How To Make Money With YouTube Shorts By Turning TEMPLATES Into YOUTUBE SHORT Videos!

on this video today i am going to show you how you can make money with short youtube without ever showing your face or making one of these videos yourself and all this can be done by using this very
simple most of the templates are absolutely free this templates can help you channels with which you can start making money every day like this day and it can turn into thousands of
dollars every year just so you see a youtube shorts are currently being pushed by youtube and this is an opportunity you should take advantage as you can see these videos get hundreds of thousands of views if not millions of views and on this video, I show you step one where you can get all these templates absolutely free then step two, I show you these different types of niches will I'm going through several of them where you can get millions of views that can get these opinions turned into thousands of dollars with affiliate marketing sales as you can get products to promote it you can love hundreds lars per sale then i will show you exactly how to put these videos together in a matter of minutes it is super simple and i will walk you through and show you exactly how to optimize these videos for maximum views you are going to see a step-by-step tutorial where I am going to go through and show exactly how to make money with youtube shorts plus I have a great bonus for you you can start today hey everyone here again from the smart money tactics channel and like it I said in the introduction today I want to show how you can use templates to make money with youtube short for those of you who do not know that YouTube is currently print youtube short format and these different channels and videos become thousands watch if you do not take advantage of this opportunity at the moment you really miss many people have benefited from youtube shorts and their channels have started to blow up and on this video today I want to show you a software it will help you to do where you do not have to show your face do not have to create these different types of videos can possibly voice your own use and use pre-made templates many of them can be done absolutely free and I will forward you and show you in what niche you can do it so you can make money with youtube shorts and get thousands of views the system or the software i go to I show you how to do it here called video dot io it 's a brilliant software you can get here and sign up, I'm going to show you how to do it and with the strategy I show you today there are over 5000 templates that pretty much cover every industry and niche and once you have logged in what you want to do in video when you scroll to the top, here you see you can create a longer form videos the standard type of videos on YouTube, first started are these short YouTube videos you then want to switch to these different types of videos and watch here I have these 5 000 pre-made template ne can also do text to video, and you can use a blank canvas, I'm going to have a
link in my description and I have a bonus for you that I will reveal to you within a second you can take advantage of the use it software here but i want to show you something the best part about video is that with this software a take a
look at these guys, they have one of the most generous plans you can use because you can start creating this youtube short videos absolutely free watch this, it has a watermark but the watermark is small and it does not affect your video again you can take advantage of all 5 000 these templates and if you get over it here guys, you automatically have text-to- speech and you can create 15 minute videos that are perfect when you start short on youtube venture over to these different top to the YouTube videos with longer format and take a look at these guys if you look at the business plan here is going to cost you 15 a month if you do not apply my discount code I have at the bottom is smt 25 g ee you a 25 discount, which means that it will only cost you on average just over 10 a month if you take out the annual plan well, it is fantastic if you want to go also for the unlimited plan get a 25 discount, the link is in my description if you unroll here, take guys watch this free plan here if you unroll, you can 60 of output
these videos are two videos every single day 15 minutes long at 720p which are fantastic guys and when you come here and watch all the options you get are brilliant and once you start making money or if you want to acquire the business plan or the unlimited plan and push the run you can absolutely and take advantage of the discount, the link is now in my description when it comes to step two in this strategy guys it's to find out what niche you want to get started with and the nation i'm going to talk to you today in the motivation niche is in the confirmation niche in order because these videos are absolute
when you take off , you can see that these different types ofhali ngs are very easy to create but they get tens of thousands of views plus you can double with this and have connected links very simple things and if you take it Watch some of these videos here they get literally millions of views hundreds of thousands of views and I want to show you exactly how to create this and how many people search every month for this content take a look at this review ishtag short motivation get it also hundreds of thousands of views so short also watch videos and watch video here that one had have a million views, I'm quickly playing an excerpt of this, it has no one show the face no one uses their voice and the music is already within these templates and I'm going to show it let me show you in a second a quick five play seconds for you now it's as soon as you move away from the youtube shorts, okay, this video and this channel earn money and they get paid thousands of dollars month, here is the confirmation: scroll down, see how many look at these differences n types of channels get guys and you can take advantage of it, and you can start making
tens of thousands of dollars every single month using these different Types of channels and videos are now in order the ultimate goal guys are to get over here and around ' create a channel just like this one here where they just do create different types of videos on confirmation motivational quotes etc and what you want to do is what you want to do just like this channel go out here and you want to start making longer videos, but again the videos are not too long, they are only over two to three minutes long because that is all you need with this type of content so it does not get harder for you well, you are already going to be really good with it around the make shorts then create the longer format type of videos it is not going to be that difficult and you can see that people are creating these different types of videos let me get thousands of views a few snippets of this also for you to show you exactly how it we rk male facts female facts relationships quote motivation, these are simple things guys and people get thousands of views with these videos here is one in confirmation well and if I play it you can see how simple it is only a nine second video if you move down here you can see that they have link links and I can guarantee you that these channels not only get paid through YouTube advertising revenue it is also to make money with affiliate marketing after you have gone and found out what type of niche you want to start with let's say that these are then motivational quotes you need to create a channel for yourself once you have done what you want to get back to the video here and you want to create one of these videos, I'll give you exactly show how you can do it now and i'm going to show you where you can get inspiration for these quotes so what you want you do if you are here video want you come here these pre-made templates you want scroll down and you want click on it vertically w il us the vertical use format because we are going to be creating these short YouTube videos and if you scroll down here you can see here, you have this option, all options here, or you can scroll down and look at all the different templates that initially appeared or what you can do, as I said come here and click to see everything as soon as you click on it to see everything here it will take you to a page it looks now so you can search for specific things like us say you wanted to create a
video with motion in the background like here, you can you can come here and you can type in something like nature or beach let's try for example nature, if you type nature you would come here , would you click go in and what's all going to happen these different types of templates are with nature scenes come up different types of beaches like this here it looks beautiful here and what you do guys if you click on this you are going to hear exactly what music is playing on the background, but you can play this music k change, let's say we wanted to test it here you guys are going to hear the music some of the music i use in my introduction guys, so i'm going to interrupt it if you click on this one here are going to hear the different types of
music they play, are good so easy guys, and you can do it on any
one of these plans is good completely free let's go here with this stuff I'm going to do is I'm going to come here and I'm going to click to use this template as soon as you click on it click to use this template it goes in on this edit tip and it will bring it to us now take a to create this type of video
look at these guys, this is what I was saying about the in-video watermark about now here as you want to get rid of it all in video watermarking guys, come here and click on this upgrade is ok as soon as you click on this upgrade you will be taken to a page that looks like this here and let's say you clicked on it business here, so let's say we click A su want to do business, it will bring you to a page that looks like this now I want to show that you have a coupon here is what you want to do click on it and simply type in smt25 and as soon as you type it like I have here look you click on application, you can see it automatically the 180 year plan goes to 135 year plan and if you click further the monthly money also the 25 discount if you do not want to see the watermark is good guys a lot all you have to do is to enter smt
25 and the link is in the description what you can do of this video now if you want to give this one and I start creating not to have it in video watermark here what you want to do you want it completely now scroll to the front, as you can see when you move it over to the guys you are going to be can see that this font appears here and what you can do with it write if you double click on it can very easily see that you are able to remove it, you can change it move it around etc and what I'm going to show you now is how we will make our own quotes post here are some ways you can do this, one of the ways is you can simply go to google and browse and just type something like on the most powerful Google search motivational quotes as an example and you can find many of these types of quotes another place you can go to this site here is called and as you can see you have all these motivational quotes you have inspirational quotes positive funny life wisdom etc now if you click on motivational quotes here as an example that is going to happen, are you going to find all these different quotes what it's going to be good and what we want to do, we want one of use
these quotes are right, I'm going to open one of these, and we're going to create a
video on the back, so I go to click here on one of these and what we are going to do is that we are going to make a quote a video from this quote here, so I am going to break it down into three different scenes well so we are going to use this section here, so true yes is a will, is there a So what we are going to do is that we are going to highlight it here let's copy it well, so let's grab it and what we're going to do then is we I'm coming here to nvidia after this template here and then what we're going to do paste it in here and what you can thing of this writing is this option here where it says animate all you have to do is click on
animate here and once you have done that you can see here that you have text animation well, and then what you want to do did you have this anime and did i also get animation, when the scene ends, what do you want to happen with this script, let's say fade you can see what you want here you can choose exactly what you want to happen, now you say want it to move in from the left what will happen if you can see it over your move that the writing is going to fade so if you play it when we come here and s peel it, you can see it is faded from the left and then you can come here, you can see when it just drops it out, so what you want to do is click on You see that there is no text animation here simple, you can come here and you can choose fade right now if you come here you can see it is going to fade to right so if we play it here you can see it moves right now you write here, guys, what you want simply do if you bring back here what you want to do with this writing once you click on it, it is possible you want to make it a little shorter, see hey, it's five points something seconds long, then you want it might just work out say five seconds well then what do you want to do if you come here see how there is no text here you might want to create more text because we obviously have three different scenes To be able to do this you have to do you guys need to come here guys and you need to click on the text now to move it over because we might want the following text about this scene you can see here that there are two scenes now you can if you want to get rid of this scene and you can very easily expand it just outas you just wanted
one okay, you do not necessarily need both in this case will we leave this scene here, so what we do, we come here to sms and we go over this text click here and we are going to add the text in there, so we are going to move it it is going to expand, and what now we want to do , is that we want to come back to after brain-like quotes here and now what we want to do is that we want to grab the second lot write, so we go and we are going to paste it there well, we are going to expand it on top of everything, so we are going to make sure it fits well here so move it now there you will notice that there is a
difference between the two fonts over here you have this font in order and then now you have this font, so everything you need to to do is simply click on this font here guys and see where you have a font here, this is the font of this particular font so all you have to do is ok double click on it all and then click here to type the font here to choose and just choose that font because you all want to
write the same and now, as you can see here you can also make these five seconds okay, because you probably do not want it too long, okay, let it be there now there is probably a gap out of this as I write this, I will play it fast just so you can see exactly what it's starting to look like you know as I said here with this writing you can click on this writing and then what you can do with the writing is of course the also animations, just click on animate here and then with the in, as you can see, blur it from left with the outside you can nothing come just here and choose exactly what you want to happen and how long you want this to happen too, so now we 've added that oo k, and as you can see, it's going to move now, you have some options here, guys if you come here to templates you can see that we already have this template here, what the is
snow, since you now see changes to it you can come here and you can add a
third template if you want something a little different it goes on for you it's your choice you want to do or you can simply expand it here, as well as possibly see, you can move it and expand it tell exactly how long it is now if we move it to t, you can see that it 's
20 seconds here, so basically maybe we can just move it to say about 17 seconds about t and then with this writing about here is what you want to do reduce the script and you can move it's going well with us guys now, we're going to create that third text is so simple come here and then come just make a turn here and click on the text and then click on what's going on to add the third layer of text now if you can see that this has now been expanded rego or the top of this so you all You just have to post it here and as you can see it is not going to mess with the text you have here okay, it just does not touch the text we will come here now we have it so with a lot of text here, guys what we need to do now is to come back again wrote it's good at the end you come back here, double click on it here guys and paste it write what we just got expand this okay from very very easy guys so just stretch the move out so sit there and there guys come again to font change the font so that all the fonts match well, what we have now is what we have this scene from which it is going to play as you can see, he says where there is a
there will be a way it will move if possibly watch this scene , here you have the third scene, it's that simple to create one of these motivating type of videos that you can upload as a youtube shorts well, and then blow it into a quiet a big channel if you keep doing it guys now with this, as I said you can see, you can also add a logo here guys, which is fantastic and remove this watermark like I said guys all you have to do is see it here if you click to remove watermark I have You have a link in my description sign up guys, there is an offer grab the offer well, or click on to upgrade here and simply use my code smt25 to get now 25 discount from here what you want to do, just come here and click to download and share as soon as you click on the download and share guys, you can see that we can only import currently 720 if you upgrade, you can do it in 1080p and then click to export as you can see that it now run from here, I am I will show you how to optimize it video how to upload it youtube guys and possibly how to double with more affiliate marketing so you can make even more money with this strategy and as you can see guys, it's downloading to my computer now if we look at some of these other channels here guys, as you can see, there are so many of these different types of channels how they optimize and why these videos like this one here it has a million times how they do it they get all these views well if you look at this in their title here they have motivation quotes when you go to a site with the name comes
vid iq okay i use it I talked about it many times and you type in motivational quotes you can see how many times motivational quotes are searched YouTube every month and these are the labels you are going to place within your videos you can also register for vid iq with vidiq they also have a very free free plan and if you scroll down here you can look to get these views guys can use something like motivational quote the best motivational quotes on its own have j y 400 searched 000 times well, so I just like this video was downloaded guys, this is the final product it looks fantastic, and as you can see, is a very fast video of 17 seconds we can start now to upload and drive views and sales with affiliate marketing okay guys so it's on my computer now I can download it directly on YouTube also from here if I wanted you are here on vid iq guys browse, you can too inspirational see quotes you can see other kinds of words you can use as the most powerful motivation all quote to get thousands of
views, therefore this niche is not saturated, and many people are earning a lot of money on the back of it is the other thing I showed you was these channels also channel here as an example and this one here and if you scroll down you can see that these channels have your affiliate links well if you click on these links it leads you to products they may be selling and so you can do that
You can also go to sites like go digistore24 etc and what do you want to do if you subscribe some of these different types of products that work very well motivation motivational quotes spirituality, etc., manifestation is good this niche is big and if you browse doenwn here on clickbank you can see that there are so many products that you can promote ok in the manifestation nice, you can see here that some of these products are sold for 45.39 and some of them sell for as much as 288 dollars and the crazy thing is the gravity score is quite high , which means these products change a lot of people earn money, I mean if you get thousands of views on these different types of videos then if you can watch here for just one sale can earn $ 288 and get everything you need click on the promotion button here the affiliate link, shorten it on sites like this is called tinyurl as an example and then place the link in the description of your videos now what is the ultimate goal you want to start doing with these different types of videos is you want to start creating channels like this one here and in the video can do it for you too once you get here and you create these different types of youtube short videos guys then all you need to do if you are here on nvidia start creating the longer format videos whose videos are over when you click on it, you can use it text after video, you can use a blank canvas or you can use the pre-made templates as Well, in video is your best friend when it comes to these guys and is a fantastic tool you should start using to take advantage of 25 discount men going to register at the bottom now and use my code smt25 get the discount you can not pass without incredible Software like these youtube shorts is currently one of the best opportunities to help you build a YouTube channel so you can start earning serious money online as these channels work here and earn tens of thousands do llars every month with a YouTube shorts and hundreds of thousands of dollars every year with YouTube advertising revenue you can start doing it
with the same sign up as in the video today and start making money with youtube short, so that was one way you can make money earn with a youtube shorts guys if you want to look at another way you can use text to speech click on this video here at the moment it's a complete step-by-step tutorial and another way you can apply in video absolutely free for guys hope you enjoyed the video until next time you take care of yourself and goodbye

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