How to Make Money Using Instagram as a Beginner in 2020 (Just COPY My Funnel!)

Hey, how are you guys? From the unlocked flu, today we are Will re-examine how to Make money on Instagram through powerful new features Make improvements to free tools I've been to recently Experimenting with this would be Based on proven methods, but Both have produced new changes instagram publishes faster and also by Monetize the web more effectively. Throughout the video, you will See me show a lot All you need to know is Follow and copy at will What do I do and before I start This video did me a favor and shattered Like button to help play the video Use the youtube algorithm, and Subscribe to my channel to watch more videos About making money online and digitally Entrepreneurship like this and let us begin Video, so I'm going to start Clickbank cool demo use Today's approach to digitalization Alliance products, but only keep Note that you can change this setting nicely Promote almost anything you want From Shopify store to print on demand Store to YouTube channel or any other content Other you want even I will demonstrate how to do things Anyway, my example today is Based on The high gravitational product performance magic is here Spiritual niche, you will be able to in Find the product search name itself on clickbank or Sort by gravity and go to The second page of search results and After accessing member resources Click on the second link here All we really need is They provide to Affiliate links to promote products, if you just Scroll down to show members Location link, you only need to enter clickbankID Then click "Create My Link ”Generate different affiliate links Lead to different landing pages and Provide offers they can promote At the same time, you can also rotate Different examples and take this example Provide our promotion method again, and Using it to make money will be instagram supplemented by new Help you create useful tools Optimize and improve posts quickly, and Easy, one of them will be tailwind, more commonly Associated with pinterest, but actually Recently started as instagram Service and most people don't know This, but their free trial has no limit you A few days, but The number of posts means you can continue access Some useful features on the indefinitely, not necessarily Most published Notable features include post-scheduling And automatic publishing, the most important thing is Automatically generate labels and Optimize the stock image database You can republish or automatically publish in Post to pinterest when you post on instagram so you can reach Attract more audiences with minimal effort, and You can even use tailwind to boost Provide multiple offers and pages at once instagram i even turn off your link Whenever you want to lead a specific position Specific quotation, I will show you in A little bit useful in using tailwind, but first I want to create my instagram posts, calling use Quotation of a few more free tools and The first of these will actually be a website Called tweet gen, this is a website Generate realistic tweet images If you have been following instagram , Very popular recently There are many compelling post styles Of huge pages have been used and Just click on a tweet to generate a tweet The link is here because We are showing The spiritual grid you can look up to Any quotes from celebrities Astrology, spirituality, etc.

For example, here we have I think what the Buddha said is very good Here i searched The law of attractions quotes, you can also try Things like listing codes Spiritual speech and similar things But anyway, I can only create one Buddha tweeted even though he was not there Technically a living person It’s okay, because Tweet Jen can Will still generate something like 'S tweets are from a real account, and you The first thing you need to do is here Upload e.g. I only want the image Find a royalty-free image The Buddha image is then cropped Kind of upload here and below I simply typed The name of the Buddha for the account is And the Twitter handle, and then I will Also let me move myself here first You want to check that the authenticated user gives Like the blue check mark, then It's okay with you Are you concerned about the following? Because i might erase this Press again later, but in The most important part The content of the tweet is obvious, so I once again You can refer to the quote I found But we think we have become simple Just enter it here, you can Just click "Generate Image" to get Below and Downloadable tweet picture by the way, this is a small snippet My release time and date Don't think it's important Simon And you recently pressed the button to display the image Become a Twitter processor and name As a tweet body and quickly Demonstrate how to delete some I basically just open things I don't need The image is in Microsoft Paint, then First use the eraser tool Delete the follow button on the right a After a few minutes, the rest I usually just crop the image for these things Delete it in order to do so, all you have to do is Use the crop tool here, and then just Some shrink it to a smaller size, and then Then you can even extend it to me Can also be used The follow button I just realized the way and what It’s important that you make sure Width and height are fairly balanced Image and tweet body It's ok in the middle, so Let me actually just shrink this Just play again After finishing the tweet image, we can Now invite two calves to design our The actual instagram post while i have Load it to my instagram post One of the templates is easy to create By the way, but it is making another picture My logo becomes a logo Translucent save and upload Take it as a background, but anyway Can be downloaded in tweets We are just created by the Buddha here Obviously drag it to fill the page a There are more similar things, I can I can even enlarge it if I want Sow this again Then drag it out more Basically you want to fill up Page, but because The tweet is rectangular, it won’t go It's possible, but that's it We can fill in the space below for more content To our Send out a call to action member box or anything else You might want to improve e.g.

You can do a lot Union Park, they will also give you Some banners you can use at will Help promote their products in order to Examples of performance magic Here i have these rectangular I can also copy it back canva and paste There, then I expanded it to This is an example of quality Complete with only free assets And attract attention with a tweet, and Call to action from the Buddha Himself, if you think too much Disorganized or colorful Must have this slogan At the bottom, you can change to Just type the message, then once Everything is done, just continue And load this from the top right down Image, then go to tailwind to Ready to upload and optimize it Publish, now that I have uploaded, I can Now customize the subtitle production time to And generate the hashtags that will be used The least competitive Very important, not only 25# tags get enough coverage, but reach Also go to those who are not suitable Competitiveness can stand out I always start with the title Want to be on the first page Mark my page sentence and call-to-action and The reason is on instagram People need to click to read more Button to actually view your entire Subtitles, but they can still see the first A few lines did not do this, and So they have a higher chance Access your profile and hope you Affiliate links and other promotions and As for the label, just enter any Add the label to its title box tailwind Will automatically show you hashtags Scale and competitiveness In color, so you want All you have to do is enter a few keywords and then check What do they suggest in the following items Keywords and on the right side of here You can also refresh See here and whether your page is a new page or smaller Then you will focus on the higher have The ratio of the smaller label I would say At least 15 out of 20.

Your hashtag is less than one hundred The size of a thousand posts and the posts after you Clear a set of 25 to 27 hashtags Is indeed below the maximum value of 30 Label but what seems to happen Sometimes the maximum value is always used Is your account has a higher chance The chance of spam flooding for some people Reason, you absolutely don't want So just keep it between 25 and 27 Safe, but anyway, once you are done You want to save this collection as Hashtags in order to be able to Use it easily in the future, please click save The hashtag directly below the title box Here, just paste your Hashtags and name your hashtag list Even if tailwind free trial , This way if you Limit all content to about 30 and still don’t want to upgrade Continue to use only your hashtag Research tools, then copy and paste Along with your saved hashtag list Mobile you don’t actually have to use intelligence Biological link here Azra mainly goes Keep it as our member discount I will tell you a little bit, but what will you do Definitely want to add voice Is to check both using pinterest Amplification and the sound you can actually choose A board to fix it to the first bump Will choose one at random You want to check sharing Facebook Pages that are basically published simultaneously On all three platforms From the tail Speaking of pinterest, it actually contains more features Than instagram (e.g.

Free ) Can be called a participating group of the tribe You can join even for a free trial, and One of the reasons pinterest is great is You can link to Every one of your posts, such as membership offers Make it a very direct promotion Method, but due to today The key video is instagram I will not discuss In addition to pinterest, I Still strongly recommend to try planting Page and instagram page anyway Back to tailwind, write your title from 25 to 27 Hashtags and checked cross-platform Publish you can proceed and schedule Your posts will also be handy Appear here The right side of is now just for a quick review of our post Designed to attract potential customers Click the link in the resume to view the content We must provide them Link from clickbank To this landing page to your account, and you can Personal profile on your instagram Having this link in tailwind also provides another help Functions called intelligent creatures Allows you to conveniently host multiple Link in a link and make changes They are easy for example On this page, I just set up Link to my youtube channel my main channel Member discounts and lead magnets So i can collect other people's Email, if you just want to follow E.g The form of expression we are talking about Magic offers can promote some Different landing pages they have Landing from the main video Start the first page, then You can also copy the following Part of You want to promote some different types of other free gift landing pages One page and The advantage of doing this is that you can For different angles Adjust the angle of the potential customer type, you can also swap out According to each new post For example, you enter instagram but enter Some of them promote freebies But to see if people respond to it In any case, a better goal is Create an instagram channel where You will keep posting high-quality posts Can expand your page and it will start Slow, but this is normal Ad network PAC or anything else Otherwise you want free and assume You created a great post, and you Optimize your hashtags appropriately Essentially has Instagram care Number of free posts distributed Talking about getting more similar opinions How Western Australia's new revolving tourists can participate People commented and fixed groups Other people’s information to improve your The information algorithm in is also similar to my opinion Shatter the "Like" button in this video It will also help it attract more people I would appreciate it if you still do In order to get my instagram posts Continuous coverage, we are discussing I usually use thousands of impressions instagram participation group service Called executivemafia, free Add some basic functions, but I Actually used the essential Plan if you are interested Go to the instagram page and i will Definitely recommend at least try The free version I will link for I forgot in the description box What are more useful free tools I personally use instagram we have The fun Olli is not only convenient Used to schedule posts, for example If you run out of tailwind You can also search for free posts instagram by hashtag or You can directly republish your page Through their platform, that's mine Demonstrate how to use Make money instagram is consistent and free; If you want to know more I got multiple passive sources Online income, including templates Email marketing and traffic tutorial Also make sure to check out the first My top The method recommended by the link in the description, for example Do you like or discover the video Useful to subscribe to my channel and read Notify Valve for more videos About making money online and DeGeorge Inside the boat, thank you very much Watch, i will be next Meet you in peace video [music]

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