How To Make Money From Instagram Stories!

in the middle of Jerome Idaho and my car won't start so I get to learn how to jump a car okay for me it made more money than my minivan he really is one of my most favorite people on this planet [Music] hey this is Alison I am so excited to bring four things today first thing we're gonna hear Brie's story she just launched her business you guys her story makes me so happy and so excited you're going to want to stick around for that second thing is how I swipe up generated more cells than a minivan that I used to have third thing I'm going to share some amazing secrets amazing things that I learned from experts I got to go up to the clickfunnels office in Boise stick around power golden nuggets in there and then the fourth thing is an update on grandpa and his beautiful love of 74 years I'm going to update you subscribe like share this video and let's get started because it's going to be really really good one hi my name is brie with Tula boutique and I just launched my store three days ago and have done over five hundred dollars in sales already so I am so excited about that I joined Allison's course back in May beginning of June kind of just stumbled upon her but I was so just wanting to create freedom in my life I have two kids and husband I'm working mom of two and so I just wanted to create time freedom so that I can spend time with my kids and so I joined her course not really sure what I was doing not sure at all what I was doing but knew that she would help me along the way and I've always been interested in fashion and have a little fashion blog that I've run for a couple years and I've always thought it would be fun to have my own clothing store but wrote it off is one of those things like man I'll never be able to really do that but I realized through Allison and her trainings that I can because I can write so um that's what I set out to do I built my store and just launched three days ago Toula boutique calm and actually I'm wearing I'm wearing one of the shirts from the shop right now but launched it and within three or $500 in sales and without the coupon codes we had some offers without those would probably be close to $600 in sales so I am just completely blown away to be able to go from zero to that within a matter of days less than a week and I just feel so empowered and encouraged and really the group that Allyson in the community that she's been able to build build is completely priceless it's so awesome as a business owner because you go through bumps you get discouraged to be able to go there and be encouraged by other people who are going through the same thing as you and people who help you in people who are there for you and they got your back it's completely priceless as a business owner and so I'm so thankful for Allyson I'm so thankful for this course in this community and I'm most excited for all of the good things yet to come and to grow my business with her in the community by my side you guys know that yes I teach a class on how to do e-commerce stuff right but I'm also doing e-commerce like I am in it right now finding out how it works it's not me telling a story of how my daughter sold a hundred thousand dollars like three years ago two years ago right it's not that like I'm in here doing this every single day and I want to show you guys something that happened today and what is working because this is what I drink my own kool-aid like I teach what I'm currently doing for you guys to be successful so I wanted to show you what I did what I did is I had another person sell my product for me so it wasn't me someone else selling my product for me they did it on an Instagram story with a swipe up you guys it made more money than my minivan cost when I bought it a few years ago now I don't have many anymore I switch it out for a Honda Pilot but to go back to it that swipe up made a heck of a lot of money so I'm gonna show you a little few little clips on how to do it but reach out to influencers and yes I had to play this influencer which you'll see is a blog that I own called how does she but I have to pay how does she the same amount of money that I pay any other influencer out there it's the same I try it on mine it will work then we go out to other influencers and are we gonna go out to other influencers absolutely as soon as we get off these orders there's lovers which is fun right guys make this happen it is happening too they not like three years ago two years ago like this happened today please Wednesday happened really good I'll show you numbers look at the cells $7,500 just for a little Instagram story swipe up I'm headed up to Boise for a meeting but before I head up I just stopped by to see how grandpa is doing so come with me let's go we're gonna go surprise him he caught me you saw me driving up I can't surprise him he's way too vast [Music] Grandma and Grandpa were married for 74 years this Tuesday a year ago she passed away so we're getting some plans ready to go put flowers upon her grave we miss her so much all right I love your grandpa he really is one of my most favorite people on this planet good morning I'm headed into the clickfunnels office this morning for I don't know what I call my brain on Disneyland who's excited to go into a business meeting Bob I cared about these kind of things hey guys Jame Dumas what's up in the house russell brunson right there he is amazing okay so here are the four things that I learned up at that click funnels office that I'm taking back with me and going to be using in all of my businesses because they were so good number one choose an ad vitur and an avatar is someone just one person that you sell to that you talk to that you can communicate with because when you're going and you're making your choices and your business and as you're building your brand it will help you get clarity and simplify your process and that was number two is simplifying right there so for an example when I was building tinker plum my avatar was a girl named Nikki she was a mama for she was beautiful but she wasn't perfect she could bake a little bit but was trying to learn and she was trying to be the best person that she possibly could this was my advert are so anything that I brought in it had to fit Nikki and if it didn't fit Nikki I wasn't gonna sell it so all my baking supplies took her baking level from lid to just by the presentation of it all the clothing I brought in did it spit Nikki's style if I was choosing colors today how that turquoise cuz turquoise was her favorite color did it have a turquoise theme to it if it did then that was it you guys were so good Chevron turquoise products because I knew my define person I knew who I was selling to who you build your brand think about food you're going to then if you're like Oh Shay self fishing lures no Nicky wasn't gonna go fishing I mean she might have but that wasn't who she was she found joy and her family that's who my avatar was and that's why helped to focus down on that brand Kate second simplify don't make it complicated you know your avatar then the fishing lures or the bowling balls or whatever you're not gonna sell that you're not gonna model with that you know who your person is so much easier to make decisions my number one led the number two led to number three this is like perfect okay number three less time for decisions right if I'm selling the Nikki then I know what she likes so it's gonna make it so much easier if I wonder for dinner it'd be great awesome conversation and I wouldn't be trying to pitch my product she would already want it because it's neat that's what she wants and then number four be a person of value when Nikki comes over I want to show her how to bacon these cupcake liners and show a specific recipe that goes in it and I'm giving her value I'm not selling selling selling right but I'm giving her content giving her information that she'll be able to use to be a better person like where to put washi tape on the outside of envelope or something like that to make it cuter right how can you offer value – if you're in fashion you know how can you pair it with the pair of shoes or a pair of earrings to make you look skinnier taller stronger whatever right they give people value instead of pushing a product how can you give a little bit more about you to improve their life in the middle of Jerome Idaho and my car won't start so I get to learn how to jump a car okay for me a good thing there's nice people out there help me jump on cuz I pulled over to the side of the road doing emails I learned how to jump a car yay for me I was on the freeway stop solid it is taking about two extra hours to get home grandpa's event is happening so soon so I hope I can make it cuz I got to stop and get flowers and go get my family and then head up to the graveside and I only have a couple hours do it in so fingers crossed that I can make this happen on the freeway going one mile an hour come on oh that took seven and a half hours to get home what she should've taken about four hours oh my goodness picked up the family 14 minutes to be there and it's gonna take a little longer than that we're doing assess I can't get up there we made it one minute early yeah oh but nobody's here chicken dinner we got here first [Music] [Applause] build your dream business make this your reality why because you can because I can join because I can plan get involved learn watch the videos binge binge binge watch and make this your reality white so it's happening you guys it happened with Bri I'm doing it it's your turn okay we'll see you later bye [Music]

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