How To Make Money On Instagram With Affiliate Marketing [Worldwide]

in this video i am going to show you how to earn $ 100 per day with Instagram hi my name is Deanna Castilla and in this video i show you how to earn $ 100 per day. day with Instagram, but before I get into the topic, this is the very first time you are in my channel please go ahead and subscribe to this channel do not forget to hit the notification clock I update my channel quite uniformly and I usually talk about how to make money online production of passive income traffic services and related topics so this is something you want to go ahead and master go ahead and subscribe to the channel do not forget to hit the notification bell, it does not want you to miss a video , this will be a worldwide option okay as long as you have access to Instagram you can develop this strategy and you can earn $ 100 per day, you do not need to have a website or you do not need an email list to get started but you need to choose a subnet okay let's say you are going to be in the weight loss industry okay it's a niche you need to narrow it down maybe it will be weight loss for women Korie it will be weight loss for women over 4 0s okay so as you can see that I narrow it down, it should be on a subniche in you should choose a low ticket offer so this will be like a non-brainer people need to buy it right away and these should be a product that should give a moment of satisfaction remember that Instagram is interruption marketing know that people are not looking for solutions people are not looking like how to make money online people are not finding out that you know ways to get back with their eggs how to lose weight it is not like that, so something to be a no-brainer, so that is why it will be a lot I can offer the price of the product it will be no more than $ 37 okay, so I want you to take that considering and by the way i want you to watch this whole video because at the end of the video i will reveal for bonuses the first, it will be how you can master this strategy so you can make even more money a day remember , but this I will show you how you can do it where than you can make $ 100 per.

day so if you want to do even more than that and another secret bonus but it will be at the end of the video okay we do affiliate marketing so we go to clickbank if you want to open an account it is 100% free must you just go to clickbank comm and you click at the top where there is marketplace for this example I will be in hell and fitness niche and I choose the one that says diet and weight loss okay diet and weight loss I hover by gravity because it means there is a lot of people making products they sell with this product so therefore I wonder sort of with gravity and I want, I have to use Cinderella solution, okay people in this will give me affiliate page so I will have banners all that I need , so this product is basically teaching people how a woman discovered the female fat loss code means my modern medicine and lost 84 pounds just by using a 2 simple step ritual okay so it says it's shocking and they will daily weight loss and practically guarantee it it's actually a sup nation like I told you it's narrow for women looking to lose weight so it's great we actually review what the landing page looks like so it looks really good it shows this woman how she actually make it happen some testimony so it's amazing and by the way the price of this product is 37 dollars so it's perfectly okay so it's actually perfect so let it now I tell you something okay here some other reviews and all this is a really long loan page so let me tell you something what should we do many people are you are building an Instagram account and they send you message they will put the link in the cinema directly to the offer, which link I'm talking about if you click here promote it will be your link okay how is it you create your Instagram account well you do not invent we use it just okay you have to go to Instagram and you write my case as this is a weight loss product I write weight loss as you can see there are lots of posts so what I am want to use I can use this page of a comparison table I can use you at this dishes right, so feel free to use this kind of thing on Instagram as you can see three people use the same image the only thing you need to actually do is give credit okay to the one who created the image especially if you use in to your face right people will be happy that you are giving the credit type of Image that I want to avoid is the comparison them why because these are personal image and we do not want to get in trouble but we can use as I told you correct the search as hello something like this looks delicious do not miss the opportunity to take a bite remember that I have as a special secret how you can actually lose weight even if you eat, you know your favorite meals and boom, you have to send them directly to the offer okay so these are the pictures we can use remember to give e them credit okay we are going to use the hashtags we see what other hashtags work we need to model what big accounts are actually doing this is the secret if you want to grow on Instagram okay you are going to post two or three times per.

Day right on your Instagram account people will DMe you so be ready with an answer use the hashtag you can comment other people draw something of interest say these accounts should be related to your niche in my case it will be related to the weight loss industry right I remember my product is related to a woman okay another thing that you can do if you actually want to make more money is that you can use an Instagram account at the link in value you want you know you want Create a survey and then send them to the offer okay while you are going to take the survey because a lot of people may be interesting with your product but chances are they are not going to intervene right away for whatever reason okay they might they are not prepared, maybe they are just you having fun outside looking under cell phone because people are drug addicts and Instagram today so if they take a survey and you get caught this personal information you can promote not only this product , men you can also promote other products and with what you make even more than a hundred dollars a day it will be something as simple as it okay I can change this text and I can click here so people respond to my search no one takes any objection you know by taking a quiz because it's easy it's simple, it's fun, this is a three three step or three question story Bay and if people want more information in that in this case my product will be the Cinderella solution and remember the woman's will be the one who will take this study and if they want to know what is the secret product, what is the secret behind it right then my questions could be something like are you tired of you know doing all these diets and have always done as a rebound yes know if they say yes the second question may be something you are open to having or discover the secret of how you can lose 84 pounds without taking medication or taking a pill if they say yes you know 31 like, so they is answering these questions correctly and you will run them after they answer the survey, you will collect the name of the email and you can run them to this page okay again if they do not let it buy right away you can continue to send them email okay and you can upscale your income by the way how do i create this survey it's really easy I use build drill I will leave the link below just in case you want to give it a try and I use the app , that it's called a pixel perfect builder so i create a new place and i click here say sales funnel and i went all the way down until i select the one multiple choice funnel okay so you are must click here that says edit and do not worry you, if you are not a designer, this is really easy, it's just drag and drop, if you want to change the text you just double click and as you can see is this like Microsoft Word so you do not have to be a guru or have any kind of technical knowledge if you really you want by creating a nice survey and again you make more money with Instagram not just $ 100 okay so another bonus the secret I want to share with you is that as you know right now the money on the list of you systems is smiling , you will be collecting people emails but if you want to grow your list much faster delivery other people you know power, I leave the link below so you can check the secret how to expand your list faster by delivering other people efforts, so it will not only be creating your Instagram account that you know and get leads every single day, it will be you plus a lot of people working with you by also expanding their email list and their passing on these leads , so you can sell them different products and you can expand your email list faster, you can create even more money, so if you want to check it out, there will be the bird first link in the description okay so if you have any comments some questions related ten l strategy, leave it in the comment area and I would be more than happy to answer them, if you enjoyed this video please give me thumbs up do not forget to subscribe to this channel and ring the notification bell and I will see you on the next video

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