How To Make Money With Amazon With Zero Selling And Zero Experience [EASY!]

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money with Amazon with zero experience, zero sales experience, nothing.
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Before we get rolling, I just want to let you know a little
bit about myself and why I am, I guess, qualified to give you this information. I started out my online career selling
on Amazon and I started selling a of all things, restaurant parts, big fans and motors and
equipment and all kinds of stuff. But when we started doing it,
we were warehousing everything. We were warehousing and shipping
it and spending a fortune. And it just absolutely suck
to be quite frankly with you, uh, you know, to S to sell a $500 product, we were lucky to take home $12 or $11
after shipping and storing and all this stuff. So it was a lot, a lot of
work. And I eventually left Amazon, uh, selling stuff on Amazon and I started
to learn more about affiliate marketing. And that's what I want to share with
you today is how to make money with affiliate marketing and Amazon.

See, I've been making money with
affiliate marketing for, for going on five years now and it is
absolutely hands down the best way to get started online and the best way to grow
into a real true big business online. And it takes no experience,
um, no sales experience, no technical experience and very
little money if any money to get up and running. So without further ado, I'm going to show you a couple examples
of Amazon affiliate sites that are doing really well. And I'm going to show you
how you can start one yourself right now. Okay? The first thing you want to do is go
to Amazon or just go into your Google bar browser bar
and search Amazon associates. That is their affiliate
program. When you get there, you're going to see her
at the bottom right, a little button that says get started. Click that button and that'll take you
through all the process to get started. Now I'm not going to go through
it, but it's free to do.

Okay? So you can go ahead and do that.
I'll put a link for you below, but it's Amazon associates
program. Anybody can do it. And what that does is that allows you to
get links to any product on Amazon that you can sell through your blog or
through your YouTube channel. Okay, so these are three sites
that I want to show you. And the reason I picked out these sites
is I want to show you the diversity and how how this is something that you can do. It doesn't matter what
you're passionate about, you can start a blog on something. Put
it this way. If it's selling on Amazon, you can sell it. Okay? So the
first one is called baby gear lab.

Now this is just a standard
site probably done on WordPress, which you can get for five bucks a month,
uh, through a WordPress hosting site. Very easy to set up and all they're doing
is talking about baby products. Okay? Simple, simple, simple to do. And then
what they do here is they talk about, um, so for example, the best
swaddle and sleep sack. Now what's really smart about this site
is they're not reviewing one or two or three. They're viewing one,
two, three, four, five. And they're giving you different
pricing options to look at, okay? So chances are if you come here, you're looking to buy something and
they click the button here, see it? Where does it take them? Amazon.
When they buy, guess what? They get a percentage.

So this is a great, great example of how you can
do anything. And look at this. They've got parenting advice, reviews,
all this different stuff. Car seats, baby carriers, baby
backpacks, baby trailers, and all they're doing
is linking to to Amazon. And when someone clicks on their
links and buys, they get a percentage. So the way you make money with this
is the more content you put out, uh, the more chances of getting clicks
and the more money you can make.

My recommendation is, is to do a blog and also to have a YouTube
channel like this where you could put the same Amazon links in
the description. Okay, now let's check out the next
one. This is really cool. This is called live longer running. Now what's great about this
Amazon affiliate site is
that they're selling high ticket products. Now one of the downsides about Amazon
is they pay a very little percentage. Um, I think five, six, maybe
seven being the highest percent.

So what's good about this is that
they're selling high ticket items. They're selling, um, uh,
treadmills. So treadmills, right? Could be a thousand, $2,000. So, so the, the money potential here is great and
they give you a full comparison review. This is really huge here is
doing the comparisons like this. And if you look at this comparison
chart, you might be thinking, I can't make that. There are prebuilt
Amazon blogs that you can buy, prefer very little. So you can go into WordPress and search
Amazon blogs and basically it will give you all the tools to just copy
and paste and put this stuff. You just need to add the content
so you can add these different, um, review charts and, and pricing
comparison charts, no problems.

So don't worry about
not having experience. They have prebuilt templates you put
in. It doesn't matter if it's dog food, baby food, if it's cooking
stuff, if it's fishing gear, you can do this type of comparison
and then look, see, see on Amazon, if you look here, this is
their look live to run dash 20. That's their affiliate.
And if somebody buys this, they get a percentage of this,
what is it? $1,000 $2,000, $2,000 treadmill. And the cool thing
is if they buy other stuff with this, so even if they go from here and
they buy some cooking supplies, the uh, Amazon associates still
gets paid. So keep that in mind. It's the whole cart value. Okay?
Lastly, this is a really cool one. Kitchen faucets. All right, this
is called kitchen faucet divas. I love this because all they're doing
talking about kitchen faucets. Now, if you haven't seen a pattern
here yet, it's a niche.

Everyone has a niche
running baby food faucets. You can make money with anything
if you niche down, okay? Think about what you're good at.
Think about how you can niche it down. Create a blog, create a YouTube channel,
something you're passionate about, something you can talk about. And if
you can't write, if you think, Oh, I can't write these articles, you
can go to places like Fiverr, Upwork, freelancer, and pay people to do it.

have a blog with over 300 blog posts. Now I can't write for diddly
squat, but I just do it. And it is fine. Okay? Progress,
not perfection, but if you have to, you can always pay someone. So look,
they have all these different faucets, boom. And this, I believe the site's
been around since 2013 so you know, they're making money and they're
doing something right. Okay. So check out these websites
for some good examples. I think they're going to be a great, great help for you and a
great source of resource. Now keep in mind Amazon is
a lower ticket, um, product. Um, I recommend shooting for higher
ticket products or lower ticket. Um, what is it? A percent that they
pay out? So five to 10%. Um, I like to do affiliate products that
are high commission that pay out 40% or more. And the average sale is a hundred
dollars thousand dollars, $5,000. So I'm going to leave a link below for
you guys to check out my number one recommendation for how to make money
online with affiliate marketing.

And this will show you how to do high
ticket sales, high ticket products. Okay. Um, and if you've ever tried to make
money online before, let me know. Put your comments below. I'd love to hear about it and
make sure you check out that link. There's some great free training
in there and I hope you enjoy, and I hope this was useful.
Thank you so much. Bye..

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