How to make money in 2021 with Instagram Influencer marketing | 100% No experience needed! (Part-2)

hi guys welcome to the second video in this video i'm going to be talking about the social influencer platform so the most no platform to get into touch with instagram influencer so we have shoot card also we have plug hype the third one is buy cell shootouts we have also affluence new rich and the the last one asparagus okay so what we actually need to do here is to find a relevant influencer with their services and after that they reset this services to business owner so you don't need to build a profile or gun followers influencers already have all those the point is that those guys have a real powerful marketing machine in their hands we will just find client for them and take our card for itself as you can see you can pick an influencer by their account niche follower count price score and data register and many other features that's important because is enabled to present purple targeted services to your potential and client so let's see how to use for example i take shoot car you can of course use other website just like i did so you can find these links of social influencer platform in description of this video okay so we got let's go started we resist for free so here you sign up as a brand so you must fill user name password email and times or files so other files are not required so leave them blank like brand name brand website first name and last name and phone number so like for example easy you put your email account password shoes time's on clicker i am not a robot i agree to terms of services registered so register is successful and they send the email confirmation in my email accounts so this is the register information from shoot card so to verify your email please click the following link and click here you put email here password [Music] [Music] just login right now you click here to browse so as you mentioned in it before there are many niches here we find relevant relevant influencers that matches the requirement of your customers so in this example we take a cars take the first one so this is a good example it has a big amount for real forward and good score and sexy strides so after we all the services to our customers we click here add this one to campaign check out so click next step so in this page you need to put information your customers would like to promote customer must send your that info along with image or video such a preferred posting time you must require from your customer to provide exact time okay and review your order and the pay that's pretty much everything you need to do here so let's see again some of these services they offer and price right here there is a services for example to our shoutout for uh fifteen dollars to our shooter please building for twenty dollars so this sends the services you will offer to your customers but of course for a high price for example two hours without we make it for a customer 30 dollars or 40.

so we will order after you get a payment for your clients so you can use paypal or or stripe and so you have no action in spam from your pockets so this is the second video i will look to see you in the next video take care.

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