How To Make Money On Instagram Fast (And For Free) in 2021

Today you're going to learn "how to make money
on instagram" and exactly what you need to do to make money with it. you're also going
to learn the pros and cons of using it to make money, and what some realistic expectations
are for both how much money you can make and how much time is required to be successful.
and lastly we're going to go over whether or not instagram is still a good way to make
money today. And if you're new to our channel, we're Better
Life and we show you different ways to make money online so you can decide what works
best for you and your situation. There are tons of ways to make money online so don't
waste months trying ways that just don't work anymore. our videos will help you find the
right ways that actually work today, so you can be successful and profitable right from
the start. so lets get started: Now, we're going to go over a bunch of different
ways so make sure you watch until the end so you can see them all.

The first way is
to link your instagram page to a product you sell. You have a couple of different choices
to make with this. You can sell an affilate marketing product like how to lose belly fat
or 15 minute manifestation, or something like that. The biggest affiliate marketing website
out there right now is clickbank and once you create a free account you can see the
thousands of different products that you can sell. Some pay only a few dollars per sale
but some pay hundreds per sale. It depends on the product and the type of niche that
its in. If you plan to make money on instagram by selling products from clickbank its a good
idea to build a page around a specific niche rather than a specific product.

Okinawa flat
belly tonic might be a good product right now, but you don't want to limit yourself
from offering a different product in the future so desiging your page around the "weightloss
niche" is better than around the "okinawa flat belly tonic niche". Another good way to make money online using
instagram is by selling branded clothing from your instagram page. You can either create
your own brand or you can just create shirts with slogans or designs that would interest
people. For example if you have an instagram page for golden retreivers, you can sell shirts
that have pictures or messages that would appeal to golden retreiver owners.

Once you've
decided on what the clothing will be about, you have lots of different choices on how
you'll actually sell the clothing. The easiest one to use for instagram is by choosing a
print on demand company and then designing a few shirts. That way you're not buying products
upfront. There are many different companies that do print on demand clothing but printful
and printify are two of the most popular. You just need to create the initial interest
for the customer to view the product and then they'll handle the actual printing, order
fufillment, and delivery of the product to the end customer.

Its the easiest and cheapest
way to get started with selling custom clothing. Another way to make money with instagram is
by creating an informational page that directs people to referral links that you recieve
a commission from. Many websites have affiliate programs where they will pay a person a 10
or 20 percent commission to drive customer to them. For example, if you have a page about
how to grow your youtube channel, you can refer people to websites like sprizzy which
does youtube advertsing and which pays a 20% comission for each referral.

Some niches have
many opportunities for this and some have very few, but its good to be aware of what
options you have for your niche. Another way to make money on instangram is
by selling shoutouts or sponsered posts. Once you grow your page to a few thousand followers,
you can start reaching out to other smaller instagram pages and see if they'd like to
advertise on your page for a few dollars. You might only charge $10 for a 24 hour post
to start, but as your page grows and you get more followers you can charge more. It might
not seem like a lot at first, but it can add up quickly, especially if you have multiple

And yet another way is by selling your services
to other instagram users. While you were building your own page you probably learned a lot about
instagram and what it takes to be successful, so why don't you offer your help to smaller
pages just starting out. Once you gain experience with instagram you'll start to see mistakes
that people just starting out make over and over. Offer them help for a small fee or for
a free shoutout to your page. Even if the other page can't afford to pay you, having
them do a sponsered post for you is a great way to help get more followers for your own

Remeber, whenever you can provide value to someone, there's a transaction waiting
to happen, you just need to be creative sometimes. We went over a lot of different ways to make
money with instagram now make sure you keep watching so you can see how much time you'll
need to spend on this every day to become successful. but before we get to that we're
going to go over some of the pros and cons of using it so you understand exactly what
you're getting yourself in to. Pros of using instagram: first, it's free.
it costs nothing to do any of these methods and you can create a new account for completely
free in about 5 minutes. Its also easy to learn so even if you don't know anything about
it, you can learn pretty much everything you'll need to know within a day. Instagram instelf
is a very simple platform on purpose so it isn't hard to become an expert at it.

pro of using instagram to make money online is it has unlimited profit potential. There
are accounts with over a hundred million followers so you can keep growing your account and earnings
as much as you want. The last pro is the fact that you can do several different niches at
once. You can have a page for golden retreivers, one for the keto diet, one for bitcoin investing,
and so on. That gives you many different opportunities to make money at the same time. Now we're on to cons of using instagram: There
are 2 main cons to using instagram to make money online.

The first is that it is slow
to get started if you don't already have a following. you can't grow an instagram page
to a million followers overnight, it takes time. there are things you can do to speed
up the proccess, but if you only have a few hundred followers or less right now, you're
not going to make real money from it and thats if you make money any at all. You need to
get up to at least a few thousand followers so you have a realistic shot at selling a
product on your page or convincing someone that you are able to help them grow their
own page. The other main drawback of using instagram is that it is slow to grow your
page. It takes time to get followers and even if you try every trick in the book like doing
a smart follow for follow, you're going to be limited by instagrams own rules and their
limits on follow for follow which means you can only do so much in a 24 hour period.

don't let the cons of using instagram to make money online discourage you, make sure you
watch until the end of this video because we're going to go over if instagram is still
a good way to make money online, even though it has its drawbacks. How much money can you expect to earn? Most
people can earn a few hundred dollars per month from their instagrams accounts once
they hit 10,000 followers or so, but you can earn thousands of dollars per month if you
have the right niche , strategy, and can grow your account to hundreds of thousands or followers.
One expert tip to multiply the amount of money you make from instagram is to run several
different accounts at the same time. $400 per month doesn't sound like a ton of money,
but if you can run 5 different accounts that all make that it adds up quickly. How much time is required to be successful?
Suprisingly, not too much. Instagram is easy to learn and since you will likely be limited
on how fast you can grow, there is only so much you can do in a single day.

Plan on spending
a few hours to first day to get everything set up and familiarize yourself. But then
it will only be an hour or so a day after that. You can premake your content for the
next couple of days so all you have to do each day is post it and try to create engagement
to get more followers. Before we get to if instagram is still a good
way to make money online today, if you found value in this video, please take a moment
to like this video and subscribe to our channel. We're trying to hit our current subscriber
goal so any help is greatly appreciated. Is instagram still a good way to make money
online: yes, as long as you have a specific niche and some time to build up a following.
nowadays instagram is one of the main platforms people use to make money with affiliate marketing
and it works great for anything that can be targeted to a specific group of people. Most
people that use it to make money run several different pages at the same time in different
niches so they can maximize their opportunities.

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