one two three four five six oh we did over a hundred thousand actually yeah not over a hundred thousand over five hundred thousand dollars with our Instagram marketing agency in the last month alone and you know what the best part is it was the month of my birthday in this video we go over how much revenue we did in the last month of September how we actually did it will actually happen to make that particular revenue go off the roof like crazy and how you can replicate it as well and at the end of the video we also have a little special surprise and giveaway for you so don't plan on going anywhere because this one is going to be a good one [Music] what's up guys my name is josue pena with all my sales helping you grow and monetize your brand business and influence with social media and marketing in today we're gonna cover a little special in different video I've been wanting to do this kind of series and this kind of like format for a while so today we're gonna go over how much revenue we did in the last month of September which right now has been the highest-grossing month of all time for me and my business and how we actually did it what actually happened and how you can replicate it as well so right now let's dive into my computer and I'm gonna show you what actually happened what days were the best days what days we need $30,000 how we did that how in the last few days of September we actually did over 71 thousand dollars in the legate's if so let's just jump into my computer straightaway alright so right now as you can see right here we are in my back office is called control it allows me to input the data both from stripe and PayPal so these are both from striping PayPal does this not count for wire transfers and as you can see right here in the last month of September from September 1st to September 30th we did here in strap and PayPal $136,000 if I count also wire transfers there were two $15,000 transfers which puts us in a total of a hundred sixty thousand and then there was one single sale that were multiple six figures actually over three hundred thousand dollars so that puts us at a total of hours four hundred and sixty thousand dollars so that's how we did over four hundred thousand dollars in a single month which is obviously crazy right but personally I do not count the one single sale because that's kind of like unique and that's has been my single self to date so I don't really count that one I just focus on the one that I actually collected that were different like there were lower amounts right but still it's a really really good month and as you can see I'm just gonna show you so this is like you see this is not just fake and this is not a screenshot that I faked so as you can see right here last week in October we did 19 thousand five hundred fifty nine dollars right here this one has been a little slow and then as you can see right here last month there was only 36 thousand so for to the month is October 16th as we're filming this video we've done speak to two thousand dollars last month by the same date so September 16th we had done 78 thousand dollars and you can see the progression so far as the month goes right so um this is skill up very very quickly and the reason why this month is a little lower so people you're wondering is that I have taken a step back in terms of getting new clients and things like that because I want to produce more content for you guys and I've been organizing a lot creating systems and things like that for creating video here or for YouTube creating content and like except which is really where I want to be headed and the bulk of this revenue that we produced has come from the agency model which again is something that I do believe in a lot that we talk a lot about here in the channel and I thought I strongest is everybody here watching that if you're not producing six figures multiple six figures a year or even seven figures like I am right now it's like I strongly strongly strongly suggest that you focus on it because it's so super simple to make it happen right so now let's just dive in and show you what actually happened in order to make in this particular case I'm going to show you one hundred thirty six thousand dollars actually a hundred and sixty six thousand dollars which again to $15,000 transfers wire transfers to my bank account which obviously control room or get control doesn't pull but a hundred or a total of a hundred sixty six thousand sixty 3.27 dollars have the mermaid without counting the big one right I'm gonna you know they have a little bit at the end of the video talking about about the big one but as you can see right here on average we do every single day on average of one thousand two thousand dollars a day um pretty often so like September first then to tour a second right here as you can see then it died down a little bit and then this one that quite a bit in six but then September seventh one really really big day and and then that was the day that we I closed several clients which is why the huge spike right and then as you can see the other days they're all here so eight thousand dollars in that day and then this one was very very hello it's September 13 only 197 and then 16 start picking up then this one was very low as well this one kind of low this one came back again down then blah blah and then a kid this one was one of the only day as you can see during the month now we didn't do any revenue whatsoever which is kind of rare to be honest with you and I'm not quite happy about it too like if I'm a hundred percent transparent right but having said that then at the end of the month then Easter things started picking up very very quickly and by the end of the month we had done like about seventy one thousand dollars just something like that about rubber correctly so let me just show you right here what happened between September 26 and October and then the next week I'm just gonna call it a week and a little bit more so as you can see right here seventy-one thousand dollars 994 between like and basically one week in seven days right so and again I'm gonna dive and explain what happen in each one of these parts of the month what happened what went into it so let's just start from the beginning alright let's just go from the beginning so I can just show you so again as I mentioned before my main business model is an agency and Instagram agency I run Instagram marketing so we run Instagram ads growth so we're very very good at growth and then also influencer marketing campaigns right so we close clients on retainers for any we're starting point of four thousand five thousand dollars a month all the way to 50 100,000 and as I mentioned 300 thousand in this case so that's like our pricing varies depending on client and what the client needs and their ad spanic cetera so that's basically what we do right so on September usually that's when usually not every single month is clients the payment of the clients come in and we just collect them right we use stripe for this stripe allows us to recur the client every single month and one tip for you guys that are watching that you know want to build an agency unless stuff I suggest that you build a client every four weeks right the reason being is because in the clients mind already like four weeks or a month for them is the same thing but for you as an agency owner is extremely like is a huge difference just like same four weeks instead of thirty days because at the end of the year you're gonna have a full month more of payment meaning that let's say for example for like four times 12 is 48 right if I'm at the family yeah 48 and then for more like four more weeks is 52 so it's 52 weeks in a year that means that's four more weeks is a full payment in this case it's the full four thousand dollars that I'm gonna get more than if I didn't you know bill every four weeks so I suggest and this is a mistake I did at the beginning and then I started building every four weeks and then income started picking up very quickly so I suggest that every single one of you guys if you're you know running a consulting agency or an agency like I am or whatever is that you're doing bill every four weeks is a lot better for you alright so um as you can see right here that's what we did and then I'm September 7th what I do every now and then let's say for example we want to make money today there's a lot of leads that I have I just need to follow up with and see where they are and then just follow up with them to collect the payments just close on the deal things like that so on September 7th I follow up with several people several people came through boom done deal closed deal so that's kind of how I happened on September 7th and then as you can see that the month went on normal I wasn't really closing any deals I've like I said I've been preparing for the relaunch of YouTube and all these things in order to the content part for a very long time like for about two three months now so I wasn't focusing on closing any more deals because I already had broken the 1 million dollar mark with the agency itself which was the point I was trying to make that you can build a seven-figure agency not having like you know super technical skills guy I'm not a super technical guy not having to worry about the deliverables because I already have built a team around it and not having to be an expert in paid traffic either because I never paid a single penny and act to acquire a new client all my stuff all the clients that I've brought in has been completely organic and again it's a combination of organic marketing which with TC in the channel and you know maybe have any question it's dropping down below organic marking and then also on top of that the a stream is very very hot right now so the combination of both allow me to scale $1,000,000 in just a single year which is super crazy and if you want me to talk about more Indian born death a full video on how I did it how I went you know from like ten thousand dollars a month to a hundred thousand dollars a month in just 90 days how attend acts of business in 90 days just drop a comment below basically come in 10x and I will do that video if we get enough comments and people interested in that so anyways that's the reason why for example if for the rest of the month you see there's like no huge spikes but then ABC for example by the end of the month my bird day is September 27th for those who do not know and on September 25th I was like you know what I just want to do a birthday sale like let's just do a birthday sell and do a case study where let's see how much revenue we can pull in with organic marketing zero paid ads and see how much we can pull in right and as you know we have a course it's literally like the best course on the market when it comes to Instagram both on growth monetization and eight it's because it teaches to you all three but what we did for the birthday was brick breaking into pieces because some people wanted only the growth all the people wanted the whole entire thing right so what we did was break it into pieces and the growth module only is called conquered the gram then the monetization walk monetization module it's called monetizing the gram and then there's agency right haiji boss is the entire package combined and then conquered the ran monitors in Graham and the agency all three makes are like the fill in the bucket about you boss right so what we did was just do a sale for Concord to Graham and that's what how we advertise it now as you can see right here we opened the car September 26 and we did about five thousand two thousand like five doesn't that looks right which is which is good like I predicted if we hit 20 thousand dollars in this whole campaign promotion that that's gonna be awesome right I was like and we do twenty thousand dollars that's gonna be the super super-great and I'm gonna be super happy but um we we open some 22nd we do five that's right that's about 25 percent there right which is good and then I was I was thinking of closing the car on Saturday so that's out of that's the Thursday I was thinking of closing the car through Saturday so then since around 27th 7,800 and here's where I pivoted and saw that people were actually interested more in a new boss I conquered the grab so for you that follow me on Instagram stories you kind of remember that I did a whole promotion and a whole Instagram story segments and pitches and closes and all these different things on Instagram stories themselves so I definitely used a lot this gem stories all my own personal account which has a small following I didn't use any of my big pages like the million follower pages that I have I didn't use any of them because I wanted to create a case study that was fair to you they then you can go there and replicate it and again if you want me to talk about this case study specifically what I did and my stuff just comment below and we'll do a video about that but and also there's on a blog post I wrote super detailed the link is gonna be in the description where you can read it especially like what I did how I did it cetera so I used in stream stories many chats and Facebook group so might like our Facebook group but mainly the sales came from mr.

Camp stories right and what I did was on his team stories I posted a I made a poll basically tell me but what would you like to get IG basta for Concord the grant for my surprise people were actually more interested in IG boss which is more expensive in 797 only then conquered the gram which was at the time 297 right so people are actually interested in 9g bas I'm like huh interesting so I started pushing IG boss even harder woods then in turn helped do these crazy results right so as you can see right here then September 27th 7800 then September 28th 9,000 to 1029 which was the last day we did over 4500 and then September 30th I think that was September 30th was Sunday right turn thirties was like 6000 something and then what ended up happening is like a lot of people were like there was a lot of tech issues because I'm using that line funnels which actually just closes the car automatically for you for like so I don't have to go there and manually do it but that line funnels what's glitching so some people were actually getting the thing and not like it was just horrible until the technical difficulties my team will just like losing are like we're all losing our head because like this was super impromptu and now planned all do not do it my way don't do the same mistake I did um but basically what ended up happening was that we were kind of forced to open the car back again the next week so as you can see right here if I go for example from October 1st from September okay let me see from September 26 to 76 as you can see right here this is when we did a total of 70 1944 all right so the first few days these this is a total in September of over $40,000 right but then because we opened it again then we did another extra 30,000 in these three days and obviously in this in this also happened that people were seeing the content so much and it stories and things like that that people actually hit me up to become clients through the agency not necessarily to buy the program or buy the course which is great because the he's just so higher ticket and I'm able to search people in a much higher level right so that's what kind of happened for the month of September which is why I actually brought this number to $71,000 and as you can see again right here this is how we did one hundred thirty six thousand dollars and yeah so that's basically what happened in the month of September and how and we were able to pull in one hundred thirty six thousand dollars from like a very small following in the month of September the biggest month I have so far plus the you know the big sale to three hundred thousand dollar sale that Puss's over four hundred thousand now um what happened with the big tail because I mentioned I was gonna talk about it is that that one in particular had been a lead that I have been working on since like several months ago now one of the things that you watching right here um make probably make the mistake is that you think short term like you think at the sale at the moment right now I need money right now right now right now now if you shift your your mindset the way you act I what I did was think long term right so for example what I would do is provide massive amounts of value for free like I'm doing right here I will do it on Facebook groups like you look at the click phones group you say search to my name Josue or Instagram or any things like that you will see tons of like messages and people like I replied manually just provide massive amounts of value completely for free now what ends up happening is to build rapport and people start knowing you right and you start networking you start building circles that you were not before so why is that happening is like I was like I became very good friends with like this person and then I was working for free four five six months since like bibury like this year February March right I'll be working for free for free for proof of free but then it came to the time all right let's actually make something happen let's make a big deal and the reason why that deal happen is because I put in the work beforehand you can't expect to build a big sustainable successful business overnight it takes time so start thinking long term like if you plant a mango tree if you take a seed a mango and you've planted you can't like you like nobody in the right mind will say that the next day the mango will flourish and you'll have mangoes to eat like nobody would say that but for some reason in business like because socially so instant like we think that everything is over tonight no it's not so if you start thinking hey like let me plant the seed I mean nurture it let me water it let me make sure it has some Sun let me weigh some time like let me take care of it before I stop and start like trying to take fruits of it and like as this building fruits don't take the fruit so fast like let it mature let it like so the fruits in the maenge was sweet right so same thing I built a real little relation but a real friendship something that I provided just massive amounts of value and when it came to the time to the sale it was so super simple it was like frictionless and it just went right through right so start thinking like that and again this is how I was able to just build like one of the biggest months ever if you like this kind of video and you like you know me showing kind of like the results that we did for September or like every single month of the revenue that we do like the previous ones in law just comment below um let me know if you like this kind of video any of you like this style just you know hit that like button it really helps and it really tells me that you're kind of like in this style of just sitting down talking to you just chatting and just showing you the real tangible results that you can get really really quickly with and Instagram use and again as you can see I would say like 9 like 80% of the revenue well actually more because like if you can't the four hundred thousand like four hundred thousand dollars it's actually more but let's just say for example it's like it was like fifty thousand or small let's just call it sixty thousand dollars from the course itself and then a harness $100,000 from back so I didn't see so about a hundred thousand dollars from the agency sixty thousand dollars from the course but as you can see it was because of my birthday so it was like what is that sixty well over sixty percent I don't know I can do math right now the point is like the majority of the revenue came from the agency which is why I encourage every single person to just go for the insane right now for example I don't have the mini clients which is the beauty I only have like a like 20 25 clients right now which allows me because I have a high ticket offer like a high ticket service allows me to go to a hundred thousand dollars a month very quickly I don't need them any clients and the difference between agency model and in like e-commerce is that for like to make like a $1,000,000 selling us fidget spinner or selling like glasses or something like that worse it's like cheaper is a lot you need a lot more and yes it's scalable but me in particularly I prefer dealing with less clients with more happier clients with Cline's that I actually like working with and that don't like asking for refunds every single day and make a lot of money which again it's like ninety ninety percent profit right so that's the reason why I believe the agency model is so so powerful I strongly suggest every single one of you watching that if you don't have a ready like that's successful and if you've trying to like figure things out if you like you're confused the agency model is for you it's so so so so simple to go from like zero to six figures extremely quickly I did it in like two three months and that was not knowing what were I was doing so this channel and all the resources that I have to here for you are you exactly to help you that I've had what did you guys have right now I would have scale a lot faster so I went from like ten thousand dollars a month i scaled like from zero to a six figure run right in to three months and then from ten thousand dollars a month which is like six figures I've run rate ten thousand dollars a month to a hundred thousand dollars a month which is a seven figure run rate in 90 days so three months three more months so that was like not knowing what I was doing and as you can see the results are here I just amazing in terms of like how my life has changed a lot of good stuff and obviously because Instagram is so hot just – just like signed up super super easy like you need to have to pay something that good like you can be a lousy salesman like I am and you can just start closing client right so hope you guys enjoyed this video if you find it helpful make sure you hit that like button and for the giveaway in this video we're gonna give away a hundred dollars to one lucky winner of you guys and all you gotta do to enter is comment down below how to make a hundred thousand dollars with Instagram again how to make $100,000 with Instagram all you gotta do is comment it's in the comment section below and we're gonna pick one lucky winner on my Instagram story so all you got to do again comment that and we're gonna select one lucky winner from people here watching so again obviously you got to be subscribe like the video and leave them in full comments down below as well so anybody who leaves the most meaningful comments and comments how it'll make $100,000 on Instagram it's gotta be entered in the giveaway and you can win $100 and the reason why you know I do the hundred dollar giveaway is to just give back to you guys and for you guys to actually use that money and invest it in building your business or like buying books buying a course or whatever it is just building yourself more up it's not so that you can just go spend it at a bar okay so that's categories if you're gonna spend it like drinking like I'm not gonna give it to you again thank you guys so much for watching this video it has been awesome again if you want to see more of these type of videos make sure you comment down below and hit that like button this has been a host rafinha with only CEOs helping you grow and monetize your brand business and influence with social media and marketing make sure you check out our other videos here and the playlist and all the different resources that we have down below in the description where we actually show you and teach you how to build a successful six-figure a year or even seven-figure a year agency thank you guys so much for watching and we'll see you on [Music]

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