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Here, the sale is showing $ 180, I have one up-sale and two sales, And here I show you, my engagement rate is high, that's why I have got results Give as much value as you can, only then they will trust you and buy your product So out of every 4-5 posts, my one post is ranked on the hashtags This is a person, it came to me after seeing my post that I want to lose weight hello guys how are you, hope everyone will be great So look, we have got another sale for 180 dollars. I've told you this came to me through Instagram My account of Pinterest, in which I got the sale earlier, that account has been blocked by Pinterest So this is going to be a full tutorial don't miss it at all if you want to do affiliate marketing through Instagram for free So guys if you're new on my channel then subscribe to my channel and turn the bell notification icon on all so that you do not miss any valuable information regarding affiliate marketing.

I put regular content related to affiliate marketing like you can see you will learn a lot from my channel And if you haven't seen my Pinterest 100 dollar day challenge series yet So look at that you will get a lot of help to get your first commission without any investment. So let's start the video, So see this is my account of clickbank and it is showing sale of 180 dollars, So I am promoting Okinawa flat belly tonic, their initial commission is 121 dollars, But we have got 179.45 dollars so it means that we have sold 2 products in a single day. I'll show you the last 14 days reporting, I got this sale for $46, I got it from Pinterest But this account is blocked by pinterest So now I am looking for an alternative to Pinterest with which we can earn consistently So see, I have got my results in a few days, Instagram is the best alternative to Pinterest, If you do everything right then you will definitely get results but if you copy the same profile of someone then you will not be getting any results No matter how much you tried if your profile is copy-pasted by someone's profile then your sale will not come You have to put your own mind the methods here, I will tell you but you will get results only by doing your own mind One more thing, Patience is very important in this the more you keep the Patience, the more chances are there to get your results.

Because I get DMS that I am doing affiliate marketing from 12 days to 15 days but I haven't got the sale yet so brother I am running a page for the last 5 months I got results by going on Instagram now So if I thought like you I would have closed my Instagram page But I didn't do that I was consistent and after 5 months I got a sale for $180 Those 2 products have been sold overnight, I will show you the reporting so see this is our dashboard see here it is showing How many sales have come, so in this month, we have got more than $ 300, absolutely free So see that the current sales have come in $387 and in the last month I made $176 in 4 sales have come in this week And we have got 387 dollars in this week you just have to be consistent whether the sale comes or not, You don't have to lose hope this is not a quick-rich scheme it is pure business Just like you grow any of your business, in the same way, you have to grow it If you will think that I have created a page yesterday and my earning starts from tomorrow, then it would not happen like this If you're very lucky then maybe your sales can come in a single day otherwise it doesn't happen like this it takes time Then I show you the reporting so here's my hop count look 49 hops have been counted in one day but I didn't get any sale Here Are 9 Hopes Because My Pinterest Account Was blocked Then I started working more on Instagram because I wanted such a way that I can earn consistently And in which account is not blocked then I changed my strategy a little and I got very good results from it The sale came yesterday, look at the hop counts, I have got 17 hopes and now we have 0 hopes have come because 60% of my audience is from usa So I do the posts according to their timing, from which I get maximum engagement.

This is flat belly tonic, I will show you the depth by going to the transactions and selecting the date here I got sales on the 7th so I can put 7th when we got the sale so see the reporting I got 3 sales in a single day and u can see vendor Okinawa And see one up-sale has arrived and 2 sales have come, 1 sale has come for 121 dollars and the second has come for 46 dollars and 1 up-sale has come for 12 dollars See further country United States and Cities showing where I got the sales one is California and one Sale and up-sale is from Miami On this, now I am going to launch a series in which I will teach you in-depth I will teach you from scratch, how you can do affiliate marketing through Instagram In that, I will put $ 100-day challenge and will start from 0 right from creating profile till growing it and achieving $100 day You will get full knowledge if you have not yet subscribed to my channel to see that series So subscribe now and turn on the bell notification icon so that you do not miss any valuable information. Then I will take you to my Instagram page so see this is my page I am growing this for the last 5 months I was starting from 0 as you see I don't have that many followers now But the work for which I made it is just beginning to be achieved See, there are about 2600 followers and if I show you then my engagement rate is high, that's why I got results Many of you who run the page, what do they do that when the audience starts engaging with you write your comments or messages.

So you are not able to reply to them quickly The more you engage with your audience the more chances you have of selling your product So don't ever make your followers feel like you just want to do sales give them as much value as possible Only then will they trust you and purchase your product Look, it has 34 likes it has 29 likes, it has 62 likes it has 474 likes, so out of every 4 or 5 posts one of my posts is ranked on hashtags How to Create Hashtags and how to Grow Instagram Profile from Scratch I have already made a video about that which I have told in-depth what you have to do See names like How to Grow and Promote Affiliate Products on Instagram.

So you must watch this video, it will help you a lot this method works my one subscriber generating his first sale through this method in this video you will see his snapshot Now let me tell you how the sale came to me What I used to do earlier go to the search and search the big accounts of weight loss Like this is a big weight loss account named fat loss success what I used to do first was to go to its followers and randomly follow it By doing this my time was being wasted, neither my followers were increasing nor engagement was coming so you do not have to make this mistake at all Rather than what you have to do, you have to follow such big accounts and turn their notifications on all by this, you will get the content And those who are active users, who will get comments, you have to send a request to them and DM them.

If your account is new then don't hesitate to request first, if that guy would accept the request then DM him by doing this they will not block your new account And the message has to be made like a script that is to be communicated to them. Then you have to DM them as you see after seeing my post, she has come to me that I want to lose weight I did not send any Dm, its own message has come. So you have to make a friendly connection with them first do not share the link of your product directly like this First you have to listen to them all you have to advise them, give them value as much as you can, and talk to them in a proper way Do not let them feel that you are selling only product if they have any problem then you have to clear the problem And you can do this only if you have complete knowledge about the product then before promoting a product, take complete knowledge about it Than start promoting it Now let me tell you how I send the DMS like see it liked my post, my post was ranked on hashtags I sent the request she accepted the request and did follow back to me I have created this message and have sent it And what do I do in the link of the website I give a link to the direct affiliate sales page, by shortening it from Bitly Its advantage in DMS is that you keep track of how many clicks have happened on your links So I have changed these things and it has given me positive results.

So you don't do direct DMS, your chances of getting blocked are very high as I show you I have got 3 requests So I open it here the block option is coming suppose if someone did not like our message and he is considering us as spam Then here comes the option to report if you are reported 3 to 5 times then your account will be blocked without any warning So for engagement on your Instagram profile, you have to do proper hashtags where your posts are ranked if you think that you will copy someone's profile exactly the same to same and you'll get amazing results then do it but you will not get any results If you want to take content If you want to take content, then you take it from my profile I have been working on my profile for the last 5 months and I have built a loyal audience you are starting from 0 now Suppose you exactly copied my profile and started to getting engaged with my followers You may get 1 or 2 sales But it won't work in the long term And then your engagement rate will be low If you put the same content on the same hashtags then youll not getting any engagement So this is my reason for you people to fail on Instagram you don't think long term mybe You may get 1 or 2 sales by copying You will know that Clickbank releases payment after 5 sales, you will not get any benefit from 2 sales so that's why I am saying make up your own mind Make a profile according to you and grow it then you will get graunteed results, don't do copy paste work As I show you, there are some people who have copied my profile And they are not changing the hashtags like this is the post as you see my post they have put on the same hashtag in the same post My posts are ranked because I have chosen hashtags according to my niche and I have more than 2000 followers So after having 2000 followers, your post starts ranking on hashtags In this video I have told all the keys, must watch this video all your doughts will be cleared after watching this video see this my account name is healthyyou02 and it is created healthyyou05 Whoever made this, I have no problem and I am not saying that please close your account but you have to put your mind to it This person is following my followers and has given the same call to action, has created the same landing page, and is posting the same posts on the same hashtags So my intention is to tell you that I have no problem but you will not be able to be successful in the long term by doing this And what do beginners do, they start promoting other's products by seeing their product Like a beginner, you are promoting the keto diet but you see a big page that is promoting a different product then beginners stop promoting the keto diet and start promoting that big page's product so you have to avoid this mistake if you want to be successful on Instagram So, brother, your profile is very good, you are also doing regular work, just work on the tips that I have told you, your sale will definitely come So you should not do this and do not copy the profile if you want to be successful in the long term Small accounts that have less than 10k followers, Have a lot of impact on your copy-pasting work So you guys don't have to make such a mistake If you got to learn anything from the video, then definitely hit the like button it will motivate me to make such amazing and valuable videos for you guys, so thank you for watching the video see you on another video

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