How To Make Money on Instagram (For Businesses, Creators, + Artists)

hello today I want to teach you how to
reach out to brands on Instagram we've entered the age of the entrepreneur
where everybody's focused on their passions their why their creative the
reason they do what they do however as beautiful and pretty SS
sounds something that we all forget is how to actually sell how to sustain
ourselves financially and that is what I'm going to show you today please make
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YouTube algorithm hello my name is min where you run a content marketing agency
in Los Angeles where we focus on building photo and video assets and
later distribute that content to increase sales streams social media
growth brand awareness etc if you're new this channel welcome right now we're
focusing on creating gateway content which is more general based content to
be able to interact with more viewers like you
in these videos where your focus on social media strategies the importance
of content marketing and ways to increase your sales and network if you
are creative being on the business side I see a lot of creatives with tremendous
talent struggle financially solely due one reason sales and network there are
many ways to drive businesses and future clients into your pipeline but today
we're going to focus on ways that we can use Instagram for our own outreach
especially if you're creative your portfolio and Instagram should already
be a showcase of your work that is a great way to start sales is a main part
of my job and I'm gonna walk through with you how easy and simple it is to
reach out to brands and businesses that you want to work with it may seem scary
or intimidating for some but if we break down the steps and simplify it it should
only take 30 to 60 minutes of every single day sales is a contact sport the
more businesses you're able to talk to every single day the higher the
opportunity that you're able to work with more clients in the future if
you've not done so already make sure you hit that subscribe button it's free you
really like to focus on a certain industry our space every single day that
way I can put a list of all the clients that I want to contact
create individualized messages for each my favorite method is actually working
with clients or businesses that you truly want to work with so what I like
to do is the night before I like to set aside all the brands that I want to
reach out to the next and following day these are brands that just and I would
love to work with for example we would love to work with brands like Tesla
Apple Movado watches Rolex Porsche and for each of these businesses you have
the ability to actually reach out to them directly on Instagram so let's say
for example you want to go with Nevada which is my favorite watch company ok so
what I like to do if I'm not already I want to make sure that I'm following
them and then I go through a couple of their posts like the fault like their
photos or their content this basically puts you at the top of their
notifications once you're kind of established your mark and their
notification tab you can then send them a message each one of these will be very
customized so make sure that you take your time in really putting effort into
doing research and why you really want to work with this brand
remember start out with that emoji at the beginning and that's C move on I'm
thinking on the spot here so it's kind of difficult hey move Auto team when I
sold my first business the thing the thing I wanted to do the
most besides taking my parents out to dinner you got to add some humor right
was to reward myself with a watch that I wanted for a very long time that watch
happened to be my all-black and bottom which still happens to be my favorite
through all the years okay so what I've done here is that I've stated a story
right I told them a story about how I first got connected with Nevada right
this actually begins the relationship and helps explain why you want to work
with this brand versus just you know reaching out to them randomly so you
explain to them how you first got connected with the brand why it's so
important to you and then you go for the ask Jessica Henson and I would love to
create video and photo assets freed please let us please let us know if
there are any campaigns where we could fit where we could fit and collaborate
talk soon mint okay so this is a basic sales pitch again you state why you
first encounter the brand why the brand means so much to you and then basically
you're asked in the best case scenario what could you get out of working with
the brand so that's just an example there's two sides emerge on one side we
have content marketing and on the other we have influencer marketing where we
connect brands and a handful of influencers that we manage the way we
word the messages inside of the DMS of dairy's between the two separate types
of marketing but the main format or the template remains basically the same so
let's say we're trying to find brand guys for our man box boy okay so he has
a very unique branding and his engagement is absolutely insane six
million years crazy okay so to find brand news for box let's go find someone
who's a quote unquote competitor let's say one of the stoke brothers Allen's
Stokes okay they're twins so if we scroll through his page we can look for
images or videos that look like brand deals let's see this one no no Brandi okay let's see first time see also okay
always besides the captions sometimes the brand deals with in the photo itself
in the tag and this is six flags so once we find a brand that is done a brand
deal with Alan in the past aka Six Flags we can then go into our notes create a
new note pad and just write Six Flags you're basically gonna do this 50 more
times until you get a list of 50 brands or businesses and then reach out to
every single one of them so using Six Flags let's reach out to them snakes
flags how I like to format it is I usually start out with an emoji always
always start out with emoji because in all of your message requests emojis is
what actually really stands out I like using red because it's a color that pops
and draws an attention and I always started off with this format and you
guys can copy it it's a little generic I try to simplify it I try to keep it
clean and concise but you guys can give your own personality and take to it so I
always say hey Six Flags Six Flags team exclamation mark you always have to be
positive my guy box-boy would love to run Instagram and YouTube promotions for
you would love to hear your thoughts also
very important with this initial pitch you do want to always try to set up a
call or some kind of in-person contact that's when you can showcase your
ability to really help them understand why influencer marketing is important so
I always like to say would love to hear your thoughts does a call at 3 p.m.

Tuesday work for you Cheers and then and then we ever message right
there what I like to do actually is once you have a template like this you can
actually just copy it and go to one a six flags competitor so go to Six Flags
click this down arrow right here and see Universal Studios Disney Cedar Point Six
Flags in Mexico okay let's say Six Flags Mexico click on that message simply copy
and paste say message Six Flags you can add Six Flags Mexico as well Six Flags
Mexico team add a flag same message let's see go back let's go to Canada's
Wonderland which is another theme park so you can do message copy and paste go
up here Kasich Flags team you want to change that to hey Canada Canada's
Wonderland see and then it's unique to that
business or brand but remember this is just the very simplified way I always
like to kind of customize my messages depending on the business or brand and
really do my own research when it comes to what that business actually needs and
if they even need our services the influencers that we manage her above
a million when it comes to their falling however if you have a substantial
following you can use these tips and tricks to reach out to brands that you
want to collaborate with in this video as well we will take a deeper look and
see how much these brands pay these influencers to help you understand the
rates that you should be turning as a content creator
alright BAM so I actually want to start chronologically I took three examples
from our man box boy this first example was when he had 300,000 followers this
deal was for three unique stories but the swipe up and the total was $2,700 or
quickmask $900 per story the crazy part is how
much time it actually takes to create these Instagram stories but the part
that we as a team leverage to be able to charge as much from companies as is
using Harrison's insane ability to drive massive amounts of traffic to a website
a stream download app whatever it may be as you can see it's it's expected to be
around three hundred thirty thousand visits for the entirety of the three
story program which is insane already for our three hundred thousand follower
account so moving forward here's another example of a brand deal we did when
Harrison or box boy was around 1.5 million followers the reason that I use
this example is because one we extremely undervalued the cost of our story
usually we charge around $2,000 per story at this point in his Instagram
growth but we devalued it to around $1,000 the reason why we gave this
discount was because this was his company's first time ever trying
influencer marketing they never allocated budget towards include tzer's
in ways to drive traffic to their app so with that in mind we were able to kind
of give them a little sample a little taste of the power of influencer
marketing and how much traffic it could push to their website so here we
negotiate for two stories as well as while high-resolution images for them to
use on their website social media platforms etc and this is the cool part
so a couple months after our initial campaign with this company we were able
to renegotiate a higher compensation for a new package so here we can see that
he's doing one feed post as well as a couple promotional videos on his
Instagram and YouTube for a photo of ten thousand dollars and on top of that
because we were able to show them the power of influencer marketing and how
much traffic he could push to their website we also put in a kind of a
commission based program where you would get paid out per new user that was
introduced onto the platform influencer marketing is still new to a lot of
people in a lot of businesses so you kind of have to sometimes devalue your
rates to kind of educate the business because that's the only way they'll
learn but taking this to any other kind of business or any kind of service that
you may offer sometimes I'm not saying do work for free but sometimes figure
out how you can give businesses samples while still targeting a fair rate so
that you're able to showcase to them how effective what you do is for them and
for their business there are a few main variables that brands look at when they
are choosing which influencers they want to work with such as follower account
engagement and brand look at your own profile and look at these three main
variables rate each one on the scale of one to ten and figure out which of the
three you want to work on go ahead when it comes to actually reaching out
to these rates the system is very simple if you have not done so already please
make sure you subscribe for new videos every single credit if you have any
further questions about reaching up to France or businesses on our content
marketing or influence or marketing side please comment them below and we'll make
sure to answer them person Instagram is one of my favorite platforms because it
allows you to talk to basically any single person or business on the
Internet as I created you need be able to reach out to brands and
businesses on Instagram even if you're not a creative in your business or
personal brand you can use these systems to reach out to brands and businesses
that you want to work

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