How to Make Money on YouTube without Subscribers — 3 Tips

did you know that making money on YouTube is not directly related to how many subscribers you have so in this video we're going to be sharing three tips for how to make money on YouTube without subscribers coming up hey what's up guys Benji here Sean here and welcome to video influencers where we're helping you build your influence income and impact with online videos and on this channel we do interviews with video influencers plus tips and strategy videos just like this one so if you're new here consider subscribing and today we're talking about why subscribers don't directly relate to how much money you make you know it's a funny thing everybody is concerned about how many subscribers they have right in terms of growing their channel and making money well Google actually pays you for views that's what's most important that's what we're talking about today in this video yes it's actually possible to have thousands or even tens of thousands of subscribers but not be getting any views therefore you're not really making any money with YouTube ads and Adsense and so in this video we want to share a few tips so that you can get those views and actually earn money even if you don't have a lot of subscribers yet and it actually speaks to a story of somebody who's a part of the video influencers community named Miguel and he just started YouTube in the last few weeks only has less than 400 subscribers but has already gotten 20,000 views he crushed that 10,000 view threshold so he can monetize his channel and now we've already earning money because he's doing these tips and like Miguel there's really two strategies are really important for you to focus on if you want to get views regardless of how little or how much subscribers you actually have number one is ranking videos and what that means is where your video shows up when people type in a certain search query second is related videos those are the videos that show up on the side of the YouTube page when someone's watching another video yes this is basically search and discovery for your channel and so you can see this in your own analytics when we go to ours we can actually see that 66% of the views that we get on this channel video influencers come from related videos which is like suggested videos and search traffic which is when videos rank in search and so if you can master those two categories of videos you can start getting a lot of views start earning money with Adsense even if you haven't gained a lot of subscribers yet so here are three quick tips to help you get your videos in search and suggested videos tip number one is your video SEO that's your video search engine optimization and so this is basically where you need to come up with a good title fill out your description really well and then put on the proper tags on your videos so that when people are searching for certain phrases it can actually show up in those search results and the same is actually true about suggested videos but if you have certain tags if your title is related to something that is also happening in suggested videos then YouTube can know whether or not they should recommend your video on the right side column or at the end of somebody else's video tip number two is cover trending topics now this is where you actually cover things that are happening right that people are searching for and trying to get into those search queries an example of this is my wife Judy of itsJudytime and years ago she actually created a video look about how to do hair like Selena Gomez in one of her music videos and she titled similarly to the music video and because of it she was actually showing up by that music video and getting a lot of traffic because it was a related video and in fact it's one of her number one viewed videos of all time and then tip number three is create high quality content now we know you've heard that before but we really can't say it enough because YouTube wants to promote high quality content in search and in suggested videos and so the biggest focus here that you want is you want to have content that gets people's attention and then keeps people's attention the more minutes you can get people to watch of a video the more YouTube will want to promote it so never forget this statement minutes matter most on YouTube so these tips are just an overview of the general idea of how to get views with zero to a little subscribers but we're going to be going even deeper in an upcoming YouTube masterclass that we have coming up yeah we're actually going to be breaking how to implement these things so you can really start showing up in search as well as suggested videos so if you want to sign up for that master class the link is on the YouTube card as well as in the description below question of the day what a trending topic you could film on for your channel put it in the comments below thanks so much for watching make sure you subscribe for more videos just like this it's a like button if you got value out of this video and definitely sign up for that upcoming youtube master class that we're doing links in the description below or you can go to to register for free and as always here on video influencers we're helping you build your influence income and impact with online videos keep crushing it and we will talk soon scribers coming up [Music] okay

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