How To Make Money On Instagram | Tanner Chidester

So how many influencers do you know that
maybe have hundreds, if not thousands, if not millions of followers, but make
$0, right? Like they live at home. They have tons of followers,
they got great butts, but they don't know how to
utilize it. In this video. I'm going to show you exactly
how to utilize Instagram,
to make real money. Now, if you like these types of things, make sure you subscribe so that you get
more videos on how to leverage Instagram to make a profitable. Now, my name is Tanner Chidester, teaching people how to create
these profitable online businesses. And in this video, I really want to go through the steps I
use and has been so successful for me, creating millions and millions
of dollars from Instagram. Now, step number one is understanding
where the leverage really comes from. The leverage comes from shout outs.
Now, if you think about a business, the number one problem of a business
is that people don't know what exists.

There's so many people out there
today that you have to grab attention. So one of the ways you can do
it is through organic reach. Now the problem typically is
especially with Instagram and Facebook, at this point they've been around for so
long that the organic reach has started to go down. When a new social
media platform comes out, such as tic talk right now, it's very, very easy to gain
traction because it's new. But the problem is is after a few
years, that traction will go down. Because what they're trying to do is
move the platform from free to more of a paid advertiser environment,
because that's how they
make money.

Simple as that, Facebook makes millions, if not billions of dollars
every year from paid traffic. So understanding that tip
number one is use shout ups. That is the real key. I can
tell you a bunch of stuff, but really it's to you shout out. So
take some of your money, go to big pages, have them post your content and tag you.

And then you will get people following
commenting and liking your page. From there. It's all about tip
number two, which is to DM them. A lot of people want customers
to come right to them, but it's kind of like girls, if
the best looking girl in a bar, you just sit back and
hope she comes to you. You'll be sitting there a long time. You have to approach her because
she has a lot of options. Just like every other human
being on planet earth. They get approached by every single
person. So it's not about sitting back. It's about being the person
who approaches and wins. So step number two is once you get them
to your page by using shout outs and that's all I do. If you go to my
profile, look in the last four months, I've grown by about 7,000 people a month,
right? I'm not doing anything crazy. It's not fake. It's not.

Bots is simply just putting my face in
other accounts and people follow me. That's literally it. From there. We are then DMing and engaging
with them to push our service. Now, if that's been helpful for you so
far, go ahead and hit the Lightfoot. And so that more people
can get this information. Because even though these
tips may seem easy for me, they won't seem easy for someone else. The final tip is after that
is push them to a phone call. So you start engaging them, push them to a phone call because if
you want to grow quickly and you want to change your life fast, the best way to do that is by
selling a high ticket service. Usually that's $1,500. Plus
what do I mean by that? If you were in a bind or
the IRS was coming after you
or your parents had cancer or something very serious, you would want to make money
as fast as humanly possible. And the fastest way to do that is
by selling higher priced programs. So the only way to sell those
at scale is on a call.

Why no, one's going to drop a lot of
money on someone they don't know, and I've never spoken to before. It's
just not going to happen. You can try it, but you'll fail. And then you'll come back to this video
and wish you had done it right in the first place. So the third thing is simply getting
them on a call now to recap the steps, step one, you shout out. If you
don't have money, go get a part time, job and make money, right? I'm
here to give you solutions.

I don't want to hear the
excuses. This is the answer. The second thing is then DMM. And the
third thing is then push them to a call. And that process alone has many millions
and millions and millions of dollars, right? If you don't believe me,
go engage with my Instagram. I guarantee you I'll message you at some
point because the goal is obviously I'm not gonna push you to do
something you don't want to do, but most people want help, but they
need me to engage with them first. And I'm happy to do it. If it means
that one they'll get help in two, it will increase my business, which in
turn helps you. So hold that make sense, guys, if you want help
implementing this in your business, make sure to click the link above or
below the video elite CEO's dot com, where we can walk you through a free call
on how this would work for you and all the other strategies that we implement
with our clients as always make sure to hit the subscribe button, to get more videos on how to make
money with Instagram and others.

And I'll see you guys in the next video..

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