How To Make Money on Instagram (Top 10 Ways)

if you want to know the best ways to make money 
on instagram you've come to the right place yo whats goin on everybody its tropic here back 
with a banger in in today's video i'm going   to get over 10 ways to make money on instagram 
someone you maybe heard of some maybe you haven't   i'm giving you 10 different ways to make money 
instagram and monetize your theme page or your   personal brand these are not in any particular 
order and the first three i have are going to   be apps you can download uh that will help you 
find things to promote and you can do this on   your own terms and find different businesses to 
promote for or apply for and so the very first   thing we talked about is the plug app i did a 
video on this to make your first hundred dollars   very simple you can make your own ads for this 
or you can take what other people have and use   that you're basically promoting apps and you get 
a certain amount of coins plug coins as they call   it uh for each install of the app some apps are 
better for installs than others and i believe   this is basically for ios only the second one 
is brand ambassador this is a really awesome app   where you can connect and apply for some different 
programs um with different companies and you can   potentially get some free products from them and 
then you get promote them on your page now there   are certain requirements there's a lot of brands 
there's missions there's all sorts of really cool   stuff in there so i definitely recommend you check 
that app out there way to make money on instagram   is with the heartbeat app these guys actually 
contacted me a couple years ago i met about   the rap i checked out it's pretty cool haven't 
used a whole lot this is kind of similar to the   brand basset rap where you have the opportunity to 
promote different brands three products a little   bit more rare on this one you do get paid like per 
promotion something like that uh brand ambassador   it was like you get a certain percentage of 
commission and stuff like that it just varies   on the company's offer heartbeat also has some 
bigger name brands that you might recognize   so definitely check that out another awesome 
way to make some money by connecting with   other businesses and companies the fourth way to 
make money on instagram is flipping accounts so   buying and selling accounts on instagram you're 
really good at driving engagement and know a lot   about instagram and you can really scale pages up 
fast and this might be a really good idea for you   great side hustle um you're not gonna make you 
know a crap ton of money but you can definitely   make some solid money if you know what you're 
doing if you guys want to learn how to safely   buy and sell instagram accounts i do have a video 
on that a fifth way to make money on instagram is   through print on the man merch print demand may 
be t-shirts it could be houseware it could be   digital products because that spring has 
that it's not necessarily part of the man   but there's canvases there's all sorts of crazy 
stuff now that you can do in within printed man   the main thing is selling shirts merch this 
is kind of if you have a big personal brand   you're very recognizable or if you had some 
design skills you could make some trendy shirts   and possibly pay somebody to promote that 
some instagram influencers to promote you   make some sales off of that the next way to make 
money on instagram is through drop shipping of   course everybody knows this or you buy from either 
alibaba or aliexpress you build a shopify website   and you take a product from aliexpress or alibaba 
and then you promote it on your website sell for   a higher price collect the difference and you 
have successfully created your own business   the next way to make money on instagram is through 
shout outs and this is still a very solid way to   make money on instagram childs usually apply it 
to people with a little bit bigger followings like   you know you can make a little more money but even 
if you have twenty thousand dollars you can still   sell some shout outs um a great way to do this 
if you're not getting people contacting you which   normally you should have people contacting you to 
do your shout outs you can go onto website like   fame swap um there are some others out there as 
well you can sign up for so just do research but   there's definitely websites you can sign up for to 
find other people to connect to you that will pay   you for those shout outs they're possibly looking 
to drop ship their products or put on demand or   their course whatever they might be selling 
and that actually leads us into our next uh   way to make money and that is through affiliate 
marketing this is basically where you have a link   and you promote that link and you get a percentage 
of the sale that you will make and uh this is this   is really a really good way to make money 
on instagram 2021.

A lot of people do this   and a lot of people make a lot of money in 
this way and same with the very last way to   make money on instagram and that is selling your 
own course when you have your own personal brand   affiliate marketing you'll be selling somebody 
else's course but here you're selling your own   course and possibly the margins could be a little 
bit higher because it's your own you can possibly   sell coaching lessons you know all that kind of 
stuff you are expert in a specific field so for   example maybe expert graphic design then you can 
sell a course i don't know graphic design maybe   advanced graphic design or something like that 
sell it for a decent price people purchase that   and then you of course collect that money plan 
maybe you want to have a coaching lesson with them   for like really advanced stuff um now basically 
doesn't need to be that super far advanced as   long as you're one step ahead of somebody else 
in a specific niche you can sell something   um on instagram so it's a very very simple 
concept although sometimes it can be hard to   do but those are the 10 best ways and really the 
10 best ways to make money on instagram in 2021   so hopefully this video did help you out if it did 
drop a like subscribe more content i do instagram   grow instagram challenges and also how to make 
money online or trying to make money online   rather stay tuned for my instagram videos and my 
attempting to make money online videos got bangers   dropping all the time so make sure you stay 
tuned for that i'll catch you all in the next one you

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