How To Make Money Online Using Instagram Reels Full Tutorial!

in this video i'm going to show you how to make 
100 a day on instagram reels with affiliate   marketing i will show you how to create these 
reels without being on camera and without even   making any videos and you'll want to stay till the 
end of this video where i will show you the best   method to make money with instagram reels and how 
people are even having one thousand dollar days   doing it you don't want to miss any of that 
so stay tuned what is up my friend welcome to   living delightful freedom my name is Delania in 
today's video we're gonna talk about how to make   money on instagram we're gonna go over some of the 
ways that are actually really working right now   also if you're worried about putting your face on 
camera and stuff like that we're gonna go over how   you can actually make money on instagram without 
putting yourself out there i was doing it wrong   i was not using instagram at all so now that i 
am active on instagram then make sure you are   following at living delightful freedom so you 
don't want to miss any of that let's get right   into it first coffee though all right guys let's 
get right into it all right my friend so something   that i started doing recently was posting on 
instagram so with instagram firstly you want to   make sure that you are feeding the algorithm and 
that's basically by posting on your instagram page   two to three times per day you can do instagram 
reels even better and i'm actually gonna show you   how you can create instagram reels without having 
to show your face on camera for example i do have   reels on my page and this i just started doing 
recently but if you actually go to my page you   will see that i recently started posting reels 
i've never gotten this kind of reach on instagram   this one right here has almost 10 000 views 
never ever got anything like this on instagram   this tells me that they're showing my reels 
my videos to the explore page with people that   don't even know who i am and they're actually 
starting to follow me so i did gain a couple of   hundred extra followers here in the past couple of 
weeks but that's just one example of how reels can   actually impact your account you also want to make 
sure you're using the correct and proper hashtags   depending on the niche that you're actually in 
the examples that i want to show you are examples   of reals that you can create without putting your 
face on camera and i also want to show you how you   can monetize this with affiliate marketing so one 
example that i have for you here is this actual   instagram account called the good quote they have 
23.4 million followers but if you actually take a   look over here to their reels you can see how many 
views their reels are getting and let me tell you   these are very very simple videos to create you 
just have to grab some scenic video footage very   short video footage and put that together with 
quotes or text over it so for example we click   on this one and this is just some beautiful 
scenery and a small little quote and this is   a very short video so you want to create a bunch 
of these another example is this one right here   this one is couples love notes they have a hundred 
thousand followers and they're really missing out   because they don't even have a link to a product 
or anything over here so maybe they don't actually   know that they could be making money that way if 
you take a look at their reels they're actually   getting a lot of views on their reels as well and 
another thing is that reels have a longer shelf   life than your actual post you want to be sure to 
create posts like these and also you want to make   sure to create reels actually more than posts for 
example these reels that i created the ones that   have a lot of views i started getting the views a 
week or two later now that is one way to do it so   i'm also going to show you how you can create 
these and you can actually create these very   easily for free all right i also want to show you 
this example this is another page that is about   motivation success and money and these are the 
reals that they created and as you can see they   have quite a lot of views on their reels as well 
now if we go ahead and click on this link right   here they actually have a product that they're 
promoting and they're promoting this instagram   secret product if you take a look down here this 
is a digi store 24 product which is an affiliate   marketplace and they are promoting a product from 
digistore okay and that's why i wanted to show you   this example because they actually have a 
link right over here so we actually do want   to monetize with affiliate marketing as well just 
like this page is doing to create these simple   videos you just want to come over to 
it's absolutely free you can come over here to   where it says social media and you're going 
to have all of these options for you what i'm   going to do is i'm going to go ahead and create 
a tick tock video because this way we can get the   actual video editor that's inside of canva and 
we can create our videos in a vertical view so   we're going to create one from scratch and as you 
can see there's your timeline right here so canva   has done a great job in adding in a little video 
editor for us as well let's go over to videos   so we can find some sort of video that relates to 
something like like scenery okay and then we're   going to put a quote over that so let's say we 
want to search for something like a beach theme   or a beach video that would be good okay let's 
see now there are a lot of these that you can use   for absolutely free the ones that have the little 
crown next to it are paid for but as you can see   i can't even find one with the crown because 
most of these are absolutely free and that   is pretty cool so let's go ahead and 
actually get take this one right here   and what you want to do is and this actually 
has sound already if you can hear it so that   is pretty awesome if not you can put music behind 
it because canva also has a music library that you   can use all right so i think that is pretty cool 
for sure and what you can do is you can shorten   this because your video does not have to be this 
long this is 24 this is almost 25 seconds long and   your video does not have to be that long so we can 
actually shorten this to 15 seconds for example   and we can add another scene to this but we really 
don't need to we just have to add text over this   or some sort of quote what you can do here is just 
come over to text and add a heading so simple this   is the simplest content to create and you can 
do this on instagram reels you can do this on   tick tock and you can do this with youtube shorts 
as well so let's just write something here for an   example and then i'm actually going to show you 
where you can actually get some ideas for quotes   and where to actually find motivational quotes 
all right i'm just going to put this in here for   example and we can change the color of that 
if we want to we can make it white we can   add something else to this we can add a heart for 
example let's go ahead and see if we find a heart   so you come over here and add some 
stickers like as you can see the pro   ones are the ones that you have to pay 
for but they have free ones here as well and this is pretty much our instagram reel now 
all you have to do with this is pretty much click   on download and you want to download the mp4 
version onto your computer before you upload it   also let me just say that canva does have an 
app as well so if you actually want to do this   on your phone you can do this on your phone so 
this is my video so you want to take this and   you want to transfer it over to your phone and 
i'm on a mac plus i have an iphone so for me   it would be airdrop so all you have to do here is 
just send the video over to your phone so you can   upload it to your instagram reels now 
i just put the simple quote right here   and this is just something that i made up 
it's just enjoy life because it's beautiful   but i do have a couple of other places that you 
can go to find quotes another website to check out   for free stock video footage is so 
let's go ahead and do beach sunset and these are   all actually pictures that you can use and you're 
free to use it you're free to use these as well   but right up here right next to photos they 
have videos and you just click on videos   now if you just want to look at the ones that are 
vertical you can come up here to the right where   it says orientation and go to vertical and right 
over here they have all of the vertical options   for you and these are videos that you are free 
to use okay so these are some of the options that   you do have all you have to do is search on this 
website and see what you actually want to use for   your videos you can easily do this start posting 
two of them every single day and with instagram   reels you can actually upload and create all of 
your videos for the week for example and keep   them inside of your draft and then just release 
them whenever you want to make them public so   that is also something that's very convenient and 
this is a website that you can check out also for   free stock video footage alright my friend i also 
found a couple of websites for quotes this one is   the golden and right here as you can 
see it says no matter what all these public domain   picture quotes are designed to make your facebook 
twitter instagram or any other social profile your   website your offline requirements like t-shirt 
printing mug printing or any other public domain   quote requirement more elegant attractive and 
meaningful you are free to use them with no   copyright issues legal obligations or restrictions 
read them share them and enjoy them okay   so you do have some quotes here also with this 
website right here this one is   you have a ton of different quotes they do 
categorized by inspirational famous authors   this is another one that you can check out as 
well this one is and the other   one was the all right now this is and they have a variety of different   affiliate programs that you can actually promote 
and you want to choose something that is congruent   to what your content is whatever you can't your 
content is but you also want to pick a product   that is good that is going to actually help people 
okay there can be a lot of bad products in here   to be honest so just be careful and do your 
research another one right here is digistore24   so this is also an affiliate marketplace and 
they have digital products software events   physical products and much more the instagram 
page that i showed you earlier they're promoting   a product from here from digistore24 and you can 
actually come up here to where it says marketplace   check out some of the products that they do 
have over here are all of the categories if you   actually come over here let's say you are in the 
love dating and relationship type of thing you can   promote products like these this one is his secret 
obsession and this one's actually pretty popular   i have heard of this one many times this one is 
very very popular and you can just keep on going   and searching for the best ones for you over here 
they tell you how much the commission earnings are   approximately you also want to choose something 
that actually has an affiliate support page like   this one right here so you actually want to go 
ahead and take advantage of the resources that   you're getting from them because they actually 
want to help you promote their product now what   you're going to do is you want to click on promote 
or you can go ahead and apply to promote this   on the affiliate support page you're getting some 
email swipes you're getting articles landing pages   banners social media images so they give you quite 
a lot and actually if you click this get started   now you can directly get all of your affiliate 
resources and apply to become an affiliate for   this product but this is just an example just 
showing you how pretty much this works now   that is a way that you can use to make money with 
instagram reels without showing your face however   there is a better way to make even more money 
with this and that's going to be with building   a personal brand and actually creating the 
reels yourself with you actually being on camera   this works out very well because people can get 
to know you and people that like you can keep   coming back and watch your content they can click 
on that link in the bio after you give them a call   to action to actually check it out because it's 
something that may be solving their problem this   is how people are actually making a lot of money 
using instagram and instagram reels another thing   that's really working is when you give a call to 
action to actually dm you on instagram and ask you   for information about whatever it is that you are 
promoting people are doing this on instagram they   are succeeding and they're making even more 
money even more than a hundred dollars a day   because they're actually promoting high ticket 
products that are valuable and help people a lot   of that stuff does happen in the dms especially 
when you're doing high ticket affiliate marketing   people want to know what they're getting and they 
want to be able to trust you before they actually   buy something that you're promoting okay now if 
you want to get started with high ticket affiliate   marketing to earn even more money for sale then 
go ahead and check out the first link down below   let me know down below in the comments if you did 
find that helpful let's keep on continue learning   check out the next video where i'm talking about 
a similar topic except we're talking about how to   make money with youtube shorts thank you so 
much for watching and i'll see you soon bye

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