How to make MONEY with your art! (Content monetization)

get our letters and gentlemen welcome to draw with jazz ah I'm Jezza and in this video we're going to be talking about the much asked topic monetization bit of a fun word there basically we're going to be talking about how you make money creating things you like artworks animations games all of that anything in a creative field that's kind of what we're focusing on here because it's draw with Jezza how do you make money from that what are the different ways that you can pay your bills and maybe even have some savings and buy nice things for yourself and people you like so first and foremost I have a rule that I always tell people when they ask me this question I get this question a lot let's say how can I make lots of money and get millions of views on YouTube and I say don't if that's your approach don't do it because that's a bad goal your goal should be creating quality content and being passionate about that and enjoying it if you can't do that if your goal is to get money and you're frustrated and you can't get money and you do want to get money you're not going to get money it's going to be really like it's very rare very rare like in the live I knew the decimals and percentages it would be pretty damn low so the point is your goal should be stability and enjoyment and fulfillment because at the end of the day 10 years from now regardless of whatever money you made if you've been miserable in the last ten years trying to make money why waste those ten years whereas if you've done O'Kane you've kind of scraped the barrel but you get by and you've loved it best 10 years ever and that's the way I feel and that's the way I approach it and you know that's why I keep doing what I'm doing I love it and I really enjoying it I don't I don't make heaps of money I make enough to get by in different ways and so we're going to talk about those ways the first way and the most common way to make money doing things that you like know in a creative sense it's freelance that means doing something for someone else and they pay you and you decide together what that will be in a lot of cases this begins by doing things for friends or family that's okay you don't need to to feel cheap or like like it's not real work if you're doing it for friends and family you should see it as a bit of an inroad you can learn how to communicate and you know treat them as a client communicate professionally create work that they want show progress and and that's kind of where you can begin and trust me it escalates they tell friends friends tell friends friends tell businesses businesses ask for your business so that that's it's a bit of a long road because you've got to build a stability now this is dependent on app you on a few things all of these different areas are but in particular freelance you need to be a great communicator you need to constantly be able to and ready to email your client whether it's family or friends are an actual you know business you need a you know to speak to them as a client you're your professional and let them know where you're at ask what they want ask for details be specific and then second of all artistic proficiency we're talking here about creative freelancing so it might be creating a game for someone or an app it could be painting a picture it could be you know drawing a sketch whatever at the end of the day you've got to be good at what you do and you've got to be able to make what they want because doing freelance work you're making something for someone to own and they have something in their mind and they might not be as creatively adept as you are at you know communicating what they want but you have to be able to read into that and know what it is what they want if they want a plush toy to look like something and they send you a crappy sketch you send the Mack a better sketch and you say is this what you want and they'll say no I imagine that differently and you kind of go back and forth and then you make it and then you make alterations and then you present them with the finished product and finally self-promotion is a very important part of freelance work that means the ability to keep getting work you might do a whole bunch of jobs for some family and then some friends and then some clients and then nothing where did all the work go you need to be able to go back to classes I have some free time did you have anything you need or maybe even propose ideas you need to be able to go to people you have an approach to work for before and say I have a good idea that you you might need that I would be good at doing you know so it's really about putting yourself out there and being stable and strong in the way you present yourself and the way you work with them so freelance that's one of the main ones now next we're talking about sponsorship this is a bit of a different one kind of an analogy I like to think about when I explain sponsorship to people or family or friends who don't understand it I kind of like racecar drivers I explain like how racecar drivers often have logos on them like Pepsi or like you know Bridgestone tires or ollie they always have lots of logos on and that's because lots of people look at these racecar drivers and all of a sudden that person is a billboard right so you're basically turning your creative work into a bit of a billboard you're an advertisement for this company so for example one of the reasons I shamelessly promote Newgrounds is because they are a creative hub where they want people to go submit their works and animations and games but they also like to be part of that content so if I make a game or an animation I might approach Newgrounds and say I've made this what do you think would you be interested in sponsorship now sponsorship would mean that if they say yes I think this has potential for success if this animation or game might reach hundreds of thousands maybe even millions of people I'd love to have my logo on it so that when they see that quality content they think of me as well so they benefit from it and the great thing is you keep your work you own your work if you make a sequel and you don't want the money from a sponsor you're not obligated to give them anything you can go make a sequel they don't own your work but you have to stick by that agreement that you come to with your sponsor and often that is you receive a payment for incorporating their logo or their brand or their intro animation or whatever in a certain way that you both agree on that isn't interested to work because you do want to preserve the integrity of your work and also talking about distribution and publication where will the product go and how will it be published and put out there in a way that benefits you both often sponsors kind of take this for you and get your product out there even better so you could get sponsored by a game group like Newgrounds or armor games or congregate and as part of that sponsorship you might get better just better placement on their website or you might get more promotion so your content gets more views therefore they get more bang for their buck and you get more promotion and therefore you're more of a viable candidate next time you want a sponsorship so it's pretty cool it's it that's a really cool way of getting yourself out there and getting a bit of money now skills dependent upon again communication is at the top of the list always because if you can't contact someone you want to sponsor you and pitch your idea and say this is going to be successful look at this you're going to be happy that you gave me your money to put your logo in my work if you can't do that you're not going to be successful so you need to be able to communicate clearly you need to be able to also fulfill those deals and all that stuff also the quality has to be good your content has to be worth watching which brings us to the last point which is there has to be a potential audience if you make quality content which has a really kind of small demographic of people who would be interested in watching it as quality as it may be you're not really going to find a sponsor because no one will see it then again if it's if even if it's mild sort of quality content but they know it's going to be seen by a lot of people you're really likely to get a sponsor because that's what it's about that it's like it's this real sort of balance you want good content but at the end of the day it is about being seen and about a positive association where that so shock value isn't a selling point but good humor creativity quality and and a great potential outreach is that's really what it depends on so last but not least is advertisement revenue and revenue this is things like Google Adsense this is like CPM star or ads in your games your Flash games your tablet games you see how in apps there's like advertisements in some of the free apps that's how they make a bit of money from apps that they give out for free so advertisement revenue is where someone else often the distance some company pays a middle group like Google Adsense or CPM star to put their ad in product and you're one of the products so for example you might have seen an advertisement before you watch this video this is another way that I try and make a bit of money out of the things that I do in making this YouTube channel and try and build a stable financial base so when people watch that content and click on or watch the entire advertisement that person way off in the distance that company or whatever who paid for that advertisement to appear gets a little portion of that money to you so the more people that see those advertisements on your content the more portions of that money you get that kind of builds up and you can create a bit of a financial base now this is dependent upon views obviously the more people that want your content the more money you get that's why viral videos can be kind of cool for people because they can have a burst of success but the problem is it's not sustainable and that's why subscriptions are a big deal why people are always very excited about having a thousand subscribers 10,000 subscribers the hundred thousand subscribers the more subscribers people have that means that that amount of people click the button essentially saying in their head I want to keep watching this person stuff and that program or whatever it is the browser YouTube for example will constantly give them that person's content and they will likely go back and watch it like you are right now thank you for subscribing um that's a big deal because that means that the more consistency and appeal that this person's work has the more subscribers that they have the more views that they have over time so there is a potential exponential increase in the money that they can earn so the last thing I'll say about this aside from it being being dependent upon views and sustainability is that you're kind of on your own there are a lot of people out there trying to do exactly the same thing to try and make quality content and be viral as people saying to to try and be viral which is bit of a we sort of approaching in my mind so I think the approach personally I think the approach should be making great stuff being passionate about it and the people who follow you will follow you because they are passionate about it and enjoy it as well so knowing that you're on your own and you're in a world full of people who are trying to do the same thing do it in a way that you want to do it you're enjoying doing it and it's good quality and it will grow you need to be able to have creative instincts and goals you need to be able to think how can I work with other people who have a lot more subscribers to watch my work so I can get a few more subscribers how can I make content specific to my demographic that will be shared with their friends or reach out so you really kind of got to think creatively be independent and most of all be passionate so really that's what it comes down to for me personally it's really about passion quality and enjoyment money will follow but it takes time time time think of that word I've just got to repeat it because so many people who look at successful animators or game designers or artists think I want to do that now I want money for that now because they get money for that and it takes time sometimes you can have spontaneous success be viral and bem all of a sudden you're an internet hit but that is very rare very rare so you can't plan for that you can't structure your career around the hope of a viral video it's not going to happen you need to plan and structure things in a way that will allow you to be consistent creative enjoy your work and be smart about it so anyways that is my advice on creating a financial base for the work you do and I have experience in all of these fields I I've been sponsored in a lot of my animations and games I've done a lot of freelance work and I still do some on the side because it's nice to have kind of stable base and I'm trying to create a sustainability out of this YouTube channel all of these things come together in a way that enabled me to pay my bills barely and that's okay with me because I'm having a blast so thank you very much for watching my videos until next time I'll see you later thanks for watching make sure to subscribe if you enjoy my videos you can download the reference files from this tutorial by clicking the link in the description and remember to share any art animation or game you make on until next time see you later

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