How To Make Money Online In Nigeria: Your first $100 guaranteed

hi guys Gerald here again and today we
are gonna be looking at that interesting topic right so or I'm happy what we have
today is how to make money online in Nigeria right I know a lot of folks
think it's a myth actually to make money online in Nigeria you know I'm a living
testimony that's basically what I do my business is on the Internet
I make money on Fiverr we were very big a lot of you that know me know me as if
five a preacher people have called me that and I talked about Fiverr in all my
conferences and whenever I get a chance to speak to young people who are looking
for to actually making real money the opportunities on the Internet are
endless so today we are gonna be looking at how you can actually do make money
online in Nigeria, this is 2019 and if you have never made money online this is
for you right now in this video I'm gonna be showing you how you can make a
minimal amount of money not like the big box right if you're just getting started
on making money online I just need fifty dollars you know twenty dollars hundred
dollars actually food appeal this video is for you right if you're looking at
making the big box in this video might not be for you you look at my other
videos we have talked about five I know that that's something that you should
actually focus on but if you're Nikki not looking for a little money to
actually pay the bills though byph well know those much more things and this
video is specifically designed for you now when looking for a big box um you
should be looking at going on Fiverr I did this this my blog online hosted or
condo energy right so you should be I did this video this um this blog posts
20 gigs you can start you can sell on Fiverr to earn money online it's any 19
so you should consider going through this also which were posting is best for
per so you just come to my blog it's it's it's a complete resource for you
right if you want to live on the internet like I – and I just no reason
why you shouldn't be doing that right so today I'm we're gonna be looking at how
you can actually do make money online in Nigeria smoke small box small money just
like I said before so I'm going to be introducing this website called P
co-workers picu wo RK er SP co-workers everyone can walk you
to work it doesn't matter where you were right but um you know just like I always
ask a few challenges a fellow when you are coming from Nigeria which is why I'm
gonna be introducing this epic browser it be privacy browser you know so it
piques privacy browser so what you don't wanna do is just google it if peak
privacy browser just google it and download it and install it right in
certain your device epic privacy browser so just this is epic brother calm so you
just come to download it peak now here download it so you can actually get this
browser I guess I'm just gonna open it up I'm just gonna open it up okay so let
me close this okay it's opening here so um okay while
waiting for you to load up on to encourage you to please subscribe to my
channel if you're new and hit the subscribe button so that whenever to be
video you be the first to know also here's my channel slash
online host TV right enter so this is it so it's loading up right here yay with
epic browser so it's blowing up the maintenance is quite so of course I live
in Nigeria what do you expect okay so please hit the subscribe button
right so that whenever I chop if you do you be the first to know about it so uh
I have a lot of other resources for you so if you click on videos you see all my
videos that I've done over the years you know this is what you can't really trust
selling on Fiverr I Instagram post creation I can create
it with no graphic design skill you know how you kind of get in best sci-fi geek
ideas that you can Saturn on Fiverr right now this is where
I explain what fiber really is you know my interview with a flint of mine who is
making a lot of money on Fiverr right for those of you who are looking at
optimizing your gigs on Fiverr to actually make more serious videos so you
are having owner of the so CC cooler event I can actually you know go through
it and you know start selling us start making money right now
so going back to Pico Walker's bi co walk
calm calm if you're a student you don't have any money
this video is for you right this video is for you how to make money online in
Nigeria so okay so what you do you sign up but please don't sign up using this
link in the description of this video note the first link they just click on
it it will take you to this page then sign up you will not only get this 0.75
sign of bonus you will also also get other bonuses right so make sure you
sign up with my link for that to happen if you convince a straight up that's
won't happen so please use my link when you are signing up so you click on sign
up I'm gonna click on login because I already have an account here so this is
it I'm just gonna log in right is my email address just in case you need to
contact me so I'm if you come here you're gonna set up your profile and
everything after mine so I'm you – yours – right so I'll just come here you see I
set my country to the United States please do this it's important to this
right I said it to us um seen I'm online right now these are tasks I've done 18
satisfied trade not satisfied to average the average and Pat asked you know 60%
blah blah you know so this is these are things that I've done sign-ups YouTube
video before a blog the kind of jobs have done you know like or pick over
cash so I don't really do pick over cuz you know it's something I can do when
you are bored you know this wouldn't give me the kind of money that I want
right so I don't do it I use it for that purposes actually give people job on P
co-workers you know so right now I'm just gonna come to small jobs this is
where we actually cause we are gonna do it job right now plus for you to
understand how actually works so we're gonna do a job right now so um these are
jobs that are available I can actually do right now and this
the amount on get paid for whatever it is that we do so let's say this job now
pays you $50 so if you do ten of this none of this will give you $5 right $5
here $5 so this is it so you see what I'm
saying so you can actually sit down with hoodie and do like 50 or even 100 jobs
you know you make a substantial amount of money maybe like 20 30 40 or $50
right so the jobs that you are required to do a very very simple this one dog
this is the website it's simple that's what you need to do
visit the website be Center and click on something once this one Vista website
and click register blah Gmail quit a gmail account and get paid this amount
right and then five persons have completed it you know this is visited
campus among gay men in the 125 signups 12 have done so you see have a chance to
actually do this if you want to do it right so uh visit websites to perceive
sign up you know that's basically it is five are sign up okay okay so freak on
this is website YouTube subscribe you so I just referred to YouTube channel okay
so let's do this this looks pretty simple right I'm just
going to open a new tab open a new tab subscribe to youtube channel and gets 18
cents for that so that's pretty simple so if you look at this place you see
that on my which order 85 so when we complete that job it will climb to she
climb to 85 plus it's in whatever it is do the math so this is 8 this is the
instruction this is instruction so the session is Jaime G affiliate says for
this damn Jimmy G of Jimmy G affiliates so I'm just gonna go to youtube so okay
so we're right here YouTube right this is YouTube so we just gonna click
on this guy and paste what we copied from that we search for it
so Jimmy G affiliates it's dissipate so let's go look at it
again if you notice I'm working I'm doing this in people in epic browser so
ap probably this is green right this show you guys this this is green so if
you check your IP address using who are who are dot Nets who
and to show you something to show you you add PR trace where you are located
this is my IP addresses show in the US right I wanted to show the US was most
of the jobs require you to come from the US so in telling their countries us
black which is what I'm able to do this right
so I'm they'll find it let the channel label Jimmy G orange you can't miss it
so this is the damage each channel able to arrange some girls gonna click on it
so what else did you say we should do things you subscribe to my channel and
criminals cash on bail button then we're required proof what was the title of the
last video so what we are going to do is just gonna click on subscribe button and
click on the way from the oh poor thing there was a title of the last video to
our shock reviews bonuses blah blah blah something like that so I'm just going to
click on this this is the last video right so I'll click on it it's going to
copy the name ok copy the name of the last video ok so that's what we are
required to do so I accept this job then one gone boom ctrl V this is the title
of the last video I'm just gonna do I confirm that I have completed this task
thank you for finishing your job right so that's completed I'm gonna refresh
doing a counselor I'm just gonna go to Pico workers if you look at this 85 has
increased its in has been added to it right so what's gonna happen now if I
look at task I have finished I will see the one I just did now which is this
one adjust it now so what's gonna happen is that the peasant actually put this
job here to be done will come to this channel to come to pick up Walker's
login and I prove this once he approved your money dropped your
money moves from here into this place so these three guys disapproved these
three guys has approved something I did before I don't really did this two days
ago while I was preparing for this video so I'll have something to show you guys
so this one's has been approved what happens is that if they don't approve it
after three days it should be approved automatically by sorry seven days to be
approved must grab a few co-workers so let's just do another one just for
evidence of doubt guess you didn't follow that one so
let's look for something else that we came to visit website I just see what it
entails I'm just gonna close this guy up that's what it entails cause instruction
sets for blah blah blah on Google we see the link and the title click the green
button visit opals this is 14 mumbai page below we see 27 over page below
blah blah blah blah blah never know what this is I don't think I want to do this
so that's I finished no good small jobs do the small jobs okay telegram sign and
make em time for visitor and Mecca visits website best 2019 offer bonus
textile workers only its website visit websites looking for something simpler I
can do a 400-mile Karthik is gonna take a while so I don't want to do that this
is rehab services website super saver I like doing YouTube jobs it's very
straightforward fibre sign up Xbox Hulu YouTube create an account on YouTube you
know I think written account will take a while for this video some work on
Twitter I visit website much okay blah you give us something that we can do or
we are this please if you are here to subscribe to this channel I don't know
what you waiting for please do it I provide real value on
this channel and I show you ways to actually to make money online and today
we are looking how to make money online in Nigeria and
I'll show you I get some real value from this video so please subscribe to my
channel the of course you'll be glad you did so
submit your email listing what this is about sounds interesting look that you
just have to submit your email submit email to a website okay let's look at
those ones okay the Sylvania YouTube shave video shave video I don't think I
want to share the video right now but you can do that because you can write
you if you verify Amazon discount codes complete any of okay two co-workers
let's do this so meet your real email Gmail preferred for mobile users really
really complete your signup you know so these are these are I think this is good
these are going to take a while right so that's what I'm leaving it for now so
please just go through it whatever it is that you can do please do it and you get
paid instantly so they can complete hundred twelve hundred jobs that you
make a substantial amount of money so another website like pic overcast which
does exactly the same thing is my crew workers workers my crew workers and a
crew workers from these McCloskey's they're going through my crew workers
ways it may appear differently so you works basically the same way that pickle
workers works also right to just sign up and everything so the second link in
magic jump box is gonna be this link which which you sign up on micro or cash
with so with that link when you sign up my leg of course she gets the pornos and
other bonus again for my co-workers right so please don't come to my
co-workers those comments and directly use the link in my description video so
please guys I hope I'll give you guys value week in and I want to say very big
thank you to you guys for watching this video to the end and I want to encourage
you if you are yet to subscribe to my channel please do subscribe there are
nothing I think you might be wondering is if I have ever withdrawn from this
account yes I've put deposited and I have
which one from this account before so um this how to deposit money I've done this
like a thousand I want as always today because a difficult job on coworkers
right so if you want to withdraw money withdraw from here right to your stretch
to your bed they have a few things which always have processed within ten days of
request a meeting with always happened to process like everything that have no
payout has been made yet on this one this account no be a damn idiot so
because I've not reached the payment threshold but I can place a new request
I don't have enough funds you have to bookie that this is it you can place in
withdrawal request if your balances over $5 plus fee right if you are going to
use PayPal please make sure your pickup workers give me matches the paper this
is very important your email for pick overcast matches your paypal email right
important to put deposit that money cannot be withdrawn if you're looking
for a refund please open your support ticket then you can select your joy
maker use it Siri to Liam you can use litecoin you can use PayPal Circle
answer my entire second second question and submit a request they will process
this request and send your phones to you right this is the percentage that I take
for each withdraw up right so this is basically higher walk this opportunity
for you guys start to do to make money online in Nigeria about your cash – like
I told you it may not be a lot right way to surely help you pay the bills so
thank you guys subscribe to my channel if you to do that and keep winning

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