HOW TO MAKE MONEY ON INSTAGRAM! 4 ways to monetize your Instagram

Hey guys, it's Alex Tooby here from
and welcome back to my YouTube channel. I'm super excited you're here today because
we're talking about a big topic. Okay. Today we're talking about how to make money
on Instagram. So I'm guessing you've probably Googled this
before. Maybe that's even how you ended up here, and
you're wondering how can I actually use my Instagram account to make money? You hear things like influencers are getting
hundreds of thousands of dollars for one single post on their Instagram feed, and while that
is true and it is possible, it can take some time to get to that level.

Now, that often discourages people because
most people will think, I need to have X amount of followers before I can make money on Instagram
and it's just not true. Okay, so today I'm going to give you four
practical ways that you can start making money with your Instagram account today, regardless
of how many followers you have. But before we get started, I'm super excited
to say that this video is sponsored by Skillshare.

This is an awesome collaboration for me because
I've been personally using Skillshare for the last few years. If you guys know anything about my backstory,
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There's also classes about financing and managing
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highly suggest you check it out. It truly is such a powerful resource. So now that we have that sponsorship out of
the way, let's get back to the video. I'm going to teach you guys four different
ways that you can use to start making money with your Instagram account today. So the first way to make money on Instagram
is by selling paid advertising and shout outs on your account. So this is your typical influencer marketing
where a company will approach you and asks you to promote their brand in exchange for
money or product.

Now of course I want you to be taking the
money from these collaborations and not the product. But if you are new or your following is still
quite small than accepting product may be appropriate. It also may be the way to get your foot in
the door to working with these people on a more longterm basis. So don't worry if you have a small following,
you can still get these opportunities. You just have to make sure that your Instagram
account is set up for it and that you're doing your part to get that sponsorship. So the first thing you need to do is edit
your profile to make sure that anybody who lands on your feed knows that you're currently
accepting paid advertising, collaborations, sponsorships, whatever you want to call it,
and you're going to add your email.

Okay? This is something that so many people miss. They want to be an influencer. They want to promote other people's stuff
in exchange for money, but they don't give these brands any way to contact them. So you want to make sure that you put your
email in your bio so that people know that they can contact you there to discuss any
sort of collaboration. Then you need to get prepared for the fact
that someone will contact you. So you need to know what your rates are and
how much are you going to charge for a singular post for an Instagram story and for adding
someone's link to your bio. So of course this becomes the hard part. What is your value? What are you worth? If you've never done a sponsorship before,
how can you know how much you should be charging? So those are all valid questions and something
that is different for everybody.

Okay? So you're going to learn as you go, how much
you're going to charge for these things and you're likely to increase or change your prices
as you go as well. So I suggest checking out social
you're going to be able to connect your social profiles there and they're going to give you
an estimate of what you could charge for specific services.

So I do find that it is a little bit inflated. So just understand that this number might
be on the higher end, but what it's doing is giving you a starting point. Okay? It's giving you an idea of what your influence
might be worth. Now of course, let's address the fact that
perhaps people aren't reaching out to you yet, and that's totally normal and totally
fine. It doesn't mean that you're a bad Instagram
or where you don't have influence. Basically what you have to do in this point
is you have to do the outreach. So what I encourage you to do is consider
what companies you would want to work with and actually reach out to them. Okay? You're going to send them an email. You're going to tell them all about your Instagram

Whatever stats you have and why you promoting
their product or service on your feed is going to benefit them. Then that's going to start the negotiation
process. They're going to ask you about your rates
and et cetera, so if people aren't reaching out to you, that doesn't mean that there aren't
sponsorships or paid advertising gigs out there for you. You just have to go and look for them yourself. I just wanted to pause this video for one
second to let you guys know that I have a new Instagram masterclass available. You can go ahead and click the card above
or the link in the description box to sign up and watch it instantly inside.

I'm going to teach you how to increase your
following and your engagement on Instagram in just five minutes. So go ahead and click that link. So the second way to make money on Instagram
is to become an affiliate for your favorite products and services. So I'm sure you've heard of affiliate marketing
before, and basically how it works is that you sign up with a company, you promote their
products or services, and if someone buys through your unique link, you're going to
get a commission.

So the amount of money that you can make by
doing this ranges widely because each different company's going to have a different affiliate
program. So the easiest one to sign up for is the Amazon
affiliate program. So it's called Amazon associates, but you
can just type into Google, and from here you're going to sign up. And basically after that you can promote anything
that's on Amazon and get a kickback from the sales that you make.

So with Amazon, the percentage that you make
is actually quite low. I think it's anywhere from like one to 5%,
but it does change based on the products that you're selling. So Amazon is not the best affiliate program
to be a part of, but it's the easiest one to join. And it's got the widest variety of products. So if you want to make more money with your
affiliate efforts, then I highly suggest you go to the actual brands that you use the most.

So for example, if you are a graphic designer
and you use Adobe Photoshop or illustrator, you can go to the Adobe website, find their
affiliate program link and sign up to be an affiliate for them. They actually pay out 85% of someone's original
purchase. So if someone buys an annual membership from
you, you will get 85% of that sale. So if they spend $100 you're going to get
85 which is pretty good. If they signed up for a monthly membership,
you're going to get about 8% of each monthly payment that they make.

So this already is much better than Amazon,
but it's more specific. So you kind of have to figure out which products
will be best for you to promote to your audience. Now, some things to keep in mind is that you
only want to promote things that you think your audience is going to benefit from. If my audience is interested in marketing
and I tried to sell them some athletic clothing, then the is probably not going to be there
and you're unlikely to make any sales. So I encourage you to one, think about what
your niche is and what products fall into that niche and to think about the things that
you use on a regular basis. So for me, I use all kinds of scheduling softwares. I use email marketing platforms and I use
things like skillshare, like we mentioned earlier in this video. So those things make sense for me to promote. So you gotta figure out what makes sense for
you and your audience.

And then from there you can go ahead and mention
them in all of your Instagram posts. So for example, if you're an affiliate for
a clothing company, you're going to want to take a photo of you wearing that clothing,
upload it to your Instagram at all the details to your caption, and tell your audience to
click the link in your bio to go ahead and buy it. That link is then going to be your affiliate
link. So when they click it, they're going to go
over to the company's website and potentially purchase that product. But the great thing about being affiliate
is that sometimes people will end up on the website and they won't actually purchase what
you recommended, but they'll end up purchasing multiple other products and since they came
through your affiliate link, you are going to get a commission for that. So basically your job as an affiliate is to
just get someone to click through your link and viewing that brand's website from there
that the brand is going to do their job to sell that person a product.

Like I said, you want to sign up for Amazon,
you want to join the affiliate programs of all of your favorite services and products
that you actually use personally. And you might even want to look into people
like me who have online courses. So I have an affiliate program where you can
promote my Instagram course and get a 30% commission. So almost every company has an affiliate program
in these days. You just have to go to their website, find
that link and sign up. So the third way to make money on Instagram
is to design and sell your own merchandise using a print fulfillment company. The company that I use is called the Printful
and they allow you to create your own custom designs on a variety of products such as tshirts,
hats, coffee mugs, posters, throw pillows, backpacks, phone cases, and more. So I will leave the link for the printful
in the description box below because you guys are definitely going to want to check this

Basically how it works is that you create
your own design and they'll give you the design guidelines and tell you exactly how to submit
it and you're going to choose whatever product it is you want. And then you can go ahead and list that product
on your website. Now the great thing is that you don't need
to buy any inventory from them.

So when you list that product on your website
and someone ends up buying it, the Printful will get notified and they'll start preparing
your product. You're going to have to pay your fee to the
principal for that one product and then you're going to make your profit on top of it. So for example, a tee shirt might cost you
$12 to get printed from the Printful and then you're going to go ahead and sell it for $20
on your website. So now you're making an $8 profit with zero
upfront investment. So the profit margin is a little bit smaller
than if you were to go to a company and order 1000 tee shirts. But you don't have to put any money up front. So this is a perfect way for you to test if
your audience is interested in the products that you're offering. Once you have a few designs set up, you can
either create a store on your own website or you can use the printful to create a store
on their website.

That means that you can easily just send your
Instagram visitors straight to that link and they are going to be able to choose their
products and checkout in one easy step without you having to do too much technical work. So if you have no idea how to set up an eCommerce
store, don't worry, the printful will handle it for you. And all you have to do is create your designs,
get one or two items shipped to you, take some great photos of them and put them on
your Instagram and start promoting. So this is exactly how I made my first bit
of money on Instagram. So I decided to make some custom coffee mugs
and sell them via my men in coffee account.

And I made my first couple of hundred bucks
that first month. At that time, I probably had less than 10,000
followers. So again, you don't need to have a huge following,
you just need to offer the product that your audience wants. So you need to really understand who your
audience is, what makes them tick, what they're interested in, and what they're willing to
spend money on. So the printful has a ton of different options. Choose the one that's best for you. You don't need to make 700 different products. In fact, it's probably better if you just
stick to a couple so that it's easier to promote and go from there. The fourth way to make money on Instagram
is to create and sell your own digital product. Okay? This is the way of the future, and this is
the most sustainable option that I've given you today.

So when I say create your own digital product,
this means creating a ebook or a video tutorial or a online course that someone can buy directly
from you. Okay? All these other options kind of rely on other
people to supply the product or the income, right? Whereas with this option, you're going to
create your own product, you're going to promote your own thing, and you're going to take home
100% of the profits. So here's my step by step for creating a successful
digital product. Number one, you need to determine what problem
your audience has.

So everyone has a different audience. They all have different problems. So figure out what yours is. For example, it could be someone trying to
lose weight. Number two is you're going to create a step-by-step
solution for their problem. So if it comes to losing weight, that could
be you simply creating a multipage PDF that gives them a workout regime or a nutritional
regime and you know all the details on how to follow that to be successful. On the other hand, it could be a series of
videos or maybe even just audio MP3s, so you have to decide what your format is going to
be, but at the end of the day, what you need to really accomplish is that whatever you
create is the solution to their problem.

Step three is you have to host this product
on your website so it doesn't have to be complicated. Just make a single page, create a PayPal account
and put a buy now button on that product. From there, you're going to need to decide
on your price, so how much are you going to charge for this? How much do you charge is determined by how
much work you put into it and the value that someone's going to get out of it. Now I do encourage you to keep things small
and start with a lower price item. Now, the reason I say that is because it's
more difficult to get someone to buy a $3,000 product off Instagram than it is to get them
to buy a $50 or $100 product.

Okay? You need to understand that it takes people
time to make purchasing decisions, and the more expensive your product is, the longer
it will take them to do that. So if you want to create something that you
can start selling tomorrow, it's going to make you a little bit of recurring money,
then definitely keep it simple, keep it small, and keep the price under a hundred dollars. Then finally, you're going to have to add
that link to your bio and make sure that you're consistently promoting it and giving your
audience calls to action that encourage them to go check out that link. So the best way to do this is to tell them
the benefits about it, explain to them all the different things that they're going to
get, and especially what problem it's going to solve for them.

Okay. So creating your own digital product is one
of the best ways to make money with Instagram. And it is my personal favorite. As you guys know, I've been creating digital
courses for the last few years and they are what make me the most money every month and
what really sustains my business. So that's it guys. At the end of the day, how to make money comes
down to it, your knowledge of your audience and how you promote the product.

So if you really want to make money on Instagram,
you need to constantly be promoting. I know at first it might feel a little slimy
for you to try and sell things to your audience, but the thing is that if people don't know
what you're selling, then they can't possibly buy from you. Okay? So you need to mention it regularly. You need to create posts specifically about
it. You need to create stories about it. You need to be using that swipe up link if
you have it, changing the link in your bio, using calls to action to tell people to go
and buy what you have to offer. And of course, making sure you educate your
audience on what it is that you're selling.

Okay? So that's how you can make money on Instagram
starting today. You can go ahead and choose any of these options
or use all of them. Okay? It's always a good idea to have multiple streams
of income. So I hope this video helped you. I hope you learned something new today, and
I want you guys to go out there and start making some money. You can absolutely do it. You don't need a lot of followers. You just need to start. So thanks again for watching and I'll see
you next time..

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