So if you clicked on this video chances are that you are actually looking for ways to make money online Without money in nigeria ways to make money online in nigeria with zero naira with no money And that's exactly what i'm going to be talking about in today's video The truth is there is always something that you can monetize at one uh time of your life or the other So in this video i'm going to be trying to open your eyes to the things that you can actually monetize Without even having money in nigeria. So stay tuned as I show you the different ways You can make money online in nigeria without money Hey guys, welcome back to my channel.

Thank you so much for clicking on this video if you are new Here, my name is victoria ajadi and i'm a nigerian business Vlogger on this channel. I talk about different ways You can actually make money online and how you can scale your business to make even more money So in today's video i'm going to be sharing with you the different ways, which you can make money online as a nigerian in nigeria Without any startup cost without money. So the first on my list is Getting to real estate.

Okay, relax. I don't mean that I should start building houses for people you know or start looking for people to build house for people the truth is that there are a lot of people that are actually looking to buy houses to You know get their own houses in nigeria, especially people in diaspora And um, there are also the people that actually build houses the property developers the companies that actually invest in building houses and you Will be the bridge between these two so you'll be like a middleman between the real estate property Developers and the people that are looking to actually buy your houses. There are actually a lot of real estate investment, um opportunities That are out there there a lot of real estate developers that i've linked up. I can't really remember all of them But i'm going to try and list them out if I can there are a lot of them that I can actually join and the fun thing about it is that You don't need to pay to join it is free to join in fact They are actively recruiting people to join their team And for every person that you bring in like for every person that buys one of their houses through you you get a commission for it, and it's just not one small commission huge amount of money That is what you get from working with them and there are different ways in which you can actually promote these stuffs online.

I mean With you just having your phone and your whatsapp. You have your facebook your instagram those are the major platforms that you actually need to promote all those products and People say it You know a friend of a friend of a friend of someone that actually needs to buy a house Will see it and with your active promotion of those, um products of those Platforms of those um property that are available for sale or for lease, you know You get people to introduce you to people to tell people about The property and in one way or the other you get people to buy and you get your permission The second way in which you can actually make money online in nigeria Or as a nigerian with zero naira right now is by starting a blog or a vlog I know that this is not the very first time you're hearing about you might probably be hearing it for the hundredth time But that is the truth having your own blog having your own vlog means that you have a website Or a youtube channel where you create content about things That matters to you things that you like to talk about and things that people are actually searching for and as you do that People are actually searching for these things online So they come to your channel or your website and they get the information that they need Now in return you get to actually monetize your channel or your blog Using the google adsense, you know by this means that google will actually be placing advertisements On your website or on your youtube channel now for a start you can actually start a free wordpress blog or a free blog a website And google will actually put once you sign up and they accept you google will start putting advertisements on your channel on your um And you start making money from that and you know as your influence starts to grow your traffic starts to grow your Ad revenue also starts to grow So right now right there where you're sitting can actually open a youtube channel and a lot of youtube tutorials On youtube about how you can actually start a youtube channel i'm going to be linking Major resources that you will need for some of these things in the description box below So definitely make sure that you check out the resources I'll be linking down there and for the website Like I said, you can start with the free ones and when you feel I want to upgrade can actually upgrade to a paid website, you know with more functionality and more features, so That is also one way one big way that you can actually start making money online in nigeria You know without spending 009 because if you are watching me My guess is you're watching me on a smartphone and you have access to data Those are the two major things that you actually need to get started on youtube your smartphone And access the data connection so that you'll be able to post your stuffs online So if it's something that you are interested in Let me check out the description box for the resources that I have for you And a lot of examples of people that are actually doing great on youtube in nigeria next on my list is doing creative um jobs Like, you know, or if you don't know we already in a digital age, whereby Everything is you know digital everything is online now There are a lot of content creators that are coming out, you know coming up every single day There are lots more vloggers these days.

There are lots more bloggers these days and um, what comes with that is that? They actually need help with a lot of things like, you know Editing, um video editing thumbnail editing posts editing post writing You know different things that you can actually help them with online And if you are someone that has this creative abilities You know that you are good at this type of things One of the challenges that you can have is uh connecting with people that really needs your help that you can help You know to do this thing so that you can get money for what you know how to do So in order for you to actually solve this problem you need to join Freelance websites so i've talked a lot about freelance websites on my previous videos And I have this video right here where I talk about the best freelance website. I can actually join as a nigerian I'm going to be linking it in the description box. So definitely try and check that out And if you think like oh, I really love to do all these creative stuffs But I don't know how to do it and I don't have money to learn it relax.

I have a solution for you So there's this website known as skillshare in the description box below You see a link to join skillshare today for free And I think you get about two weeks or so of free learning on skillshare. I mean in that two weeks You can learn a whole lot about editing Whether it's video editing, you know picture editing Photoshop and a whole lot of things that you can learn you can even learn more than one skills on skillshare So you can just go ahead and register sign up and start right now start learning that particular Creative skill that you love that you love to learn and then take it from there And then once you have the skills, you can then go ahead and register On the freelance website, which I will also be linking the video where I talk about that In the description box below moving forward from that.

The first one that i'm talking about is a website known as and it's only related to people that are actually interested in doing voice over now If you hear people telling you that you have a lovely voice Oh, you have a lovely voice. I love your voice. Your voice is very soothing Oh, can you read for my kids, you know stuff like that? you have a great potential as a voice over artist now voice over artists are people that actually You know use their voice to promote people's products like their ebooks their audio books, you know reading Um children's story books and different things and it might actually be translating Um, maybe english to you by reading in your accent Reading in an egyptian accent and you know different types of stuff like that And actually these job opportunities are also available on fiverr But a lot of people in nigeria actually have problems, you know Signing up with fiverr and up work and all that but this website known as is actually easy for you to sign up from nigeria with once you sign up you'll be able to actually list out what you can do and start getting ready to get offers from people who will need uh You to use your voice to promote their work Of course You need to send examples to them which will be important for you to actually get people to sample and hear What your voice sounds like before they actually give you the real work to do so definitely Check that out also in the description box below another very important one on my list is selling online now Like I said, this world is one small global village And people are buying things from different countries to another country buying things from nigeria to us from china to nigeria You know buying things from different countries to another so if you have that Potential of you know, you just like doing anything commerce you like selling? And all that you can try and you know Bring your selling skills or bring your products online for people to actually buy I know that for affiliates i've actually talked about julia and conga and julia and konga are also very much Available to sell us in nigeria so if you are in nigeria, and you sell one product or another and you just want your product to be, you know seen and You know bought by different kinds of people online that you can consider placing your products on jumia or conga you'll find a lot of videos online about how you can go about this steps and it is actually Very very simple.

Just go to or website Below is scroll down to the very lowest file and you see cell on jimmy or cell on conga Click on it and it's very very straightforward. And if you want to sell on um international market Is actually a good place for you to sell on if you are yet to subscribe Please make sure you click on the subscribe button and tap the notification bell beside it Because very soon i'm going to be talking and i'm sharing with you how you can actually list your product on As a nigerian or as somebody that lives in nigeria i've actually had a ton of questions about this process And for this also you can also check out skillshare There are different courses that you can actually get on and start learning You know about various things that you love to learn On skillshare so that you get to have a particular skill something that you can actually monetize In your ends and you can actually get on this freelance site and start making money So definitely make sure to check the link in the description box below.

Please leave me a comment in the comment section Let me know which of this ways which of this you know how to make money online in nigeria with zero naira Will you be trying next please? Let me know in the comment section, please Like my video share this video if you found value with it, I want other nigerians also to learn from this Share my videos subscribe if you haven't and if you have any video requests, let me know in the comment section Thank you so much guys for watching until next time when I see you in my next video Bye guys, and keep safe Hey

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