How to Make Money on YouTube with a Small Channel and Monetize in 2021 (1,000-5,000 Subscribers)

Hello, everybody and welcome back to my channel, 
Jennifer Marie VO, where I teach you different   ways that you can make money online working 
from home. So today I am really excited about   this video. In today's video, I want to teach 
you how to start your own YouTube channel and   show you how much money you can actually make with 
ad revenue with a small channel between 1000-5000   subscribers, I'm going to show you how much money 
I have made with my small channel called Sparkle   English on this channel, I teach people how to 
improve their level of English.

And I started it   just about a year ago, I was able to monetize the 
channel in December, and I'm going to show you how   much money I have made in the past nearly three 
months monetizing this channel. Before I started   creating content for YouTube, I thought that you 
had to have 10s of 1000s or hundreds of 1000s   of subscribers in order to actually make good 
money on YouTube. But after I monetized my first   channel, and now my second channel, I've realized 
that you actually don't have to have that many   subscribers, and you can still make pretty good 

The most important thing is that you're   putting out content on YouTube, you might put out 
a video now and not have many views for the next   six months. And then after six months, it could 
completely go viral your funny video or whatever   video it is, as long as the content is good and 
worth watching. You might notice that when you're   browsing on YouTube, a video will pop up from 
five years ago. And it's crazy how many people   have watched this video. For example, the other 
day in my YouTube feed popped up a video about   a waffle falling over and that had millions of 
views. And it's crazy to me. But sometimes silly   videos can accumulate a huge amount of views and 
these people are making a lot of money on these   videos.

The most important thing is to just start 
start your YouTube channel start publishing videos   because you never know where it will lead you. So 
in today's video, I'm going to show you exactly   how to monetize how to check your stats to see if 
you can qualify for monetization because you do   have to have and meet certain criteria, then I'll 
show you how to apply what it looks like when you   apply for monetization, and then exactly how much 
money I started making back in December when I was   able to monetize my channel and how much money I'm 
making now with a channel that had between two and   5000 subscribers in the past three months. This 
is something that is possible for you to start,   you can be anywhere in the world creating 
content for YouTube and making money for it.   If you haven't already, make sure to subscribe 
to my YouTube channel where I will teach you   all sorts of different ways that you can make 
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you can do it.

So let's get started. So first,   I want to talk to you about the criteria you need 
to turn on monetization on your channel. What this   means is that you will apply to become part of 
YouTube's partner program and you'll get paid   from ads that are displayed during the video or 
with Overlay and display ads. So in order to apply   to YouTube's partner program, you need to have at 
least 1000 subscribers and your channel must have   at least 4000 hours of watch time within the past 
12 months. You also need to make sure that your   channel and content follows YouTube's guidelines 
and policies.

So first, I want to show you where   you can check the status of your channel to see 
how close you are to being able to monetize.   So go to your channel, then click on the circle 
profile icon on the top right, then go to YouTube   studio. Then click on monetization. Then 
here you'll see the criteria you need to   apply to be a YouTube partner. And you'll see 
these two meters here telling you how close   you are to reaching both the 1000 subscriber 
count and the 4000 public watch hours. You can   click on notify me when I'm eligible as well. So 
you'll get an email when you meet the criteria. Okay, now let's switch back to my sparkle 
English channel a few months ago before I was   able to monetize it, you can see I was at 1260 
subscribers, but only at 884 public watch hours.   So this was frustrating because I had the amount 
of subscribers but I needed so many more public   watch hours. And that takes a lot of time to 
get to 4000 so I decided that I needed to make   longer videos and upload those to my channel 
to increase the total public watch hours.   It does take a long time to reach 4000 hours if 
you are only publishing short videos a few times   a month.

So you really need to create a lot of 
great videos that are longer with some videos   over 10 minutes to get this number up faster. A 
few months after this, I took this screenshot.   And you can see I was at 2840 subscribers and 
only 20 public watch hours away from being able   to monetize which was really exciting. So once 
I was finally able to apply for monetization,   this blue Apply Now button became available for 
me to select. I clicked on that and then went   through three step process.

Step one is to review 
the partner program terms and agree to them. Step   two is to sign up for Google AdSense. I already 
had an account, so I just had to connect it,   you can only have one adsense account per person. 
So if you have multiple YouTube channels, you will   use the same Google Adsense account and connect 
all of those channels within the one adsense   account. Once you connect Google AdSense, you'll 
see a done box under both steps one and two.   Step three will switch to in progress. And 
YouTube will be reviewing your application.   Okay, so now I'm going to switch to a video that 
I recorded back on December 1 2020, when I was   really excited and got accepted very fast into 
the YouTube Partner Program for this channel.   So keep in mind that this was recorded on December 
1 2020.

So I'm going to show you what it looks   like once you get accepted. Then I'll switch back 
and show you my stats A few months later, as of   right now, almost the end of February and show you 
how much I'm making on this small channel of mine.   Hey, everyone, I am so excited. I just got 
accepted into the YouTube Partner Program for the   second time and this time on my sparkle English 
channel. I'm really excited.

I applied yesterday.   And my status was in review. And they said it 
could take up to 30 days. Then I was doing some   research and saw that for some people. They got 
it in a week and other people had to wait months.   But I very fortunately was lucky and was accepted 
within one day. So it popped up right when I went   into YouTube studio, it popped up and said 
Congratulations, you have been accepted into   the YouTube Partner Program. You can now 
monetize your videos and access support.   Then they also have this little notification here. 
It says Welcome to the YouTube Partner Program. So   I'm going to go ahead and click at the top click 
monetize videos. So it's going to ask you do   you want to monetize existing videos.

And yeah, I 
want to monetize all videos. Now there's one video   I don't want to monetize, which is my intro to the 
channel. But I figure it'll be easier for me to   monetize all the videos. And then later on, 
I can just on monetize the ones I do not want   to monetize. So here you're going to choose the 
types of ads.

Now here non skippable video ads,   I'm going to turn that off just because you find 
that if you don't have the option to skip an ad,   a lot of people will click off 
the video and I don't want that.   So I'm just going to leave it as these ones here. 
And then I'm going to click Apply preferences.   Now saying updating videos save to navigate 
away, wait before making another bulk update. And   you can see here that right now monetization is 
clicked as off for all of these different videos.   But once they update, I'm sure that's going to 
change to on that now it's on so you can see   all of these different videos are now being 
monetized. This one is off for some reason,   I'm going to put it on on I don't know why.   So once you're in your video, you can go over 
here to monetization, you can see that a lot   of my videos on this channel are short. So this 
one's two minutes and 55. And only videos longer   than eight minutes are eligible for ads during 
the video.

But I still get ads at the beginning.   Now just click on analytics at the side here. 
And now that I've been approved, this little   box has popped up as well. It says your estimated 
revenue. It's just started to monetize the videos   now. So this should be popping up. Well at the 
end of which I give it a couple days. Usually   it's at the end of every day, it'll show up for 
what you would have earned the day previously. Okay, so the second part of this video I am 
recording on February 26.

And I'm going to   show you my stats right now how many videos 
I have how big this channel is currently,   and then show you the progression of how much 
I have made since I started monetizing just   back in December, so almost three months 
ago. So right now I'm at 5000, almost   5500 subscribers and I have a total of 35 
videos. I'm only monetizing 34 of them.   I'm not monetizing my intro video. And 
you can see let's sort by popularity.   So my most popular videos are up here with 
66,000 the next 113 1000 13,000 12,000.

So again,   these aren't 66,000 sure this is great, but a lot 
of them are just 5000 12,000. And then I have some   that are really small, or even my latest videos 
which are still you know, not even getting 250   views. The important thing is to start releasing 
videos, because all of these videos that you can   see are most popular. This one was 11 months ago, 
10 months ago, so it's important to get them out   there on YouTube because sometimes Video can start 
to gain in popularity a year down the road.

And   that's when it'll start making you money. But you 
need to start putting the videos on YouTube. So   eventually, you know, someone's going to see your 
content, and they're going to like it, and you'll   start getting more and more views, and more and 
more subscribers. So let's check out my analytics.   So we're gonna click on Go to channel analytics.   And you can see here, this is how much money I 
have made in the last 28 days on this channel. So   $299.37, that, I think that it should be a little 
bit more than that, because this is minus one day,   but this is within 28 days. So let's click 
here on revenue. So you can see that yesterday   or a couple days ago, on February 24, I made 
$15 $14 $12. So each day, it's you know,   it's ranging, it can vary. But overall it is going 
up, you can see the last seven days, I made $65.   But really, this is just from for six days, 
because they're not including there the next day,   it still has to be processing the data, this is 
just for six days.

So this would normally be a   little bit more be like around $80. And then what 
we can do is click on December 2020. So I actually   started monetizing my channel on the first of 
the month. So this was the very first day when   I started monetizing it, I made $6. And I was 
expecting it to be a little bit less because I   just started monetizing the channel.

But you 
know, every day, it didn't turn out to be so   bad. I made $144.50 from my very first month 
of monetizing, and I had much less subscribers   then as well. So we know that back in December, 
I only had just over 2000 subscribers, and I made   $144 50. And then the next month in January, I 
made it went up by 70%. I made $246 that month,   and now we're into February, and it's not even 
finished yet. And I'm at $272. And we still have   a few days left of the entire month. So this will 
be even more this will be closer to over $300. So   it is growing my channel slow but steady. And 
so the lifetime the total I have made so far   out of these, this is 161,000 views so 

Now you can see this channel dates   way back to 2016. But I didn't actually start 
publishing videos, until I believe I started at   the beginning of 2020. And I was slowly publishing 
more and more videos. So let's click on 2020. Okay, so you can see here, I published my first 
video, February 23 2020. Oh, that's just about   a year ago. And then two more videos and another 
two, then another two.

And I was just slowly, very   slowly building this channel. If I could go back, 
I would do even more videos. But I was just doing   this as an experiment to see if people liked the 
content, and then it slowly has started growing.   And I'm really happy with this channel and I want 
to grow this channel even more. So you can see in   2020, I gained 3,400 subscribers, but I wasn't 
actually able to start monetizing the channel   until December. So you know, this was just sort 
of building the channel, getting the subscribers   getting the public watch hours. And by the time 
I reached that, you know, it was about, I started   monetizing in December and I started publishing 
videos in February. So this was a slow growth   process. I believe I could have done this much 
faster if I had started if I had released longer   videos from the beginning, but I kept releasing 
little short videos. So it took me so long to get   the 4000 public watch hours. But I think the most 
important thing that you do is just start putting   your videos out there on YouTube, keep putting 
them out there, make sure they're good content   that people are going to like them.

And then 
you're going to start building an audience and   gaining more subscribers and gaining more views. 
And now we can look at my lifetime revenue. So   since December 1, so that's almost three months, 
I've made 663 on this channel, and this channel,   you know, has had between two to 5000 subscribers 
for the majority of this time. Okay, so I'm really   happy with this channel. And I think this channel 
is going to grow a lot in the next year. So I will   keep you updated on my progress with this. And 
I want to show you something you can use for   a little bit of research. This is called the 
influencer marketing hub, you can sign up and   it's free. I have a free account with this. And 
you can sort of get an estimated idea of how much   a channel is making by putting in the channel url 
here, or the estimated total earnings by video.   For example, this video just popped up. kitten 
needs constant attention. This is just a random   video that YouTube recommended me and it was 
published in 2014.

But now everyone seems   to want to watch this video and it's just 
a silly video of a kitten meowing wanting   this guy's attention and they're monetizing this 
Video and they're making a lot of money. And it's   just one simple video. So to check how much this 
is making, on average, we're going to click Share,   copy to copy the link. And then we're going to put 
it in the money calculator. And you can see here,   this is how much they're saying, This video 
has made almost $20,000. Obviously, it's a   lot of views, but just a simple little video 
like this that you put on there. It's not like   they even have a lot of crazy SEO or keywords. 
It's just says kitten needs constant attention,   you know, and then that's it.

And they're getting 
all of this different ad revenue. And then here's   another one, a ferret shows human her babies, 
this one has 38 million. Let's check this one out.   This video apparently has earned them almost 
$70,000. It's absolutely crazy how much money   people can make based on these little silly videos 
that can end up going viral. So my advice to you   is think of what you want to do on your YouTube 
channel. Maybe you have some you have a dog and   you have some hilarious videos of your dog doing 
something funny, put it on YouTube and just put   something like, you know, silly dog, whatever just 
puts in some keywords. And just put it out there,   share it on your social media, share the link 
with your friends and family.

And then over time,   you know, people will start to see your video. And 
then it could be a couple years from now that all   of a sudden that video goes viral. And now you've 
got a $70,000 video that's going to continue   to make you more and more money passively. 
So you don't necessarily even have to have   a really successful channel to make money like 
this woman here. If we click on her account, you can see she only has these videos hear 
almost no videos, but this one has 10 million   views. And this is making her all this money 
from six years ago. And she ended up getting   10,000 subscribers. So if she started putting more 
videos that were similar to this one more COVID   videos about this kitten for example, I'm sure 
people are subscribing to her wanting to see more   videos about her kitten.

So you know, you don't 
even need to have a polished beautiful channel.   It could just be funny videos, interesting videos, 
almost anything. Even these unboxing videos,   if you if you order from Amazon a lot, start doing 
unboxing videos, if you like to cook if you like   to do crafts, there are so many different ideas 
for videos that you can do.

The important thing is   to get started and put them out there, you might 
not get success right away, but you put in the   effort now and years to come it could really pay 
off for you. So that is sort of my inspirational   talk for you today. I just wanted to show you how 
this little channel has grown and will continue   to grow the more work I put into it. So I will 
be doing more videos on YouTube on how to create   content for YouTube, video editing, and so forth 
and even give you some channel ideas. But this is   just an idea of how much money you can make and 
how long it will take you to start making money   once you start a YouTube channel. So guys if you 
like this video, please click like make sure to   subscribe to my channel for more videos just like 
this one and I will see you in my next tutorial.

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