How To Make Money On Instagram – $0 to $100,000 Strategy in 2021

hey guys alan beck here thanks 
for watching this video training   in this video i'll be teaching you how to make $10 
000 per month just on your instagram and over the   next 12 months you'll be making over $100 000 
which is obviously ten thousand dollars a month   so for this case let's just write 
one hundred thousand dollars instagram and apologies my handwriting is very 
messy but that's fine so how do you   make ten thousand dollars how do you make six 
figures on instagram in the next 12 months   is it easy well it's easy once you know what to do 
a lot of people actually don't know what to do so   the best thing you can do is this 
is your goal here yeah so for this   video i'm just going to write 100k here $100 000. 
i hope you can see that number now where you are   it doesn't matter if you're you're already 
making money maybe you've made three thousand   dollars twenty thousand dollars most people are 
making zero dollars so for this video example   let's just write zero so that this 
is where most people are right now but what people do is they they want to make 
this but they don't know how to get that so   what what happens is they post staff that no one 
cares about they buy followers they they get their   friends to like all their stuff they they join 
engagement groups in engagement pods to build the   engagement up they don't really know what they're 
doing they buy followers they do sponsored posts   and months and months go on and they're still not 
making any money so what do you do you want to make your first five thousand dollars so this is 
where you need to break it down most people again   when i say most people it's probably 95 again 
don't don't quote me on that but 95 of people   actually don't know what they're doing which is 
fine five thousand dollars so when you look at   most people's instagram you just see selfies you 
see girls in their bikini thinking that they're   unreal saying hashtag model hashtag influencer 
thinking that that's going to get them brand deals   sure you might get a lot of followers but most 
of them are men so you're actually building the   wrong audience so what you need to do is you need 
to work out what you're good at let's just say   you're uh you're a girl and you're 20 years old 
or maybe you're you're a girl and you're 35 40 at   the age doesn't really matter what are you 
good at are you good at helping other women   are you good at helping them with dating advice 
are you good at mindset coaching are you good at   helping them with youtube ads are you good 
at their are you good with social media   strategies are you good with helping companies 
scale it doesn't matter what it is but what   what is that one thing that you were very 
good at that you could turn it into a 5 000   offer i'll be doing other videos regarding 
what you can do to get this 5 000 offer   that's that's actually very very easy but what 
you do is once you have your offer at five   thousand dollars what's one thing that you're 
very very good at you sell it to one person   and again i've got strategies that that 
will make that process very easy for you   so one person yeah so you've made 5k let's just 
say that takes you two weeks three weeks doesn't   really matter then all you need to do is go okay 
how can i go from here i'll do this in blue so so that's a gap in them in what 
you're doing so that's just meaning   scale so how do you go from five 
thousand dollars for one client   so one how many clients do you need to 
get to one hundred thousand dollars well   twenty times five is one hundred thousand 
so you're going to need twenty clients 20 clients paying you 5 000   that's very easy hang on 5 10 15 all right 
so yep 20 clients so this is where you need   a system let's just say to get that one client 
you needed to do five posts on instagram five posts on instagram yeah maybe 
you you needed to do 10 stories 10 stories on instagram now maybe you needed to 
do two value posts two value posts coaching or   teaching something now out of this maybe you 
you connected with eight people eight people   so that's eight people that that were messaging 
you from seeing this so you had one client out   of eight people so all you pretty much need to 
do is scale this so you need to times this by 20   to get these results so five posts times 20 
you probably need to do 100 posts on instagram   10 stories times 20 200 stories don't know story posts value post that's it so 
20 value posts and then that's coaching that's   so again a value post is kind of similar to 
what i'm doing right now where let's just say   you're a guy and you're very good at helping 
other people uh generate leads yeah so you're   an expert at leads well you do a video on how to 
help companies get leads so while most companies   or businesses are getting five dollar leads you 
have a strategy that you you have done for other   people and you you can get leads for two dollars 
so you then get your stuff out there people love   it and then they start messaging you so 20 of 
them eight times 20 so uh 8160 so 160 people   that's pretty much it so a lot of people 
want this result here but what they do   is they just do that and expect to make that so 
pretty much what you have to do is you you need   a system you need a strategy and you need set 
rules so your set rule could be you need to do   five posts every single day on on a subject 
so like let's just say you're a dating coach   for an example again i'm just making all this this 
up you're a dating coach and you help other girls   um get the right man for the relationship or 
but that sounded weird you help other girls   attract uh their dream man yeah so you put five 
posts up per day on what other girls need to look   for in other men uh whether it's you know how 
they dress whether it's how they do their hair   whether that's if they buy you flowers or 
not whether that's if they're funny just like   whatever but you're putting out content so people 
start liking and trusting you and then they start   following you you then do 10 story posts again 
uh 10 story post times 20 or to 200 for the year   uh two value posts so you're educating those other 
girls on what to do what to look out for and again   these videos don't have to be long they can be 
two minute videos they can be 30 minute videos   as long as it's helping other people and again 
you've gone from eight people to 160.

Now this   is never 100 you might find the first eight people 
you talk to say no maybe the first 50 people you   talk to on instagram through direct message say no 
but then you get better and better and better so   towards the end of the year you're converting more 
people so let's just say 50 people here say no   but then you get better and better and better and 
then onwards it's maybe one out of five people   say yes so your your skills are improving your 
knowledge is improving your messaging's improving   so let's just recap on what you need to do sorry i'll try and be quick my videos 
tend to go for hours and hours just   because i've got a lot of information in 
my head so one hundred thousand dollars   zero this is just a recap so you understand 
you want this but what most people do   is they do this so that is just like 
selfies they don't talk to anyone   they're not putting up content they're not 
doing posts they're not doing video posts   they're not networking they don't really have that 
strategy but they want this so what what happens   is they might do one or two posts or one or two 
videos nothing works so then they say well this is   a scam this doesn't work this is [ __ ] blah blah 
blah blah blah the people that are making this are   constantly doing posts they're constantly doing 
videos they're constantly constantly networking   they're messaging maybe 10 20 people a day to 
get these results and that per year is actually   quite easy i i know plenty of people myself and 
i've actually got clients making that per month   and that's simply because they go nuts on it they 
go absolute nuts they message people they they   network they do videos they do videos on instagram 
they do stories facebook they they upload things   on youtube um they do cross promotion they 
actually work on this like 12 hours a day instead   of what most people do they have a coffee they 
wake up in the morning they they upload a selfie   and they think that they're going to go viral 
or famous or brands are just going to magically   throw money at them that's not the case so if 
you want to make 100 000 per year you have to do   the hard work you have to do the post you have to 
give out content and the most important thing is   there's two types of people on instagram yeah this 
is what it really comes down to this is the kicker   there's what 99 percent of people do and that 
is no value it's just photos of themselves   uh they're they're not educating anyone they're 
they're not giving any value it's just bikini   photos it's maybe it's a guy and they just post 
photos of them at bars with their their friends   hanging out together most people are are 
on this yeah but they want to make 100 000   and that never happens this person here 
is high value they're very high value   their instagram is their business so you need to 
start turning your instagram from a hobby into a   proper business so what do you need to do to turn 
your instagram to an actual business where you   need a post every day good quality content 
you need to know what your audience wants   how you can help your audience move from pain 
to desire that'll be another video but that's   very important that's one things that i can 
do for any company and get them scaling over   seven figures per year pretty much just 
understanding what what their audience   what their pain is and what they desire 
and then from that you can start messaging   their their audience with facebook ads copywriting 
and stuff like that so i hope that was very   helpful for you if you're not generating 
at least 10 000 a month then chances are   you're here you're you've just got a 
hobby yes so if you want a strategy just   message me on instagram but you need to become 
high value you have to become high value   good post understanding what your audience 
wants and turning your instagram from a hobby   where you're just uploading stupid things or 
posts that don't actually give value to someone   and start thinking of your audience so again 
let's just say you're a model yeah you're a 22   year old model yeah again you can be a 50 year 
old model but in this example your 22 year old   model instead of uploading photos of yourself 
modeling maybe you can start helping other women   with their modelling so you can start doing videos 
on uh ways to stand to get the the the best photo   uh you can start educating girls on how to walk 
properly what to do with your shoulder again i'm   not a model i've got no idea what i'm saying right 
now but again you're you're teaching people how to   take better photos you're teaching people how to 
get uh how how to walk that sexy and confident   uh you're teaching other girls how to use their 
face so you look more attractive or ways to do   your hair just so you're teaching your audience 
that way they're liking you they're trusting   you they start sharing it with their friends and 
that's when you become high quality and high value   first versus just sharing random stuff and 
thinking you're going to become famous and   12 months later you've made nothing maybe you get 
lucky and you make 200 maybe 500 even a thousand   dollars but while while you're not making any 
money this person here is getting brand deals   they're getting companies seven figure 
companies eight figure nine figure companies   spending money on these people because they they 
they they know that they're high value they know   that their audience is high quality important and 
this is a person that's going to be making six   figures per year versus this one who's making zero 
so if you have any questions guys and girls leave   a comment in the comments and i'll help you go 
from where you are now to six figures uh feel free   to direct message me any questions you may have 
and i look forward to seeing you in the next video

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