How To Make Money Online Even If You Are A Beginner (New $100 A Day Strategy For 2021)

– What would I be doing if I
had to start all over again to generate $100 a day? make money online (upbeat music) The first one is to think
about how can you take what you know, your
knowledge, life experience and turn that into a low ticket product. The first sale that I ever
made was a $7 digital product in the World of Warcraft market. It was one of the computer games, which I spent over 1,000 hours on, and I sold this product at $7. Now, if you are looking to
generate $100 a day consistently, your first option could be to
create a low ticket product, something that's from $7
to about $37 or 50 bucks. Now, this requires time. It requires you to decide what market, what niche do you wanna go into and claim your expertise and
turn that into a product. Now this low ticket
product, the good news is this could be your own product
or this could be a product where you are an affiliate.

Think about whatever
marketplace that you are in. 100% guarantee the biggest
platforms in that market, they have an affiliate program. Whether it's Amazon for physical products or it's ClickBank for digital products, whether you are in the
service-based industry, whether it's in travel, they
all have an affiliate program. The upside to this is that
it is highly scalable, but the downside to this is that it is not gonna happen overnight. Number two would be to develop
a high income skillset, we'll talk about what this is in a second, but then, that's when you have options. You can either do it for yourself or you can do it for a client where they will pay you good money for your skillset and services. You see, when it comes to
selling a low ticket product, for you, you wanna think
about what is that market and understand that the
high income skillset that will fuel your market
is really in just traffic, which is social media, it is
in understanding marketing and content creation, just
like what I'm doing right now, it is all about building
a sales process online, sometimes known as a sales
follow, to get more leads, to automate lead gen and
convert leads into sales.

Just think about where you audience is congregating right now
and when you understand this, that is where you'll be able to understand that you can either deploy it for yourself or do it for somebody else. Let's say you develop
this high income skillset on getting more leads to
Facebook for a plastic surgeon. If you could get this plastic surgeon five extra walk-ins a month. Let's say in those jobs, it's maybe 3,000. Five clients multiplied by 3,000. That's 15 grand. Do you think this plastic
surgeon would pay you $2,000, maybe even $3,000, if you
enable this plastic surgeon to get more leads and convert
these leads into sales that otherwise would not
have exist if not for you? To develop and scale it far
beyond, not just $100 a day, the long-term game is to develop
this high income skillset for yourself so that you have the option to sell your own product or
deploy it for somebody else. You see, when it comes to
selling your own thing, the only thing that you need to be good at is in putting out content,
marketing, and ads.

When you create your product, the copywriting, the website, the coding, the design, the logo,
that can easily outsource. You can easily get somebody
on or to get it done for you, but
you can't outsource this and even if you do, to get a good person, it's gonna cost you a lot of money. That brings us to number three. You see, this is where
it's highly scalable, but requires time. This is also long term, but what if you need to do something now? In order to make this thing happen, I would take on the gigs as a freelancer, I'm flipping it around, and doing the jobs on Upwork or Fiverr, and this
is really for those of you that wants to build this
skillset, but you want experience.

This is when you can build
up that initial portfolio so that now, you're not a theorist, but rather, a practitioner. This is a short-term gig. And many people get stuck in this game because they get comfortable
earning that few hundred, a few thousand dollars a month and they see no real use to grow. But, if you're just starting out and you need the cashflow,
you start from here. You start from here by
selling your time for money 'cause this, what is this? Being a freelancer.

With the bigger picture of
documenting your clients and their journey as a case study, doing a good job so that you
can use them as testimonial, turning these case studies and experience to sharpen your sword in when it comes to developing this high income skillset. And again, it's not about
being good at all these things, it's about really being good at one thing.

Start thinking, do you wanna be good at ranking YouTube videos, editing them? Do you wanna be great at
creating sales processes or sales follows online? Do you wanna be great at Facebook ads? Really focus on that one thing and put yourself out there
and be a practitioner by actually taking on clients,
being in the trenches, so that you develop the
high income skillset, so that you can utilize
this to sell and create your high or low ticket product because that is when, now,
you're building something that is highly scalable and you're no longer
trading your time for money. That is literally what I would do if I had to start all over again to generate my first $100 day. Depending on your situation,
you've gotta decide which method do you want to start with. I would love to hear your
thoughts in the comment below. Let me know which one
resonates most with you based on your current situation and as always, if you found value, smash on the red subscribe button.

Until then, stay awesome. I'm gonna be seeing you in the next video. (upbeat music).

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