How to Make Money With Amazon’s Affiliate Program (Tutorial)

hey guys it's Lisa from to create a website calm and I have been an affiliate for Amazon since 1998 it was the very first program I ever joined and I realized I do not have a video or much documentation on my earnings how I make money with Amazon and so I thought I'd do this video today now one of the reasons I probably have not done or talked much about Amazon is because I don't make a lot of money but it's enough to warrant a video it's enough to inspire people and it's definitely enough to make you think about using Amazon if you're not using it already so let's take a look at my earnings for this quarter which ends on September 30th 2012 so let's look at quarter to date so if you look at this grid here this is what I've sold in total revenue for Amazon but this is what I've earned now if you're used to getting 30 40 50 percent in commissions you might think this is a joke okay seriously this is what I'm getting but if you look at it like this a lot of products don't have affiliate programs associated with them so for me Amazon is a catch-all so if a particular product does not have an affiliate program tied to it I'll just use Amazon and earn something which is better than nothing the other thing to consider is that over 60% of the products that I am earning from here are products that I don't even promote directly because Amazon does such a great job of upselling and getting people to buy additional products the majority of my commissions are coming from products that I don't even recommend let's take a look at this toys and games Crayola Crayons I don't have a site on crayons or drawing or kids or anything yet I'm earning from toys and games because of Amazon's awesome upselling and the fact that people just trust their brand and they tend to buy more than one when they go shopping at Amazon that's what makes it worth using this program even though their Commission's are super super low at four to eight percent so I didn't just make this video to show off my earnings what I want to do is give you guys some basic strategies for using Amazon so you can maximize your earnings because I see a lot of people just linking to the Amazon homepage and that's really a waste because Amazon provides you with so many different ways to link to their products and the more relevant the more specific you get the more you're going to earn and you'll have better conversions so when you come up here to links and banners after you log into the associate area you can see that there are three main ways you can link to their products you've got the product links the banners and in the site stripe the product links is the one I use the most because you can link to individual products directly I rarely link to like the Amazon homepage that's a waste because I'm typically talking about specific products in contextual links and so it makes more sense to link directly to the product so when I click Add product links I can type the name of the product I want to search for so if I'm looking to promote the Keurig brewer I can type it in and say go and right here I can say get link for whatever product I want to promote so when you click that there's the picture and if I want it to look just like that I just grab this code right here now what if you just want a text link you don't want all this picture stuff you don't want this big clunky code you can come up here to text only and then if you just want the HTTP part you just copy from quote to quote so from there to there that is the code that you need for your link now if you want to make sure that the link that you just grabbed is working and you're going to get Commission's then you can go over here to the link checker on the left side and paste the link there ctrl V and say check link and it says success so I know that that link will work if someone clicks on it and buys a product so the other way you can link to Amazon is through banners and if you go to the banner category and say add banners now you'll see that you can get banners that are related to various categories and I never I rarely you I should say never but I rarely use banners because I like contextual links that are relevant to whatever article I'm writing about but I often link to categories so let's say you have a site on car electronics and you're writing a blog post about where you buy your car electronics and you want to let your visitors know that they can get them from Amazon well you may not want to link to a product specifically but maybe you want to link to the car electronic category so that's where you'll use this feature so you can go to banner links by category and you can go to car electronics and just like that you can grab the code and link to the car electronic home page so this is good if you don't have like a specific product you want to link to but you want to link to an Amazon category that's relevant to your website and finally the easiest way to get an affiliate link is to use the site stripe so you don't have to go to the areas I just mentioned if you're already logged in to your associate account no matter what page you're on on Amazon you can see this link right here go up to the top of the page and notice there's a button that says link to this page this shows up no matter what page you're on as long as you're logged in to your affiliate account so you click the link to this page button so Amazon will give you the code to link to this page specifically so you can link to the text and the image you can link to the text only or you can show the image only so that's a very very cool feature so you don't have to log in and go through all that rigmarole that I just showed you another feature I like to use with Amazon is the widget feature and so basically Amazon describes the widgets as rich interactive mini applications that bring functionality to your website so for example if you want to create a carousel of products that your visitors can rotate through and basically every product in that carousel links back to your affiliate link so you just come here and say add to your webpage and you start typing in different products so let's say you have a website targeted to mp3 players and you want to promote the ipod touch you type that in you say go and Amazon will bring up a bunch of products related to what you search for so here's the ipod touch 8 gigabyte model so let's say add product and so it will add that product to your carousel so you just keep typing in products that you want to add and you can add as many products as you'd like but you as you can see here you need to do at least 6 for the widget to be active so once you're done you just grab the code and then you paste that code into your site so you can see the carousel and action on my hair' site so when you click the arrows you can scroll through and see the products on promoting and then when a visitor hovers their mouse over they can see the description and any link or any product that's listed here any time somebody clicks on it and goes to Amazon it already has my affiliate link tied to this widget and so anytime I want to come back and add more products I just go back to Amazon I don't have to repay ster code into my website I can add and remove products by going back to the widget that I've saved here in Amazon so that's another fun way to promote products that you promote with Amazon now the downside to using the widget is that it's flash-based so if your visitor has an iPad or an iPod Touch they're going to see a blank screen here so that's the downside because Apple products don't support flash so that is why I use this very sparingly so the alternative to doing this if you're going to use the widget is to also maybe create text links just in case you know someone can't see the widget but it's one of the reasons I don't really use this a lot because so many people use Apple products these days so my overall strategy for making money with Amazon is incredibly incredibly basic as you guys know I'm a big proponent of promote what you use so for example here's a very very old page on my flat stomach site there's a link at the bottom that says books and videos these are books and videos that I purchased and so look at this it's a very drab looking page with a lot of text but this abs diet book one of my favorite books is one of my highest sellers because of this page and this is the strategy I tend to use on all my sites if I have an article about something I'll find relevant products and then I'll link to them in the article it's the best way to convert this is not rocket science you guys I know it's it's kind of boring but it works here's another example on to create a website I'm always getting questions about what camera I use and what software I use for my YouTube videos so I created a page on the site and it talks about the cameras that I use and guess what of course there's a link to the Amazon camera that I use to record my videos and conveniently this quarter I've earned a commission for this camera only 20 bucks you know just from linking to the camera here so you guys this is it doesn't get any more simpler than this right I mean it's really about being transparent and talking about products that you use and putting a link to them I always link to products individually I rarely use banners you know because I think banners they can work but you get much more bang for your buck when you use contextual links which are links that are relevant to whatever you're talking about so that's my strategy guys uh nothing crazy nothing very robust and complicated but it works and you know Amazon may never be my top ten earner but you know $171 and the month is not over that'll pay a couple of bills pay a few bills depending on what the bills are so I'm not going to complain especially because Amazon does such a wonderful job of upselling and if they didn't upsell so well this number would be a whole lot lower so in my opinion Amazon is a great program especially if it works with your site I tend to do better with it on my fitness site my hair site instead of my you know to create site because that's you know more web hosting and internet marketing not as many Amazon products for that site but if you have a site that's in retail and your visitors are shopping a lot on Amazon it's a great option for monetization so I hope you enjoyed the video and thanks for watching you guys bye bye

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