stay your best friend so you just come here and grab these different labels here we are going to copy these six labels I will come back here and we are going to paste it here and as you can see is it our labels here after which we are going to use everything you need now t do guys are scroll down click on next if you click on it next if you monetize channel you will simply click if this is not the case you will not have it option you want to scroll down here, click again next time, guys scroll through your down would click on none of the above submit rating in, click on next and then you would continue and you would publish this video is good so this is how you go through and this is exactly what these people are doing here on to download these different types of videos now i told you that i am going to show you some of these sites where you can go find these different animation types of video animation type templates that you can ok ok so i showed you how to Google gets it but this is where you would actually go all these different types so you have a site called envato market here you have another one let me see what it is called free choice, you can come here and see if they have it all have different can you ki es a different types of licensing you see you have for free, you have premium can all again check website here that offers it as guys, as you can see, cg is called dealer well, and some of these cost ten dollars six dollars two dollars etc you can scroll down and look again website I also found here called creative marketers so you can browse and find a whole lot of it is very easy to do by is google guys and you will
find a whole lot of this, and you can very easily recreate dozens of these different types of videos, and you will be well on your way to making some really good money with a youtube shorts from there guys you plan to do is you want this longer type start creating videos exactly like these channels do here because what youtube shorts are going to do what it's going to give you an influx of subscribers it's going to give you an influx of opinions but it's I'm not going to give you get the watch time you need to make money your k anal for youtube ad revenue but this is where you can start creating these longer form videos and then you will have a lot more money to pay for these different types of videos can even get people to create them for you on fiverr and then you will be good your way to create these videos with which you can start making money youtube short and youtube ad revenue ok guys, so the moment everyone waited I want to announce the 20 winners here get 100 each from this give away as you can see guys this giveaway has ended and need winners and this is the new giveaway here, so do not forget to go to my new giveaway, go under now sign the gift and comment on this video you are in Just comment I am okay, so what we want to do from here, we want to choose win it, so we come here click on need winners as soon as I click on
to need winners, I want to come here and see lesson 20 and now all I have to do is choose the winners and good luck to everyone just to let everyone know i will email all the winners if i do it every month so if you missed it this video need not worry get an email from myself and let's click to pick winners and like I said good luck to everyone so we scroll down here, guys, these are the 20 winners, I'm going from the top here and scrolling down and I'll even zoom out in a second so you guys can see exactly who are all the winners so I will just zoom out here not sure if you can see it all, congratulations to all the winners and like I said make sure you guys go into my next give away now if you want know another brilliant strategy you can with which you can start making a lot of money online, I highly recommend you click right on this video now it is something that has worked every time for me and you can apply a lot in your business recommend that you click on this video watch this, I see you on the video until next time

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