How To Make Money Selling Audiobooks (Step By Step)

In this video i'm going to show you how to make money selling audio books and get results like this And like this and don't worry You don't need to know how to write books or narrate books. I will show you some simple tips that will blow your mind! Stay tuned What's going on guys if you don't already know who I am, my name's ronnie thompson, I create videos around online marketing and entrepreneurship And currently on a mission to become a seven-figure owner So if you want to follow my journey and discover tips along the way subscribe to my channel So you never miss a thing! also Make sure you stick around to the end as I have a tip for you on how to get started selling audio books Today and create a full-time passive income. So i'm going to quickly explain. What audio books are for people that don't already know Audio books are books that are narrated So instead of reading a book you listen to the book audio books are becoming more and more popular in the world In fact, I think around about 43 of people listen to audiobooks instead of reading them and that's going up and up every year They become more as they become more and more popular So how we actually get started? narrating your audio book is we actually Have to create a book and then once you have created your book, you don't just sell it as an audio book you also sell it as a kindle ebook and a paperback book and the great thing about paperback books is you can Use print on demand instead of constantly storing loads that cost money I can't begin to actually explain how easy this model is and once you get started as as you'll see later on in this video This is by far the least saturated online business out there So you need to get in there quick before it's too late and what I say to a lot of people is I bet you wish you started drop shipping say for instance before it got over saturated So this is your chance to not miss a good opportunity and get in while start there while the iron's hot So the actual way you make money from your books is mainly through royalties with amazon where you're selling your kindle ebooks And you sell your audio books through audible who are owned obviously by amazon But this doesn't just stop there.

Once you have created your book. You also sell it on other platforms such as acx Draft2digital publish drive ingramspark and much more which i'll explain later on in this video And as I mentioned before you don't just you don't just need to know how to you don't even need to know how to write books or even narrate books you outsource everything and i'm going to show you how also Even down to the book cover you can get someone else to do So step one is finding a book that sells first of all you need to sign up with amazon if you haven't already Then you need to go on to best sellers list from the kindle ebooks Then you then you want to click on nonfiction and you don't want to try and publish a fiction book as the com Competition is way too high with comic books, etc So now we want to choose a niche that is going to do well In the best sellers page on amazon the best niches you want to focus on I believe are business weight loss psychology self-help And any like sort of self help improvement related sort of stuff.

For instance. We choose health Fitness and weight loss. We don't want to be even more niche specific So we want to look at diet diets and weight loss as eating healthy and losing weight is becoming more and more popular For people with everything that is going on in the world So now we want to start looking for popular keywords. So you want to create an excel sheet and start writing them down So as you can see on this page, we're going to start taking some keywords down and then Will sort of find the most popular keyword and then we'll do some more research on there.

So As you can see on here Um, you've got how to not die. That's a key word That is literally a keyword. So let's look for some more Um, so we've got the a ketogenic diet for beginners that's quite popular one at the moment it's a ketogenic diet for beginners You put that one down And then we've got If you hover over this it will actually show you the whole thing The secrets to weight loss that could be a key word It's back to the keto diet one here so that that's another key word the keto diet. Um So i'm talking about quiet here this is obviously a bit of research that you've got You've got to do Because the book won't actually just say the title.

You've got to actually find the keyword itself Um So what we've got here So how to make intermediate fasting a lifestyle it could be a keyword Um Well, i'm just going to try and speed this up a bit so A complete guide to fasting so far all about fasting here, so that could be a keyword fasting You've got your ketogenic diet again here um I do see a lot of come up at the moment like mediterranean diet cookbook So if you here see mediterranean diet cook, but that's a great keyword at the moment Um, let's see if we can see actually any more metric but how not to diet It's the same as that book at the top another keyword Um So i'm just rambling on here i'm just i'm just doing this off the top of my head So what we've got here See that here again the mediterranean diet but for beginners as beginners administering your diet This is the key word that I think we're going to look for at the moment mediterranean diet Um, but what you do is you want to create about a list of 100 key words.

Um, and then what i'll show you in a moment is how to do the rest of the Research to make sure that it's over. It's not over saturated So yeah, what we'll do we'll use the keyword mediterranean diet cook but for this example So once you've got your list of keywords and you're happy with that you're happy with now we need to check the competition So i'm going to use the keyword as I mentioned mediterranean diet cookbook for this example As it looks very popular in the best sellers lists.

So now we have our keyword We now need to see if it's oversaturated and kingdom e-books. So go back up to the search bar Make sure you're on the kindle store and put in your keyword And felix example as I mentioned we're going to use the mediterranean dark cookbook Now we need to check if all the books on the page are under 200 000 best bit. Bsr. That's best sellers ranking and if there is too much competition in my opinion I'll sort of stay clear from it If there's too much competition to check this you need to install chrome plug-in called ds. Amazon quick view. It's completely free As you can see here, there is some over and under 200 000 bsr So that is good and if you scroll back to the top there are over 2 000 results. You're probably Obviously probably thinking that that's a lot but our main focus here is that we're going to publish audio an audio book But if your book is published and written correctly, you'll still sell plenty of kindle ebooks and paperback books, so don't worry about that We now need to go on to audiobull and put mediterranean dark cookbook into the search bar.

And as you can see there's There are only around about 100 results Now my next check is if all the audio books on the first page have over 100 star rating It will have very high competition. But as you can see On on here. It's very mixed. And I reckon this is a really good keyword video. So step two where to outsource everything Okay, great. So, we now know what our book is about. Mediterranean Diet cookbook. So now we need to start outsourcing everything. The first thing we need to do is find a ghostwriter And to write a book a ghostwriter is hired to write literacy or like journalistic works not speeches or other sort of texts that officially Are credited to another person i'd like ourselves as the author And if you're on a budget and just want to test the water, I recommend just hiring a ghost writer on Like fiverr or up works, which is a digital marketing agency free plants.

And if you're serious about this, I recommend a website called the and And if you stay together i'll share a video with you that will help you on structuring your ideas of like, um Like what you need to send to the ghostwriter to start writing your book You want your book to be around about ten thousand words and no more than fifteen thousand words to start with Uh all the prices on the are on the website as I mentioned when you check them out And then next you will need to get your book cover created I recommend going on to fiverr and searching kindle ebook cover designs Um, I always use a person called print top as they're really good and they don't charge a bomb For a design and i've never really had a problem with them as well And once you've got your book and it has been created by you the ghostwriter you want to get your book Narrated so you can also sell it as obviously an audible which is the main focus for this video So you want to come on over to a company called atx? A6 is a place you find a narrator that will narrate your book and if you see over here There are many narratives to choose from And then once you have chosen your narrator you now need to decide if you want to pay the narrator in full uh or so you like you own all the royalties or you you can actually split a 50 50 with with the um with acx with splitting 50 50 is they actually will get Like you you get it done for free, but they actually get 50 the profit.

I don't recommend paying in full But if you're on a budget the free option may be more suitable, but i'll leave that up to you to decide uh, the reason I say that if if the book does Go viral when it becomes really popular, you'll be a bit guided if you're you're doing a 50 50 split um so It's entirely up to you. It depends how much of a budget or you're on I've never done a 50 50 split. I always make sure that i've got some money to to to pay it all in full And then once you have your book once your book has been narrated through acx, you'll put your book your they will put your audio book automatically on Audio amazon and itunes i'll explain how to sell and promote your book as a kindle book and paper book later on in this one Step three. It's just literally putting everything together and selling your book So you now want to sign up for the companies that I mentioned earlier to sell your book? uh, so to sell your kindle ebook and your paperback book on um, on amazon you need to sign up with um then sign up with Draft2digital publishdrive ingramspark and offers republic they all charge different percentages to sell your book.

So please check the website To find out more information as I don't want to obviously keep make this video longer than it actually needs to be I just want to quickly explain when you first start selling your ebook on amazon you use their amazon advertising Just to start with to get more reviews and rating As you can see here at the top with it has an ad and the great has the at the top here as a pad And um and the great thing with amazon advertising they only charge you every time your book sells Which is a great thing and once you get your book up and running, it becomes passive income all the money you want All the money you get you want to reinvest into other books and rinse and repeat So just to recap you first want to find a book that sells by doing your keyword research Then you want to find a ghostwriter to write your book and get your book cover created then you you Then you go on to obviously acx and get your book narrated And then you want to put your book on all the platforms I mentioned in this video And then as I mentioned before you just literally keep reading some repeat until you're happy um with your monthly income If you have any questions or comments about how to sell audio books If you can leave them down below and i'll get back to you asap And for the people who stuck around to the end, if you're serious about sending audio books, please check out the link in the description It's over an hour long video from two guys called the nicholson twins I learned everything I needed to know in their video tutorial Also, if you like this video make sure you like and subscribe and turn on the notification bell So you never miss my newest videos and if you want to see more videos about make money online Please check out the videos on the screen now And i'll see you all in the next video

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