How To Make Money From Instagram Videos – With 6 Figure Video Compilations!

$77,000 a year. $105 thousand a year. $282 thousand dollars a year. That's how much REAL YouTubers
are making with Instagram videos… That aren't even their own. This is how to
make money from Instagram video compilations. Hi this is Simon Leung from Simon
Leung dot com (, and today, let's talk about how to make money from Instagram videos now if you haven't seen my series on how to make money with tick tock watch that
playlist next after this video as the concept is very similar and you can make
money with both find the link to that video series in the description below
with this strategy the main difference is that instead of taking videos from
tick tock we will be taking videos from Instagram when you go to Instagram calm
or open up your app you will be able to see popular featured posts they may
contain photos images and even videos you can also use the search box to find
videos users and hashtags based on keywords and topics that you choose once
you find what you want all you need to do is to take the existing post contents
and either create your own photo slideshows as we talked about in this
video over here on how to make money with slideshows or you can take the
clips together and create your own compilations in the ways that we showed
you how to do in this video series which we will also continue to add in with
more lessons over time although with this how to create compilations tutorial
you should already have the skills to do exactly what you need for this method to
work so be sure to watch it in its entirety for the full training as a
quick refresher though simply go to the link in the description and comments
below to access this free video creation tool find the videos you want to use for
your compilation copy the video link and paste the URL directly into the tool
that's it no downloading and re-uploading of any videos simply repeat
this copy and paste process for as many videos as you want make whatever edits
or adjustments that you need to or keep it simple and just leave the videos as
they are when you are done click on publish you can then download
the video to your computer and upload them on to your YouTube channel and make
money with it now for these channels I'm not sure how these youtubers are making
their videos but chances are they are all doing it the hard way with expensive
and complicated video editing software but still these kinds of channels are
making money six-figure potential maybe even more so I'm sure it's worth their
time and now you can also do this the easy way which means that it's worth
your time even more so let's get it started
find the full playlist of this video lesson series and the free access link
in the description or comments right now and sign up for a free account you can
always choose to upgrade later if you want even more tools and premium
features which you can learn more about in this video lesson although for now
free is good enough and speaking of free we can also meet up if you want at my
next free live event to learn more about making videos with this tool as well as
how to promote your videos otherwise subscribe and tick the bell give us a
like if you found this video helpful share it with your friends and comment
below what your plans are for your own Instagram compilation channel and I'll
be back soon with more lessons and tutorials for you take action now let me
know if you have any questions and I will see you at the top

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