HOW TO MAKE MONEY FROM INSTAGRAM POSTS | 11 Examples to Help You Make Sales

– Today I'm gonna talk
about exactly what to post on Instagram to make more sales. Instagram users are the
highest engaged users of any social media platform,
so you need to create posts that leverages that engagement. (upbeat music) Hey, it's Suzanne with I'm an online business owner and social media marketing expert, here to help you generate
more traffic, more leads, sales and signups into your business so that you can work
smarter and grow faster, and today I'm gonna show
you 11 awesome examples of posts that do this really well. Instagram is the fastest
growing social media platform to date, with over one
billion active users. It's not going anywhere anytime soon, and has a massive force in the
culture and the marketplace. All right, before we dive into exactly what you should be posting, go ahead and click that subscribe button and the notifications bell so that you can get the
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Now, when creating content for Instagram, remember that it's a social
media platform, it's not Amazon. People aren't there on Instagram to shop, they are there to connect
with others, consume content and to be entertained. So you have to meet them where they are, and don't come at them shoving
your pitch in their face. You need to start by
giving them the content that they're looking for by
just leading with pure value. 80% of your posts should be value based.

They should not contain any type of pitch. They either need to inform, entertain or inspire your audience,
and the better you do this, the more success you'll have
with the other 20% of the time when you're actually promoting something. All right now, I'm gonna
show you some great posts from brands from various industries to help unlock your creative juices and get some great content. So let's dive into those examples and show you what to post on Instagram. We're gonna start with an educating and informing your audience post. Remember, 80% of your
posts should be pure value, either to educate, inspire
or entertain your audience.

Now, Dr Berg is a weight
loss and health specialist. This is a great example of giving his audience a helpful tip. This is consistent with
what his audience expects and is looking for. It's another rule to follow
when creating your content, is that all your content
needs to be consistent. The audience that you're
speaking to, your offer, the info in your bio, the link that you're
sending them to in your bio, all your content in your feed, it all has to make sense together. Know who you are speaking to. Know what problem your offer
solves and keep that in mind as you're talking to your
audience through your posts. Now, Dr Berg here does a great job. He's providing a tip for your health. He definitely knows this basic
rule and he's right on point, providing value for his audience. Number two, this is a
great example of a post from Adriene for yoga. Adriene is a big YouTuber, and this post is actually
a promotional post.

You wouldn't necessarily see
or think that right away, but it is a way for her to generate leads. She's offering something of value in exchange for their contact information. So they will put in their name and email to get the meditation, but
she's also giving value in the caption of the post itself. So even though it's a promotional post, she's still leading with value. That is great marketing. Number three, this is a great example here from Amy Porterfield. This is visually appealing, right? It's great aesthetics. It's providing value in
just the picture itself, but she's also talking to
her audience of entrepreneurs about goal setting and planning. So she's leading with value but again, it's actually a promotional post. She ends with introducing
her audience to a planner that she offers and promoting it to them. A great post from Facts to Success. Their audience is people interested in online income streams.

Here in this post, they
are sharing to how to grow an Instagram following. Great value added to their
audience for free, great post. I love this post here,
this is from Val Petty. She offers essential
oils and this is a post that is full of valuable information that people who are interested specifically in essential oils would love to get their hands on. So this is great marketing right here. Now let's move onto posts that inspire. Number six, this is one of my posts. My audience is home businesses
and online entrepreneurs. Now, entrepreneurs love mindset
and motivational things, so this is a great post for my audience because it inspires them to
essentially just shine and grow and the people will come. Number seven, great post here
from fitness guru Tony Horton.

I know him from years ago, I
still work out to his videos. He does the P90X videos and 10
Minute Trainer workout videos and more than that. His audience is people
looking to better themselves, people trying to be healthy, and this is a great motivational post about making the most of your life, right? Very inspiring to his audience. Number eight, an awesome
post from Angie Galentine. She's speaking to her audience
of entrepreneur minded folks and their work ethic. You need to do your best and work hard, but not to the point of a breakdown. It's about balance and taking care of
yourself in the process. Very inspiring to entrepreneurs
who push themselves and sometimes overlook themselves too. This is a great post. Now, let's talk about some
great ways that brands are entertaining their audiences. I love this one, Juggling the Jenkins. It's honestly a hilarious brand. She is so so funny.

She is super great at entertaining. Their brand is really down
to earth, real life parenting and real life struggles
in a very funny way. Now again, the post
itself is entertaining. It makes you smile just looking at it, but it's also promotional and
it's actually pushing people to the link in their bio. So they're giving some value, they're entertaining a little bit but they're also pushing people to check out the link in their bio. Number 10 is another post
from Juggling the Jenkins and a great example of memes.

You can use memes as a
way to entertain people. She really knows her
audience and who they are, and she knows exactly
how to entertain them. Number 11, this is a great
post from Kellie Cameron and she's showing you that
entertaining doesn't have to be laugh out loud funny, okay? To busy, overworked women,
this kind of makes them smirk and it's not a direct
promotion, but it also opens up a conversation about a
product she's working with that she's promoting, Fizz. So "It's just a top knot kinda day".

Your hair is a mess, you're
throwing it up in a bun, yada yada yada, right? And so you're offering that
level of entertainment as well. Now, these 11 posts are great examples from a wide variety of industries. So which post did you like the best? Let me know which ideas did
you get for your own business? Again, this is Suzanne
from Please know that I'm in
your corner and on your side and I am right here to help
you create the time freedom and financial freedom
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