I mean I don't know if I can convey it through a video or an audio message but I found you it literally the perfect time I believe that God works in perfect ways and I found you probably a week or two before I ended up having to have my appendix taken out so I meant week two now and it's my day job I lift heavy stuff all the time and my doctor told me that for six weeks I could not lift more than ten pounds and I travel a lot so my suitcase always weighed more than ten pounds so I couldn't work basically they said you can't work for six weeks so I'm like crap what the heck do I do so I implemented your stuff I got my first client for two grand and it's going more from here seriously I believe it and I mean it when I say that I respect you and I appreciate you man because you're definitely a godsend and a lot of things about you I respect one you're not from the US and you still killed it massively and then also you always maintain a pure always maintain a pure vocabulary and I love that and it's not even like you're like hesitating to not cuss it's just that you you just don't so I know a lot of people on the interwebs are like I'm gonna use explicit language to try to get people to stay because the ones who it doesn't offend will stay but I love that you don't man keep it up

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