How to Make MONEY with MUSIC on YouTube (STEP by STEP)

This method does not require any video editing
at all. You can use any music genre and this method
will work even if you can't sing or play an instrument. I will show you example channels that are
doing this exact method and making money, how much they earn, 2 free websites on how
you can do this yourself, ways to monetize and and all the steps you should follow from
start to finish to make money with music on YouTube. So if I go to social blade, Here you can see
the amount of views and the money this YouTube channel is making. Here's a smaller Channel just so you can see
that there's more than just that channel doing it and this YouTube channel has started recently.

These are music visualization YouTube channels. Basically, music visualization is the interpretation
of sounds using images and graphics. Movements of images and graphic designs respond
depending to the beat of the music. It is very easy to create videos like this. Let me show you a similar video I created
in less than 5 minutes using a free website. If this is the first time you are hearing
of this method give this video a like. Keep watching I will show how you can also
create videos like these without doing any video editing and make money with music. The first step obviously to get the music. You can use copyright free music. Now most people ask can you monetize copyright
free music ? So here it is from a YouTube authoritative site itself. I will link this site in the video description
so you can read through it. If you create a YouTube channel with random
music videos you wont get any views are subscribers.

Let me first show you how to create a simple
video and then go on to tips on what you need to do get views and subscribers. I will use because it is 100%
free and super easy to do. I will show how you can create a music visualization
video with the online version. You can also download this to your desktop. If you scroll down, you will see a couple
of templates. under quick setting you can change the background
image if you want. Change the speed, color and size of the particles. When you go to spectrum you can customize
the visualization as you like. You can also change the logo and the colors
around it. Once you are done with it go to Export and
give a filename and click Start encoding. Then click export. You will be taken to a page which will say
its exporting. It will show the progress and also how much
time is remaining.

Once completed it will say done exporting
and will automatically download or you can also click the link to download. Now that you know how to create these types
of videos, I will share with you some strategies on how you can get views and subscribers fast
to your new YouTube channel. You can use any music genre you like. I would advice you to research on YouTube
the types of genres that are getting a lot of views and build a channel around a theme
rather than random music.

For example it could be a study related music
youtube channel like this Which has a collection of music on various
categories like Ambient piano, Music for concentration, chill study vibes and so on. Another mistake most YouTube do is to add
music name and artists names as the video title! then they wonder why they don't have views
and subscribers! This is because when you start out on YouTube
you are relying on the YouTube search to get you views.

So unless the music and artist is known it
is unlikely that someone will search for it on YouTube and thus no views! So when adding the title, think of keywords
that someone might type in the search bar. for example for the study related music YouTube
channel you can add a title like Music for concentration. Make sure to do the right keyword research
so that your music video will be on the first page of YouTube search results. I created a video previously with 5 steps
you need to follow to rank youtube videos fast. Watch that video for more details. You also need to use other social media methods
for example Facebook, reddit etc to get more views for your videos. For example, for the study music channel you
might want to look into promoting your videos on facebook groups about studying.

What ever the niche that you have selected
just think of the audience that might be interested in the type of music videos you create and
promote it to them. That way you will get views and subscribers
to your new channel. now you know how to make money with music
on YouTube. So start today and Leave a link to your music
channel in the comments below. If you have questions about this method let
me know I will answer..

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