How To Make Money Online As A Tutor! ($250 Per Day)

today's video is for anyone who has a passion for 
a certain subject a certain language or just wants   to make some extra money hello my friend welcome 
to living delightful freedom my name is melania   and today we're going to talk about side hustles 
for online tutoring now what i'm going to show you   are some websites that you can actually go to and 
what i love about this is the flexibility because   you can choose your own hours so if you're ready 
for that then go ahead and hit the like button for   this video and let's get right into it alright my 
friend so the first website that you can go ahead   and check out is and this is one that 
you can check out if you are a college student   if you're in university or if you really have a 
favorite subject if you come over to   and you scroll all the way down to the bottom this 
is where you can click on the section for tutors   and right here where it says partner with us 
right here that's where you can go ahead and   click on become a tutor and this will actually 
show you everything you need to know about   becoming a tutor and like i said before i love the 
flexibility of these tutoring websites because you   can really make your own hours so you can make 
some extra money like it says here you can earn   16 per hour to share your knowledge with others 
you have a flexible schedule if you have an   internet connection and you have a computer you 
can do this from anywhere you can fill out some   basic information including education and work 
experience there are over 300 subjects so you   can find subjects that you can teach from calculus 
to python to piano and everything in between once   you've been approved they'll start sending 
students your way and students can message   you directly or they can match them to you and 
they do provide powerful features and tools that   allow you to teach the best way you possibly can 
and then also they have a two-way rating system   which is pretty cool which means you can rate each 
other so they can rate you as a tutor and you can   rate them as a student so that is different and 
you get paid each week okay and you just click   on apply now so you can apply if you still have 
questions you can come over here and visit their   help center first one is so the next 
website is and you can get paid to   answer homework questions so this one is basically 
on a per question basis that you get paid and that   is what is different about this one this is 
what they call micro tutoring so this one is   even more flexible because you can just get paid 
per question okay now if you come to the website and you come up here on top where 
it says become a tutor this is where you can get   all of the information about how you can become a 
tutor and answer homework questions and get paid   on so like it says here earn money 
for answering questions homework questions and   this is great because you can earn up to seven 
thousand five hundred 500 monthly working from   home they have a video right here that you 
can check out about study pool starting at 20   study pool charges the lowest service fees in the 
market we like to give our tutors what they earn   and you can make good money using nothing more 
than your knowledge and your keyboard and you can   also choose when you work and where you want to 
work from so there's no boss no office no quotas   create your own schedule and of course this is 
also a very flexible website as well now these are   some of their highest earners this person earned 
half a million dollars on this website that is   awesome so definitely another one for you to check 
out this one is and just come up top   to where it says to become a tutor and this is the 
page where you can go ahead and apply for this one   so this one is all right so the next 
website is and i believe this website   is only available for united states but i'm not 
sure so if you are in the us this is another one   that you can check out now if you're not in 
the us you can check out the other websites   i believe all of the other websites are available 
worldwide so is also another website   that you can check out you can tutor people with 
sat questions with chemistry spanish calculus   english math and to actually sign up for this one 
you have to come up here to where it says tutoring   jobs and right here it says will find the tutoring 
jobs you want so that's another thing about these   websites they will find jobs for you and right 
here are all of the categories so they even have   health home they have performing arts test prep 
so whatever it is that you are into and these are   some of the frequently asked questions so how much 
should i charge for tutoring now over here the   average price charged for tutoring is 50 per hour 
tutors typically charge based on their experience   and education level so we see prices starting at 
25 dollars per hour if you're just getting started   to 80 per hour if you're a certified expert okay 
so you can start at 25 per hour and that's only   to start and if you are certified and you are an 
expert then you can go up to 80 per hour so this   is great because it's up to you and of course if 
you're teaching things like sat prep or calculus   you can charge more money for that okay because 
that is some hard stuff all right and these are   the steps to sign up on this website you set up 
a free tutoring profile you get tutoring requests   introduce yourself to new students and start 
getting tutoring jobs do i need a degree many   people think they need a degree in education in 
order to become a tutor however tutoring jobs are   available to anyone with a high school diploma or 
ged there are plenty of tutoring jobs available to   work with elementary junior high or high school 
students so you do not need a degree for this   of course and this one if you want to check it 
out and it's so this website is called   prepley and this is and this one 
especially good if you are good with languages and   you think you can tutor for your native language 
okay and this one is great if you are certified as   well because you can actually make more money with 
this if you are certified and on your experience   level and also if you are a native speaker of a 
language to become a tutor and apply you can come   over here to where it says become a tutor and 
this is where you actually learn more about the   qualifications that you need depending on what you 
are actually teaching online so you do choose your   own hourly rate and you can change at any time 
on average english tutors charge 15 to 25 dollars   per hour you can teach anytime anywhere you 
decide when and how many hours you want to teach   no minimum time and commitment or fixed schedule 
you are your own boss what's cool about this one   is that you can attend training webinars and get 
tips to upgrade your skills so you'll get all the   help you need to grow it says join us and you'll 
have everything you need to teach steady stream of   students smart calendar interactive classroom 
convenient payment methods training webinars   and supportive tutor community all right so this 
one is cool because they don't make it seem like   you're on your own they actually do have support 
and they have a community for you as well so   if you actually scroll down here you can find 
all of the frequently asked questions and what   subjects can you teach they have over 100 subjects 
including languages school and university subjects   hobbies and art so if you're good at any type of 
hobbies or art and you can teach it to others then   you can do this as well and you also do have to be 
approved for this what you have to do to become a   preppy tutor you have to provide basic information 
about yourself upload a headshot you also have to   describe your strengths you have to record a video 
introduction up to two minutes long and choose   your availability and also you'll see tips and 
examples at each step of registration process to   help you create a great tutor profile so this is 
different in the way that you create your profile   and then the students choose who they want to work 
with okay now it is very helpful if you actually   check out their help center they have very helpful 
information on there i'll show you very quickly   they have tips on how to actually create your 
profile and things like that and also how to   boost your lesson bookings from day one okay so 
they do have very helpful information and tips   for you so you can go ahead and check this out 
as well so this website right here is   so this next one is italki and this is and this is great for anyone   who is fluent in a language or you can teach 
your native language to anyone on this website   now if you have teaching certificates or degrees 
you can become a community teacher and you can try   to get approved for that however if you don't 
have that then you can just become a community   tutor okay so what you would have to do here is 
come up here to where it says become a teacher   and before you start you have to read this to make 
sure that you qualify before you apply but like   it says here on italki you become a professional 
teacher or a community tutor and you can discover   a solution that suits you now back here on 
the main page of the website if you actually   come over here to find teachers i just want 
to show you some examples of what you actually   have to do because you do have to put up like a 
profile for yourself for example this person has   a trial of ten dollars but the hourly rate is 35 
now you have to make sure you have a decent good   profile picture and you also have to create a 
video like this it's like an introduction video   and this is how people choose which teachers they 
actually want okay so this one is so   the next one is and this one is a 
little bit different because you actually do need   some teaching experience you don't actually 
need certificates or degrees if you have them   that's even better because they do prefer that 
however if you do have experience and you can   prove that and put that on here then you are able 
to use this website as well and this one is the   same thing you set your hourly rate and you cash 
out your earnings any time you work from anywhere   you can teach whenever you want and you can gain 
followers so it's pretty much like a community of   people and they can start following you as well 
and down here are the frequently asked questions   so do you need a teaching certificate and like 
i said before a formal teaching certificate is   preferable and will increase your chances 
of admission candidates that don't have a   certificate or a verifiable teaching experience 
will not be accepted so for this one you need   at least a verifiable teaching experience so this 
one is let's keep on learning about   these side hustles go ahead and check out the next 
video because i'm talking about the top five ways   to earn 200 per day or more thank you so much 
for watching and i'll see you in the next one bye

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