How to Make Money on Instagram WITHOUT POSTING or SELLING (New For 2021)

– Making money on Instagram without selling, without posting, without any of these traditional methods. (upbeat music) Hey it's Peng Joon here, and I know that sounds like a
really, really, bold promise. Okay, you're gonna be seeing why, behind some of the things
that we've been testing, and how, if you implement
this strategy here, it will make a huge difference for you. So, what is this strategy? Well this strategy is based
upon the case studies, and the experiments that
we have been running right up to this point. So if you've been watching my videos, you know that what's happening right now amongst a lot of marketers is, a lot of marketers, business
owners, entrepreneurs, are investing in this thing called, virtual drum roll, Instagram Giveaways. (cheers) And in my last video,
I talked about the ROI. I did a social experiment on how the ROI of Kevin Hart's $15,000
Instagram giveaway, I participated in it, I
talked about the numbers, the ROI, the results, who
it's for, who it's not for.

And if you haven't watched it yet, be sure to watch it after this video. But today, I wanna be
talking about the opportunity that literally you could
utilize and replicate regardless of where you are in the world. You'll be able to see why you
can tap into this business if you are somebody that's thinking about having a new stream of income, a side hustle, like literally as I was
doing that last video, that idea came to me,
and I thought to myself, like literally if I lost
everything in a time like this, this would be my business.

If I didn't know what I know today, if I didn't have all my
sites, all my products, like literally this would
be the business model. And today, in this training, you are literally going
to be able to swipe exactly what I would do in this business, and how you can monetize off of Instagram. So let's talk about how that works, okay? So, on the right-hand side over here, this would be the influencers. So there's really three different parties that are involved here. There are a lot of broke influencers now. Why is that the case? What if I told you that really, there's a lot of people out there with a huge following, hundreds
and thousands of people, millions of followers, but they have no idea how to monetize.

Like, it looks good on the surface level, it looks like they're living the life. But, if you think about
how do most influencers advertise? Most influencers advertise
by literally pimping out their name, promoting
some sort of product. So, company name would come in, and say hey, would you like to make money by endorsing our product? So what does this influencer do? They take this product, and literally, they just pose on Instagram, and make like these different images. And so, but what if you
could actually monetize on Instagram, without
showing off your butt or bikini, or Lambos, and
utilizing that the right way? This is how most influencers monetize. And the truth is also,
during a time like this, there's a lot of companies out there, like the first thing they
cut was their advertising and marketing budget on these influencers. Because the truth is,
it's hard to find ROI to do a model like this. So right now, there's a lot of influencers
with huge followings. But they're struggling
because they have no idea how to monetize other than pimping out their name and their brand.

They don't have the sales process. They don't really understand marketing. And right now, what if you could literally work with these different people? Now, let's talk about who
these influencers are. This is how it would be like, right? So, this is like the food
chain of influencers, okay, for lack of a better word. So there's like the grade
A influencers, B, C, D. These are like the people that people see as like sitting at the
top of the food chain. So this would be like
Batman and the Pope, okay? So if Batman and the
Pope are right on top, then the next tier would
be like Kevin Hart, Mariah Carey, people with
like a hundred million, Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber, okay. So that would be like, the next level. And then after that, there
would be like, the next level, and then the next level. And then you have like
the local influencers in your country, right? So, there's all these different tiers. Now, depending on where they're at, their engagements, all of that, they would all have a
different price point.

So you'll see that in one of
the previous videos that I did, I did a case study on what happened after participating in Kevin
Hart's $15,000 giveaway. I talked about the numbers. And I talked about how there was literally a hundred people, paying
$15,000 to join this giveaway, to this agency which is potentially you, and how it was, a hundred people, and this agency is literally just connecting a hundred people. Okay, so person a, b,
c, d, e, f, g, right, all the way to I think it was 98 people, but let's just round it up
to 100 to make it easier.

So they can start seeing who are the different parties involved. So, in the middle over here, this would be, let's put agency over here. So now there's all these different, the three parties, right, So the second one would be the agency. Now who are these people? Who are these people paying a lot of money to join these giveaways? These would be the people that well, there are many reasons: Maybe their paying
because they wanna unlock a swipe-up feature. Maybe they are in a mass market, and to them, because they
have a mass market product, they might have huge ROI, so if they are in like
fitness, weight loss, investing, anything like that, it doesn't matter even if the
followers are not targeted. It doesn't matter even if
like 20 or 30% of people drop off after, because still if they are
in the mass market product, there's still huge returns, right? I talk about that in that video. So who are these people? This would be like business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers, that want to perhaps
build a bigger following. But this is basically
people who have a business, who will either benefit from
having a bigger following, who wanna unlock the
Instagram following count.

It could be social media agencies, where they wanna show that
they have a huge following. For whatever reason,
right, a hundred people. Now, I wanna be able
to share with you here in this video, on how do you
become this middle person? How can you get a hundred people in, and how can you connect
with these influencers? Because if you can do that, can you imagine how powerful
that would be for you? So, understand something. Now, you could be from all over the world. It really doesn't matter. What if you could do this locally, or target an international audience, and make these two things happen? So again, what are these two things? To link up people,
businesses, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers,
together with influencers who wanna monetize and make more money, and get paid for posts. So, let's talk about how that
pitch would look like, right? Because, ultimately, the
game is these two things, connecting these two things. So let's talk about influencers first. The question is, how do
you pitch to these people? And if you take a look at this, the pitch is actually super easy.

Just think about that. How would that pitch sound like? Let's say I wanna start small. So let's say I wanna start
off with an influencer that has got, say, 500,000 followers. Now most people, again, who
play the social media game, they don't have a sales process. They don't have a funnel. They don't have their own products. A lot of influencers play that game where it looks like they
are living the life, they have the followers. But they don't really monetize other than just promoting stuff. So, can you imagine if you
went to this influencer with 500,000 followers, now how would this pitch sound like? This pitch would sound like this: It would say this is Peng
Joon from Peng Joon Giveaways.

And what we do is we specialize
in working with influencers just like you, where we pay
you to do these two things: Number one, unlike a traditional sponsor, where you have to endorse a product, we actually give you cash. And we will give you, say, $5,000, for you to literally
announce and give away to your followers. So the first thing that's gonna happen is your followers will love you, and what you're gonna post is, during a time like this, I just wanted to say
thank you for following me and engaging with me. So, right now, I am doing
a giveaway of $5,000 cash. And here's what you need
to do in order to enter. What you need to do to enter is to follow this one account, and to follow all of the accounts that this one account is following.

So, for example, this would be, so let's say I created a new account, and this would be like PJ
Giveaways or something, okay? And PJ Giveaways is literally
only following the people that paid you that sponsorship amount. We'll come to that in a second, okay? So let's say, for
example, I started small. Let's say I only found
50 people, or 30 people. Let's start small, 30 people. So what am I doing here? Notice what's happening right now. I'm going to this person
with 500,000 followers. I'm saying, number one, I
wanna give you $5,000 cash for you to giveaway to your audience, and say you know, that you
very much for following me. But number two, I also wanna give you cash like literally for making that post.

And let's say that is another,
whatever, 5,000 U.S. dollars, or 10,000 U.S. dollars, okay? So now, your total
expense up front is 10k. Now most of the time, a
person with 500,000 followers, to get paid $5,000 U.S.
dollars for one post, is kind of a no-brainer. And on top of that, they're
not really endorsing anything. They're getting paid to give
away $5,000 to their followers, and saying thank you, and
being loved by their followers. So can you imagine why,
if you do it right, it's actually a really easy sell? Why would any influencer say no? And that is why somebody like Kevin Hart, in my previous video, I talked about why this person here, got a hundred people to
sponsor this $15,000 giveaway, and that's 1.5 million dollars, of which a percentage goes to Kevin. B ut what if you don't have
to operate at that level, but you could start small, with an international audience, international influencer, right? Where it could be non-English speaking.

And, in fact, because of that, just think about like
the international market. Do you know how many influencers are there in the international market, where they're not monetizing? And this is a lot. And I'm being conservative here, okay? So, understand, so your
capital, in order to break even, is 10,000, right? Now what do you need to do
on this side, right now, in order to break even, you need to get back $10,000. And again, it doesn't
need to be 10,000, right? You could be working for
a smaller influencer. This could be $2,000,
the prize giveaway 5k at 500,000 is an overkill. It could be a thousand, it could be 2,000. It could be like 10 Amazon
gift cards at $100 each. So this is just being struck,
like really conservative. So 10,000 over here. So can you imagine, if you started small, and all you did was to look for 30 people that are looking to
perhaps get a following of five, 10,000 more
people from a giveaway? And now, this is your
pitch to these people.

Your pitch this time, is going up to them, and saying, I've been following your page, and seeing what it is that you do. And one of the things that we do is we specialize in helping
people get a bigger reach, get a bigger following on Instagram, through Instagram giveaways. We work with other celebrities like, person named a, b, c, if you
have done that in the past. And then now what you are doing is you're saying for
$500 we can help you grow your Instagram following, with a very conservative
2,000, 5,000, 10,000 followers. So if you sold this
Instagram giveaway package, at just $500, again, doesn't need to be Kevin
Hart's level at $15,000. It could be $500, 'cause
this is new to you. So what does this mean? It means that because you
have to recoup 10,000, it needs to be 20 sales to break even. 20 sales at $500 each is
your break-even point. Any sale after that is pure profit. So that means, if you are
able to get 30 people, 30 people that would make you, I'm so bad at math, that would make you 5,000.

If you get a hundred
people paying $500 each, which by the way isn't
tough or unrealistic. You will see that a lot of giveaways, they usually have 80 to 100 people. But at the end of the spectrum, your target, if you get a hundred people paying $500 each, that would be 50 grand. 50 grand in sales, okay, of which you minus off
your $10,000 capital. This would be a $40,000 net profit. Tell me another business model, where from working with one influencer, you can get $50,000 in sales starting up. Now, I know what you're thinking. I can see why, like, influencers, that would be an easy pitch. But how am I gonna find
30, or a hundred people, business owners, to be able
to put this money up front, if nobody knows who I am, if I'm not know, If I don't have the right network.

So, here's how you do it. So what if you could take a look at the other people that are currently paying to join these giveaways? Wait a second, what do you mean? What if you could take a
look at all these giveaways that are happening right now? A lot of people are hosting it, especially with the big name celebrities, smaller ones as well. And what if you could build a portfolio, and get clients, by literally
seeing who are the people that are currently
participating in a giveaway? Wouldn't you agree that
if you went to see, say, the people that were involved
in Kevin Hart's giveaway, the 98 people? Wouldn't you agree that
these are the people that would pay for giveaways? The fact that they were
in Kevin Hart's giveaway? And what if you could DM them, and say, look I have a much cheaper giveaway for an international audience.

Here's how it works. I notice that you were part
of Kevin Hart's giveaway. Now, this doesn't cost 15,000. In fact, it's much cheaper. It is an international audience. Now obviously, not
everybody is gonna respond. But this is just one. So how can you start
building up the portfolio, and sourcing for really,
really, targeted clients? By just looking at the people that are already currently in giveaways, 'cause if they are already giving away, the odds of them signing
up for another giveaway is much higher, 'cause it goes to show that they believe in that model, or at least they're
trying out and testing it, like what I did in the last video, to show you guys some results. So, can you see why this is potentially a really solid businss model? And literally, this is what I wold do if I lost everything. Like, if I didn't know what I know today, this here, you have the strategies, okay. It comes down to implementation. But, what I would love to do, is to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments below, what your thoughts are, and if you are gonna implement this, especially in your part of the world.

And, as you notice in all
of our previous videos, I've always been giving $100
to random people that comment. You could be the first to comment, give me a good comment, or you takeaway, or whatever it might be. Let me know in the
comments for a random draw to win the $100. And as always, make sure you
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showing this actual thing, and the implementation of it. And if you'd like that, let me know in the comments as well. Be sure to smash the Like button. It does help the channel out a little bit. Peng Joon here. I hope you enjoyed this video. And I will see you in the next one..

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