How To Make Money With Clickbank And Instagram (Zero Cost)

if you want to know how to make money with Clickbank on Instagram for free then stay tuned to every minute of this video because I'm gonna reveal a method that is working for me right now now I want to be completely transparent with you right at the beginning here see a lot of these videos that talk about Clickbank promise you that you can like make money by tomorrow or the next day and although in some cases that can't happen the reality is that the method I'm gonna share with you today which works with free Instagram traffic is gonna take a little bit of time for you to build up and start earning money so if you came here looking for a lottery ticket or some magic button that causes a to ferry to dump money on your drive then you may want to leave now however if you came here for something that is real and can actually work and you're prepared to put in five to ten minutes per day of simple effort and you have the common sense to understand that this may take the next 30 to 90 days for you to start seeing some returns and it's probably going to take up to a year for you to start seeing really big money than this videos for you I guarantee that if you follow what I'm gonna say you will get free traffic and you will be able to start making money on Instagram you just have to be prepared to stay patient and remain consistent if you're prepared to do that then there's no reason why in the next 30 to 90 days you can't be earning 30 to $100.00 per day on Clickbank with free Instagram traffic and if you remain consistent for the next year and Beyond you can scale that $100 a day to several hundred dollars a day maybe even a thousand dollars a day or more so your first step to making money with Clickbank and Instagram is to go to the following website and set up a free accounts it's www dot [Applause] what some my friends Ben Martin here aka the king of email and welcome to my youtube channel profits and paradise on this channel I make videos about how you can make a real income from home the right way and how you can build an email is for free using YouTube now be sure to subscribe and hit the notification Bell so you get updates about brand new videos to this channel okay so quick story a few years ago I used to make free money using Clickbank and Instagram traffic doing something that literally takes five minutes per day to do and I'm not talking about insignificant amounts of money even I'm talking about anywhere from thirty to five hundred dollars per day using completely free Instagram traffic in fact you do not need to pay for any tools to use this method anyways long story short after a couple of years I stopped using the method I completely abandoned the accounts that I'd build up and my main reason for doing that is because I started to use paid traffic and I was making a heck of a lot of money from Facebook ads so I just really couldn't be bothered even posting on Instagram anymore which was kind of a bit of a stupid decision really and I say it was a stupid decision because the method never ever ever start working I just couldn't be bothered doing it anymore however recently after seeing some of my friends still crushing it with this method I decided to start it up all over again and see how fast I can start making some money so rather than keeping this information to myself or wait until I'm making hundreds even thousands of dollars per day for free with Clickbank and Instagram I decided that I would make this video and show you exactly what I'm doing that way you can follow along with me and we can start making some serious clip together so if that sounds good to you grab a pen and paper to take notes and get ready to apply this info because we are gonna dive in right now so the first thing you're gonna want to do is go over to and create a free Clickbank account now the chances are you've already heard of Clickbank and you probably already have a free account but just in case you didn't Clickbank is basically a place where we can go and promote offers for free and then we can also set up payment details inside of Clickbank so that money gets deposited into our bank account or maybe they may even send us a check in the mail so if you don't have a Clickbank account already make sure that when you come to the page you just click create accounts and then you follow the very very simple steps that they give you so with that being said I'm gonna go ahead and log into my Clickbank account right now so as you can see I'm inside my click bank account and like I said to you I'm doing this from scratch with you right now so I'm in the trenches with you using this method right now I literally started a new Instagram account like a day ago and I'm building this from scratch so it's not like I'm making money right now and I've been making money for ages and I decided to keep this information to myself but trust me you know another be some people like who watch this video and they'll be like what show show as a proof the reason I can't is because I just started again trust me though this makes money I have done this many many times in the past you just got to be patient and consistent and this pays off big-time anyways what you're gonna do is once you're inside your account you're gonna go to the marketplace and you wanna pick a niche now there are 3 niches that I'm gonna recommend I mean there are there are more than 3 niches you can use but here's the three I would recommend you choose from choose from anything to do with making money online or making money in general spirituality or health and fitness and that includes stuff like weight loss and that kind of stuff too so you can see all the different niches over here on the left-hand side and if you click on how for fitness you can see there's also sub niches inside inside there so you know you could check out all these different sub niches and find their products that you want to promote and I'm gonna tell you how to choose a product that converts in a second you know he's a spirituality niche for example you could go under there too and find a product or for finding make money online offers you can just go under ebusiness and marketing and that's what we're gonna do right now we're gonna go to like affiliate marketing and what you want to do is when you've chosen your niche you want to do something which is called search by gravity score so click this arrow drop-down menu right here click on gravity and it's going to pull up the offers that are the hottest right now that are selling the most so it pulled up this offer called the 12-minute affiliate system so basically with this offer the gravity score right now is a hundred and ninety six point one six what that means is in the last 30 days they've been at least a hundred and ninety six different affiliates that have made one sale or more of this product I know that this product is converting well because I've also promoted this to my email list and this sells very very very well so what you would then do is you want to check out the product so this is the link to the sales page you want to right click on it and open the link in a new tab I'm gonna go over to the new tab the video will start playing in a second I believe so I want to pause the video because I don't want the video to play and what you want to do is you want to read the page and maybe even listen to the video and get a feel of what this offer is all about I'm not gonna tell you cuz you need to listen to the video yourself if you decide to promote this offer and get a feel for what it's all about but it's a it's basically about how you can make seventy eight to nine hundred twenty two dollars per day so once you've got a gist of what the offer is and and you know don't be afraid to go through more offers you know this this offer converts well this offer does well super affiliate system does well this does well but this does well commissioned hero and I've not really tested any other offers yet at this point on this page but once you've decided this is a good offer and by the way you can see that you're getting paid an average of seventy four dollars and 22 cents per sale that's amazing guys you can make seventy four thousand twenty two cents per sale just using free traffic and you don't have to pay to play in any way shape or form so once you've decided this offers for you you can click on promote and what you would do is in this tracking ID box here I would put the initials R or the name of whatever you call your Instagram account so let's just say you called your Instagram account make money you would just put make money or you could just put AG for Instagram so that you know when you make a sale of this product that it's come from Instagram then once you've done that you're gonna click generate hoplink and this link it gave right here is the link you want to use in your Instagram bio which I'll explain all that in just a second but that is basically the first step go to clickbank find an offer grab your link and make sure you use like the tracking ID IG so you know when you begin to produce sales that they've come from Instagram easy P lemon squeezy so far right nothing difficult nothing complicated he sets up a Clickbank account for free you find an offer to promote that's converting like crazy for free so your next step really is to set up your Instagram account which is also free now in this video I'm not going to be showing you how to do that because I already set up my accounts it's really simple but if you're unsure what you want to do is you want to type into YouTube how to set up an Instagram accounts now one thing I will say is when you set up that account is make sure you use some keywords related to the niche that you're in so when you name your accounts if you're in the make money online niche you might want to call your account make money online Ben or make money online Sarah or whatever your name is or make money online and then your date of birth by using keywords in your account username and in the bio you're gonna help people to be able to discover your Instagram account more easily so assuming you are gonna go and do that or you've already done that this is what we want to do next we want to start to spy on our competition so let me show you exactly how to do that on Instagram so right now I'm on instagram on my desktop rights but when you post to Instagram you're gonna be posting from your phone however for the purposes of showing you how to spy on other accounts in your niche it's just easier for me to show you from my desktop and clearer for you to see so what I'm doing is right and you can also use the search feature from the smartphone you'll see an icon like this inside your Instagram account where you can search but what I'm gonna do is in this box and this really depends on what niche you choose but you're gonna type in some keywords related to the niche you choose into this box so remember I said we could do make money online or we could spirituality or we could do health and fitness things like weight loss and stuff I'm just gonna type into this box here something like spiritual motivation and then I'm just gonna just choose like I'm just gonna randomly choose this account and basically what you're looking for is an account in the same niche of you that has a decent following that you can model so the first thing I would do is I would copy their bio and their name and everything onto a notepad and we're just gonna go down the page copy this onto a notepad but yeah right under here now what I will say is this I'm not copying this onto a notepad so that we can like completely rip off everything they're doing but you probably want to model your account name and your bio off what they're doing you just want to model it another thing you'll find is is and this is a major bonus if you do is when you click on the link and see what they're promoting let's see what they're promoting and yeah they're okay this is this is a Clickbank offer that they're promoting right now I can tell straight away because one it says Clickbank there but I just know the style of pages you scroll down to the bottom and you can see this is you know hundred percent confirm this is Clickbank so here you have an account in the same niches you that is promoting a Clickbank offer and this is a reasonably decent size account they've got let's take a look they've got 24.8 cave follower x' question do you think that it may be a good idea to go and find that offer on Clickbank and promote that for through your account too if a fairly decent-sized account in your niche is promoting that offer the answer is yes it is it would be a great idea and also by the way on a side note when you set up your accounts not only you know their account name is daily motivation zero four zero you might call your account spiritual motivation seventy two but as I said just remember to use keywords related to the niche you choose and also this this picture here try and use an Instagram like picture that reflects the nature into so if you're doing like spiritual motivation or law of attraction or something make sure you don't like pick a sheep or something random make it related to the nature in that's just common sense but yeah so they see the bonus cuz straightaway we just found an account in a niche you could potentially choose promoting a Clickbank author and I'm guessing this account is getting sales of that Clickbank author otherwise they would not be promoting it so sometimes you're gonna have to like dig a little deeper to find an account in the niche you're in that's promoting a Clickbank offer now to be honest even if they don't promote a Clickbank offer if they have a big account in your niche and they've got active followers then it's still an account you can model your own account off so you'll notice as well here that where they've set up their bio notice how they've used emojis you want to use some emojis to make it more eye-catching to basically break up but the text and to make it get people's attention and you want to have a clear call-to-action like you know click below for mind hacks or money hacks or if you let's say you're promoting something in the weight loss niche click below for weight loss secrets and then you want to have you see how they have this link here it's I'm gonna show you how to shorten a link as well in this video so you can create a little link like that because you don't want to be using your long Clickbank link that looks really ugly and also Instagram will ban your account if you use a link like that so next thing you're gonna do because one of the biggest hang-ups for people when it comes to doing Instagram as their like well I don't know what content to create I don't know I'm not very creative good news for you is neither am i and I don't actually create any content see I would come to a page like this right and this is what I would do I would just click on this so I could read it better 20 20 you are gonna become millionaire this year try this amazing mind hacks now click link and I'll buy okay so I'll go to another one let's go to this one this isn't a better one I am open to receiving a large sum of money in the next 40 hours type yes to receive what you could do right is you could either do one of two things here you could create your own post using something like canva to design the quote and then you can upload from canva to your phone using the phone connection that you've got or there are apps online you can use to create image just go into your app store and type in like image creator or pick creator and you'll find something or if you go into your app store and you type in in something like Instagram download tool you can get an app on your phone that would actually allow you to come over to this account and download their images and their content and upload them to your own accounts now you might be thinking Oh Ben isn't that shady isn't that stealing well it is unless you credit that account so what I do is because I'm not creative and I like to take shortcuts what i do is i download people's images i don't load them to my account and then when i make my little description you see how they have this description here type yes and drop a heart and double tap if you agree what i would do is i would write my little description here and then i would write the word credit and then i would put a daily motivation 0 for 0 so I'll be giving credit to this account and letting people know this is where I got that content from and this is a great way of coming up with post for your Instagram account very quickly but at the same time crediting someone else it makes life easy so that's all I'm doing I'm taking over people's contents and then I'm crediting them and I'm remodeling their captions for that content I'm taking inspiration and I'm remodeling for them but I'm also doing this right you see these tags below these different tags are gonna help people find you on Instagram so what I do is you can cut you can copy those tags again to a notepad can copy the tags to a notepad and you can you know just make sure that you sit them under each other so they're all in a line nice and quickly nice and neatly sorry and I have an app on my phone which I'm just gonna look at right now and that app I'm on an Android if you're on an iPhone you can go into the App Store and find the equivalent I've got an app called targets and what I do inside of targets I would take all these hashtags you've seen right now and I would put them inside of targets so that whenever I put an image on my Instagram account a new post I can very quickly just copy those tags these tags right here out of my target app onto my post without having to manually right all those different tags so that's a very very ninja little tip there so just to recap I'm coming to Instagram I'm using keywords to find an account of my niche and then I'm trying to search for a decent-sized account with good engagement I'm seeing what their name is I'm seeing what they've got in their bio and I'm modeling my own name and my own bio off them if they're promoting a Clickbank offer really awesome because I'm then gonna go find that Clickbank author and I'm also going to promote that Clickbank off of myself and then what I'm gonna do is I'm even gonna create my own images using canva or to be honest if you want to speed it up you're gonna get an app that allows you to download their images and you're gonna upload them to your own account making sure you model their blurb and you give them credit so you're not just stealing their stuff and that's all you're gonna keep doing the only other thing you need to do is remember how I said you don't want to use a big long Clickbank link in your bio before you put your bio up you just want to take your Clickbank link and shorten it at so let me go over there right now and show you how to do that now personally for this step I normally like to use a real domain name however I did promise you I was gonna show you how to use this method for free without having to spend any money so if you don't want to spend any money you know you want to just do this completely for free just come over to you're gonna get that clickbank affiliate link that you copied from clickbank earlier you're gonna copy it and on in this box you're gonna have just enter the link and you're gonna click make tiny URL it's then gonna load up a new window where it just spat out this link you're gonna copy that link and you're just gonna make sure that it's working so you're just going to copy it and you can see that that is working you know that was the offer that I chose earlier so then when you confirm that it's working what you're gonna do is you're gonna put your notepads and on your notepad basically you would put that tiny URL there where you wrote your bio description and you know for your bio description again it depends what niche you're in but just remember we're modeling not coffee and so let's just say you were in the spiritual niche you might go spiritual you might call your Kant spiritual inspiration something like that then just use slightly different emojis change up these words slightly and this is basically the bio you're going to use on your Instagram account so that is um you know pretty much it you know it's very very very very simple don't need a website you don't need any money you just need some patience and consistency so now with that being said let me jump back on camera because I want to tell you about one more very exciting way to make money so at the beginning of this video I promised that I would show you how to make money with Clickbank and Instagram for free which I had gone ahead and done however they're right you're not gonna make money right away like I said you're not gonna make money today tomorrow you may not make money next week although in some cases you probably will but in a lot of cases you won't with free traffic and Instagram and Clickbank this is a method you've really got to commit to for the next 30 to 90 days to get going and then really build over the next year to see significant income the plus side is it's not going to cost you anything to do it's completely free the downside is that because it's free it's gonna take longer to make money so if you are looking for a faster way to make a full-time income on line while your Clickbank and Instagram traffic and money is slowly building in the background then you're gonna want to listen very closely to what I'm about to say next and you're also gonna want to click the link in the description box below but first just listen to this short story see this is kind of embarrassing to admit now but there's a time of my life where I was completely broke and I don't just mean financially but I was like mentally and spiritually down in the dumps too so much so that I ended up having to move into the back bedroom of my friend's house who lived on a rough side of the town where I come from in fact the town was so rough and the street I lived on was so bad that my bedroom overlooked two crack den and every hour of the night and day drug dealers would be dropping off packages to their customers and this room you know with the snot green walls where I didn't even have a closet to put my clothes in was where I called home for quite a long time however even though my life was bad at that time I was determined to make a change in my life and what happened is eventually how I was able to make that change was I came across this beautiful lady here who started off as my mentor then she became my girlfriend and then she became my wife and there are really only two things you need to massively change your life and be financially better off and be more happy and prosperous and all the things we all want to be in life and the first thing you need is a mentor you need somebody to show you how to make money on the internet from home just like I've been sharing with you in this video and you need to know how to leverage online systems that do all the selling and the Talon for you because let's face it none of us are really very comfortable with salan we don't want to feel pushy we don't really want to have to speak to people and so what Angie who started off as my mentor and now is my wife did if she showed me how to get the right people on the internet in front of the right product and how to automate the process so that I could make money every hour of the night and day and we went on together to build a business that pays us up to half a million dollars per year and because of that we got to live in two different countries in the Caribbean for four and a half years you know we've swam with stingrays this was the view from the backyard of one of the places we lived that for a long time you know we've done cool stuff like take helicopter tours and and just all kinds of things that I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams but what happened is after four and a half years living in the Caribbean we got sick of dodging hurricanes you know we nearly got hit by three or four different category 5 hurricanes and my wife got so hot that she broke out an eczema so we decided to move back to her home state of Ohio in the USA and we purchased this acura for $30,000 in cash and you know yeah it's not a Ferrari or anything flashy like that but hey we were able to buy in cash and we don't have any of those car payments every month was the extra interest we were also able to close on our dream home which is close to half a million dollars in value sits on nearly six acres and we put a six-figure deposit down on this home and you know I couldn't have imagined a few years ago we would be able to do this now this isn't to brag or boast or anything like that I just want you to understand what's possible when you have somebody who shows you what truly and you have a system that does all the hard work for you so if you're ready for a change in your life and you want to start earning serious money I encourage you to click the first link in my description box below I call it my top and my number one income stream do that now but only do it if you are ready to make serious money and you're truly ready for a change in your life well that is it for today but I hope you got a lot of value from this video and you now understand how you can make some free money using Clickbank and Instagram traffic oh yeah one more thing before you go don't forget to subscribe and push the notification bell and remember your just attend mini email away [Music]

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