How To Make Money On Instagram With This Formula And Facebook Ads!

Welcome back to another video guys if you're new to my channel my name is Franklin And I teach people how to make money online so if you want to learn all that good stuff make sure you hit the subscribe button now in this video guys I'm gonna show you how I win and got a hundred and two thousand views on a Instagram video in less than 48 hours and The most important part is I grew a massive retargeting audience, and I can use that to make money So these are the views you can go and steer this video on my Instagram it's still there and we have other videos of lots of views and over a hundred and forty five thousand reach What I'm going to do guys is take you through how I did it and then I'm gonna take you through how you can implement This on your Shopify stores to make a lot of money Okay, this is I know a lot of you guys who follow me.

I doing Shopify But this will work if you're trying to sell a course online this will work if you're trying to do some other business online Generate leads this will work great if you turn to Shopify, so just watch this video guys step by step. I'll take you through How to do this okay? How we got a hundred thousand views on one video And this isn't actually a lot a friend of mine the one who taught me this Can usually get a lot more he gets millions of views? Millions of reach per week on his Instagram accounts by doing this exact strategy, and this is how I learned it off alright So let's jump into the arm training real quick now.

Let's look at some more stats actually So Here we go and actually guys. I made this Caption up here. I'll show you how to do that so more importantly guys I've got to retarget a list of seventy seventy six thousand, which you might be wondering Why is it a lot lower than this it's because? Facebook only tracks people who are signed into Facebook and these are video views guides so you can go to Facebook Can you go create a custom audience? And if you link your business Instagram account up you can track Who views your video and you can do retargeting lists off video views? This is seventy-six thousand guys of one video, and I'm posting videos daily This is just one video guys name what I did is I went out and I actually advertised my three-day Shopify training series of smaug Shopify products itself and So far and I think this has been going for about a week We ran some tests a couple of a couple of them didn't do very well But we have so far collected 200 leads, so they gave away the free training there to optin At 79 cents per lead and that's New Zealand so it's actually nearly 50 cents per lead us But it fluctuates a bit so this is over 7 days sometimes.

It'll be a dollar a day dollar 50 sometimes It'll be a little bit lower. That's just the average over 7 days and then we have 5 purchases and I've made back $300 I saw my Training for $200, but we're putting it up to a thousand soon because we've added little tons more stuff Tell us. What bonuses theme and things like that And I'm paying $32 to get a sale so making a pretty decent profit just off. This is just a test of this one video guys Okay, let's just testing it now I know that it works what I can do is I can go on I can go on optimize. Which is what I've done I've now created a webinar over Thousand dollar product, so now I reckon we'll probably be doing a lot more.

I'm actually launching that today And you might even see it on YouTube so now we're now we now we know this works We've got the traffic or hitting the low cost we're making the money now now I optimize now optimize now I do this now do that now I do my at the point We're making really good money And we get and then all your losses Consistently post videos then and this works for a fish selling Shopify products guys once again if you're selling courses Whatever you're selling you can do this So this is what I did guys first of all you don't need heaps of followers or anything out there What you need to do is? first of all find viral content I actually probably actually know will put do a do this around the other way first of all guys You need to what do you need to get involved in what we call engagement groups, okay? This is critical this will not work.

Otherwise what engagement groups do is You so you go to like big pages, and you ask them hey, I'm gonna do 1v1 engagement Do you want to give any engagement groups I could join and you join these big engagement groups? and then when you post an image or a video you post it and then People like it for you and comment on it for you And then you do the same for them you exchange engagement This engagement guys will boost your video or your image to what we call the explore page See I got one hundred and forty seven thousand reach from the explore page This is where you want to be the explore page is where everyone goes to find stuff That's like the Facebook newsfeed and let's have a good stuff, so it's really critical to get involved in these Engagement groups and to do that you just go and find big Big pages and ask them if they're now having the engagement groups, or you can go to Facebook itself And you actually find Facebook groups where people Advertise their own engagement groups, okay, and that's what we do that's how we get lots and lots of likes then once we get lots of likes on the video it gets boosted up into the Explorer page and you'll see a lot of them online gurus now They're posted all this weird crap on the Instagram three or four times a day That's because they're doing exactly this, but keep it related guys Don't do what they're doing this shit's really weird you want to keep it really really related so for mine Ferraris Lamborghinis Maseratis Cass stuff business stuff that's why I posted this because it's to do with entrepreneur well You know entrepreneurship involves nice things So that's why I did that in quotes and things like that so once you've got once You've got a few engagement groups guys, and you're actually in a few engagement groups.

This is what you do next okay? You go to something called viral finder You can do this a couple of ways and by the way guys if you know Tai Lopez he does exactly this We've seen them and engagement groups Tai Lopez grew his Instagram to 3 million people by doing exactly what I'm showing you right now I'm not joking ok. We've seen them in our engagement groups. He has a team that does a forum So if you know who tile opiez is you know what I'm talking about so you go over to what we call viral finder Calm and you put in a user names Sorry someone's user name and someone related to yourself It's phishing you go find a big phishing page, and it'll show you their most viral content Okay, you wanna post that most viral content on your Instagram page And then go and post it in to your engagement Groups and get those that engagement going and that's gonna boost you up to the top the most like the engagement is quite important But the the most important thing guys there has to be a video or an image.

That's being viable for okay It has to have gone viral before Okay, and then another way to find the stuff guys is just to go to the explore page itself and you can find stuff That's on the explore page right now and then next If you find something on the explore page you can use the image, so you go to these three dots up here And then you go to copy link okay, and make sure you give credit you always give credit And then what you want to do guys is go to an application called you can download it on your phone IG repost Okay, and then you can just straight repost it onto your Instagram it takes a few minutes Or if you want to add this which is what I've been doing add these on to the videos and images are this actually this Is just videos this is called avant bo in T.

So you download the video from here so when you go to repost It'll say then I'll put on IG or other you go to other and then a little download the video And then you upload it into an application called Avant vo in T I think that's what of cooling let me just check on my phone real quick in case. That's wrong So let's just yeah volt vo in T And then you can download the video put it into there And then you can put a caption and stuff like that it just perhaps that stand out okay So that's what you do guys to get things to go viral, but now I'll talk about how you can make money from there the it's just really important so engagement and Engagement and it gave us our engagement groups and engagement on the image of the video and make sure you use Content that's gone viral before if you don't it's not gonna work because you have to use content That's gone viral before now guys.

How do you make money? This is the best part, so let's take this Let's pretend you have a phishing page Okay, let's pretend you have a phishing page like your whatsapp you have posted a phishing video alright, and it's gone Super viral okay. You've got like let's say a hundred thousand views Now I'm not saying you have to have a phishing page start a page for you. Let's say you have a Shopify store That's about fishing. Okay post your images and stuff like that, but if you don't have followers You don't have users absolutely pointless. Okay, no one's going to care It's why you want to go and get viral stuff and post that as well and mix it up if you have a general store You can still do that as well you just need to get the traffic So let's say this video gets 100k views right.

I'm gonna go out there and say hey Facebook build me and what we call a custom audience of These people let's say it gets around about 80k because there'll be less there always is less Then let's say I have a fishing product down here, and it's like hey. We're going to sell this Fishing lure. Okay, so this fishing lure thing here. This is an ugly fish kinda looks like a penis This is our fishing lure here.

This is our fish, and we're gonna go and advertise well. Actually let me get rid of that We're gonna advertise to these people who? the ADK All right, and what's happened guys, so you create the audience you get it add going there. She looks like a rocket ship you get the audience going and then what happens the reason this is so powerful is because People have seen your brand before they've kind of it's it's it's not coal traffic, and it's not warm traffic It's kind of in between like it's kind of lukewarm They've seen a video. They kind of know maybe know who you are They've interacted with you somewhere else, maybe maybe like that right. That's why The reason I'm getting really cheap leads is because of my branding I've been around an e-commerce since 2009 so and I was one of the first ones to ever make a public the Franklin headship method so people know who I am So my leads are really really cheap, so you might not get like this might not work all the time for you You might get it you might not get cheap cheap costs for your selling your products or anything like that But then you might so it's really up to you It's really the test and the beauty is you can do it for any specific video, but what I'm trying to get at is If you do your fishing video and you build that or the audience of ADK fishing these are people who are interested in fishing, okay? 100 percent interested in fishing Now you might be like oh we're Franklin I can go to Facebook and put in fishing and there's ever times people are like fishing doesn't really work I mean it works people making money about it You get a lot more cheaper cost usually if you advertise it to People who have who have already engaged and reacted into your profile before And it's really really critical To do this nowadays Facebook is getting a little bit more expensive, but it works really really well Okay So get the views create the custom audience advertise Back to that custom audience now how many times should you post the thing is a lot of people will be like oh? I'm too scared to spend my followers my followers might get annoyed you're going to get more followers than losing followers and They probably enjoy the content people go to Instagram to look at viral videos look at funny pictures look at funny videos they somewhat care about your image of your product that you're trying to sell but The thing but like what I'm what I'm trying to say is build up a Facebook.

I brought up a fishing fanpage don't even maybe not even have a Have it based around your Shopify store build up a massive fishing fanpage or a car fanpage or a business fanpage and then Advertise your products to it. It doesn't have to be just store name. It doesn't have to be about your store It doesn't have to be your personal brand you could go out and do an Instagram page on business quotes. Okay business quotes and Then you built that up build it up And then you advertise your course to them if you have a business course how to make money online stuff like that Okay, guys. This is just a quick little video. I really just want to show you the power of retargeting It's super powerful guys a hundred thousand views in less than 48 hours and not only that over just Testing by the way this isn't even optimized yet over thirteen hundred dollars in revenue five sales at two hundred bucks each was at 202 was a little bit more than that should be Website purchases conversion, and it should be two four six eight ten Okay, maybe extracted another one by mistake, but either way, I'm spending $32 for every purchase and I clicked a 200 leads, which I'm gonna make money off in the future This was just a test guys for a week And it's really important to kind of draw that in because the testing phase is the worst phase because you're not gonna get the optimal results and I'm kidding leads at Prices that most people would dream of because I went out and got that Retargeting and I don't have that audience and stuff like that all right guys.

That's it for this video I really just wanted to let you know that You know you should be doing this type of stuff don't be scared If you don't know how to help winter post what to post go to my Instagram so if you go to my Instagram Guys before we close this off this a couple of reasons. Why first of all I'm doing lots of competitions. Okay, we did a Hundred dollar giveaway of the day this one here.

I'm doing a fifty dollar giveaway. So if you come follow me 50 bucks to the winner if does the best caption see I'm posting guys this one today, just got a thousand likes How many views we've already at two hours a thousand views nearly two thousand views not a lot, but it's okay This one here didn't go viral with 5,000 views And you see I'm getting I've paid a guy My virtual assistant who doesn't who I pay like a dollar for these images And he's making me these images for a dollar, and I'm getting likes I'm getting engagement and all that sort of stuff, so I'm still building up that custom audience this video here got 11,000 views guys So you can just see that up what I'm doing and kind of replicate that on Your Shopify store so if you have a Shopify store about fishing Go and do a fishing page as you can see I'm trying to do business related stuff Okay And this one is what I actually first started doing it I haven't actually done it a lot like I only started really doing it at this point here I don't do it on these images.

Okay. I only do it on like these ones here This one here, but my personal branding ones. I don't do it. They don't get a lot of likes. Okay guys That's it this video nice and quick nice and easy you want to be building on these retarget –less guys This is exactly what people like Tai Lopez are doing Tai Lopez built three million followers of doing this exact strategy I've just showed you on this video all right guys I see in the next video follow me on instagram Frank chill at Frank chill, and I'll see you guys the next video.

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