How To Make Money Watching Youtube Videos ✅ Earn Money Online

earn money by watching videos on youtube
the easiest make money online method i've ever i found
just to show you something similar if you go on
this website i have over 6 000 feedback there and with an
average order of 150 bucks it means i made over a million dollars
in yeah nine years it's not it's a long time there's a lot of things
that go behind it but it's a very similar method
and you learn it only if you stick until the end hey i'm dr nikki i talk about
all things personal branding and making money
online and me and my team we have two video editors
we try to upload two videos every single day because no one else is doing that
we want to take over the niche before we start
you gotta subscribe you gotta like it won't work otherwise you know what i can
shout you out in my next videos all you gotta do is comment something really
cool something really funny my youtube account instagram account
your keeptalk account i'll take it put it from the comments to
the shout out jar because you're awesome and shout you out your next videos just
like this and i better remove this bottle of water
because it's not aesthetically pleasing so the first thing you gotta do is use a
website called we'll go ahead and
register together we'll get our free 200 points and
so register typing my email password okay so now it says my email is
confirmed and i got 200 points i want to remember my name
clicking login course a green okay so it's basically a social exchange
and the way you make money from watching youtube videos
is you gotta get points is you gotta go on one of the sections on the left
that says three points and you go over to youtube
views get free points by viewing other
people's videos so when you go and click view a video you go a pop-up will open
up and there will be some youtube video that will be shown
so you gotta go ahead watch that for at least 150 seconds
and after that you'll be rewarded with some points
yes i had to watch it for 30 seconds i didn't do that and then what you need to
do is when you gather enough points you will go ahead click on add site
facebook like and actually sell likes on facebook or any other
platform on this website it's actually called
layer up so on playerup you can sell instagram accounts facebook
accounts and services like this so if you go ahead on playerup
and click all other games and marketplaces you we should be seeing
a lot of offers if we search on for facebook we'll see facebook gowns
facebook community facebook pages facebook stars facebook shares facebook
reviews facebook likes so 1000 likes cost
10 50 likes 50 cents so what you do is you're watching the videos to
actually get enough points to later on sell them for actual money
on flareup and withdraw that that way you can watch
150 videos a day on youtube while you you know wash the dishes do
some chores go and walk your dog which i might just
do now and earn money online and actually you can start a
career by selling other stuff like in-game accounts like i did
on websites like player up player actions you can even sell instagram
accounts if you want to learn how to grow them
you can check one of my videos on my channel i have over 100 maybe 200
eastern growth videos if this video helped you out make
sure you give it a like if you're new subscribe remember this is no financial
advice results can vary this is no medical advice due diligence a video
that keeps the doctor away by the end of this video
check one of these videos out see you next time bye

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