How To Make Money Online – The #1 Skill You Need To Make Money Online

– [Narrator] Stevie asks, I want to start making money online but I don't know where to start. – Hmm, let me share a story with you. Back then, when I was in my
early 20s, I was a copywriter. And I was making good amount of money, six figure income a year as a copywriter. And then later on I was
doing marketing consultation and then I transitioned
into selling online and marketing online. I've been marketing online
for now over a decade now. Now think about it in
terms of internet age, it's like dinosaur, right? I was marketing online when
Yahoo! was popular, okay? It's like pre-Google, pre-Facebook and all the things that we have.

I was selling and marketing
and posting on bulletin board, like those online forums. That's how I got started. Let me tell you something, most people, when it comes to making
online, they're thinking about what's the latest
gimmick and traffic and all. And all that's important
but the number one skill that you need to make money online, and it's not what you think. When I was selling things on eBay and I was buying collectibles
and Bruce Lee collectibles, 'cause I'm a huge Bruce Lee
fan, items from Hong Kong and I was flipping them on eBay, I noticed the same item, the same listing, by changing the different headline or the listing description, it would affect how much I would sell, how much I could charge
and how fast it would sell.

Now because I already have
my background as a copywriter before transitioning into marketing online and selling and making money online, what I noticed is that
skill gets transferred. It means this, the number one
skill that you need to master in order to make money
online is copywriting. What does that mean? It means learning how to
use words to communicate. It means persuasion in print. It means turning words
into money, into cash. I want you to think about it. Doesn't matter what is that you wanna do.

You wanna sell ecommerce? You wanna have a Shopify store? Guess what? The description, that's copywriting. You are selling a product. You are selling a program. You're selling coaching. Your landing page, that's
copywriting, right? Your video sales letter,
what I'm doing now, script, no script, copywriting. I can do copywriting
without thinking about it. Your email, that's copywriting. Your Facebook ad, that's copywriting. My YouTube video title,
that's copywriting. My description below the
video, that's copywriting. Everything that you do is all about copy. It's about communication. Unless and until you have mastered that copywriting skill,
you'll always struggle because copywriting gives
you a tremendous leverage. Because the same ad,
the same landing page, same amount of traffic,
the same advertising dollar that you're spending, you could be spending a
dollar and getting, let's say, a dollar return, you're breaking even. I could simply change the words.

It could be in the ad, it
could be in the headline, it could be on the checkout page. I could just change a few
words and the difference, and I've seen it, even in headline, it could be two to three to
five, even 10 times difference in terms of conversion. So instead of spending a
dollar, getting a dollar back, you could spend a dollar, getting two, three, five dollars back. Wow, with the same
product, the same offer. All you have changed is
how you have articulate and communicate with your audience. That's the power of copywriting. If you're serious about
making money online and you want to learn
more about copywriting, I have a special gift for you. A couple months ago, I
conducted a special training called Copywriting Secrets. I want to give that to you as a gift when you become a member of Dan On Demand, my global community.

Now, what exactly is Dan On Demand? Dan On Demand is designed
to teach you one thing and one thing only, and that is the Millionaire Mindset. And when you become a member today, not only you have access to Dan On Demand but you also get a special bonus, this special training I'm talking about, Copywriting Secrets, where I go much more in
depth about the idea, the strategies, some advances
strategies of copywriting. So go ahead, click a link there. And you can see right there,
it is a form of copywriting. When you click on the page,
that's a form of copywriting. When you see the video, that's
also a form of copywriting.

That's how you make money online..

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