How To Make Money From Home | even as a Teenager (also for Student in Malaysia)

Tak payah jadi influencer TikTok, Instagram ataupun Youtuber.
No need to become influencer can also earn good money, thousands per month now online using your Phone or PC,
even though you are a student. If you have no special skills or degree or product
that should not stop you. Which is why you should really watch this video until the end. In this video I'm going to list down all the ways,
legitimate ways you can actually make an honest living
from providing your service, using the skills,
the knowledge that you already have. How? You can actually make money
from home, from Internet. So far my Malaysian fans, it's about. Cara buat duit tanpa modal untuk orang dewasa ke, pelajar sekolah ke.

Duduk di rumah, guna internet dan PC atau phone
sahaja, You boleh buat duit cara dengan Shopee dengan app ataupun dengan Youtube. If you are a parent, I also want you to watch this,
because this is basically helps your children to monetize the immense amount
of time they spend on social media, browsing TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and all
that in a financially productive way. And anak korang sudah tahu macam mana nak cari duit
dengan sendiri. Ini akan meringankan beban kewangan anda.
Kalau dia orang nak beli itu ke, ini ke. You just bagi tahu dia orang. "Kalau you mampu, carilah duit sendiri, tak payah lah minta duit dekat mak bapak. No.1 Be a transcriber, translator or
a proofreader. You join Astro as a senior associate. You only get paid one to RM1500 a month. And if you look at the job description,
not bad, for me is a lot of responsibility. And some more, it is a senior position where they need you to have five years
of experience as a full time staff and you could have a secondary school
qualification or even a degree.

And still, a senior is only up to RM1500 in Malaysia. And this is in September 2020. And you could see all these comments
people are posting like it is so funny. You say that if you were in Mydin
Hypermarket as a cashier, you would get RM1.5k, allowance not included, yet. More relaxing.
No datelines. Somebody say McDonald's pays better and another person say
working as a SenQ Sales Associate. still worse than Astro Senior Associate
because you can get like RM1500 per month, even as a trainee. Once you
become a full time with commission. It could be like RM3000 to RM4000. I'm not sure how to list that I have never been one, but I have paid other
people one or two hours of work. You could easily earn 10 20 USD just sitting at home
without any risk of Covid infection. But you really need is a good listening
skill and also good language skills. But even if you are not the best,
just always Google Translate to the rescue.

A media executive.
The hours are long, but the pays are low, so it is on the lower left hand side
of this quadrant, which is not ideal. Ideally, it would be in the upper right hand side quadrant where income is
relatively high and then the hours are relatively short or it
is basically flexible. ringkasannya cara buat duit online. Duduk rumah macam ini, bahasa you mestilah terer.
Falls into left of the quadrant. But it's not exactly the highest paying
job because there's a lot of competition. Which brings me to No.2, offer your skills for hire on platform, on job platforms
internationally like Fiverr and Upwork. Now if the person who hire you is someone
in the U.S, for example, You are based in Malaysia,
basically they pay you in USD and then what you earn,
it's a four times multiplier in Ringgit.

For example, I have hire someone in Europe to actually test
the security on my website. And I, I basically pay him a 500 USD and this kind of very specialized
job can get you higher pay. What I would like to call is
a high income skill. If you already have certain skills that is very rare and maybe Malaysian's company
cannot afford you or they don't see your skills that your skills are needed, you could actually
go again on this gigs platform. Upwork, Freelancer or fiverr. So, apa yang saya cakap betul ke tidak? Ini memang cara buat duit
online tanpa modal. You could actually earn really good money
from there, especially you get paid in USD. But still
the hours could be long, depending on how many jobs that
you take, become a language tutor. One of the platform that I have
to actually show you is called Cambley. Now, literally, you are actually being
paid to check if you are really good in your English, obviously you must have
excellent command of spoken language. Duh! Berbual pun kena bayar, fuiyo Yang ini kemungkinannya cara buat duit paling sesuai untuk
pelajar sekolah You have absolute control
of the number of hours you can put in.

This is the page to register
for Campley, comment below. If you want the exact URL. No.4 you could be a program tester or an app tester
Add your feedback on the problems you encounter when you actually
test a new program. So what other website is called Testbirds, where you could actually register
to test all those new programs That is submitted by
companies or developer. You are already using your phone
most in most hours of the day. Why don't monetize your screen time?
This is the page to actually, which is to register for Testbirds. Comments below
if you want the site, the page to register for this. And if you're a parent,
this is very important for you to teach your kids and tell your kids, this is what
you should do, aside from. Browsing Facebook, Instagram or TikTok. Inilah cara you buat
duit online dengan app. Now, if that testing is not your cup of tea,
then maybe you'd like to play a game now. You could actually monetize your
playing games on your Phone.

What we call is all those game app right?
be a game tester, still you feedback on the bugs or what are the glitches
that you encounter. And this is how much you can earn from a
website called PlaytestCloud and comments below. If you want to actually
be a game tester Ini adalah cara you boleh buat duit online main game, I tak tipu, all this is real. No.6, you could be a referer
for businesses, is that you can refer your friends or family or colleague or if you
have a large social media following, you can actually refer them
into a product review. And then if any of your audience actually liked the product,
they have a niche for that. They buy that product
through your affiliate link. After seeing your product review,
you earn a commission from whatever they buy, maybe is 1, 2,
3, 5 or 10 percent. Now, these are the products or
services they want or need anyway.

Now, you don't actually have to actually produce or even keep stocks of these
kinds of product. Usahlah saya explain panjang lebar kerana saya telah buat satu video tentang affiliate
marketing sebelum ini. You just click on the upper right hand corner
to actually watch that entire lesson. what are the platform, apa platform in Malaysia that you can use to dive
into affiliate marketing? Now you have basically unlimited upside
potential and it could be one form of a very passive income
stream. Boleh buat lima angka, tidur Ini, bukan cerita dongeng. It's not a myth.

Even during MCO where all the businesses are close, there are people who are using this method
to actually earn income to supplement or even replace their main income,
because this really happened as I interview the CEO of this affiliate
marketing platform in Malaysia. So I want you to check out this video popping up on the upper right hand
corner. Inilah cara anda boleh buat duit online melalui Shopee atau Lazada,
di Malaysia. Moving on next. Of course, you could actually make videos upload that to your YouTube channel,
someone like Sugu Pavitra. When I talk about becoming a YouTuber and trying to grow a YouTube channel,
doing what you love is the only sustainable way to do
this for a long term. I also have huge respect
for channels, like Malaysian channels like Weng Honn. Can you imagine what the admin
behind Weng Honn channel does every day? He wakes up every day What is the top trending news
open up his PC and then make a commentary, ataupun buat ulasan, bagi pendapat dia, record a video, upload it and then Boom, done for the day. Easily five
figures a month as can be shown.

From the statistic from Social Blade
So, inilah cara anda buat duit online dengan YouTube,
starting maintaining and growing a YouTube channel really takes a lot of hard work,
including the video editing part. I would consider that to be quite a long hours, but at the same time the earning
potential are virtually unlimited. Lastly, you could actually be a gamer and,
you know, live stream on Twitch. And I guess Twitch is a platform whereby
you could play a game on your computer, PlayStation and whatnot,
connect the Internet as you are playing. You could actually make funny or controversial commentary or a reaction
when you're actually playing the game. And there are people who really like to watch other gamers playing a game
rather than playing it themselves. So, gone , are the days when your mom actually stopped you from playing games
because it is time wasting. Dulu mak bapak selalu cakap, jangan play computer games,buat buang masa sahaja.

Now, in the 21st century. Ini bukan buang masa. You boleh buat duit main game online, dan broadcast kepada
semua orang, tengok macam mana you main. If you are funny, kalau you memang kelakar, you punya
commentary or you memang handsome ke, you know, lagi bagus kalau
you ada make-up ke you punya follower akan derma,
atau donate or subscribe to your channel and you can actually get paid quite
lucratively on a recurring basis. Buat bulan-bulan la, macam la satu gaji yang tetap.
the top game streamer in the world earns more than USD$700 every
single month, that is more than 2.5 million. And if you think this cannot be done in Malaysia. Well there is a Malaysian lady,
can actually earns five figures a month. And as I'm showing you over here, you really want to check
this out, to see what you are missing. So inilah cara anda buat duit online main
game, guna platform macam Twitch. But your hours could be long because those top games streammer, actually spend 6-8 hours
every day, treat it like a job, play a game. But your earnings are virtually unlimited
if you really have a lot of followers.

It's irony right? among all the gigs or the jobs that I explained over here,
the one with the lowest pay and the longest hours
are the one that actually needs a degree. The others you actually don't need any degree or qualification. Must
fulfill these four criteria. It must give you a good
earnings at the same time, it is safe you there's no need for you to meet people face to face,
but also zero capital required and you must get paid fast means that as fast as next
month, at the same time you do things that you love or good at and it must be
come with no risk, which means that you're not going to lose money, like, you know, stocks or
forex trading.

Secara ringkasnya inilah 4 kriteria tanpa modal, tanpa risiko, cepat, dan juga agak lumayan. Comments below on which options that you want to try first when it comes
to how to make money online, even if you don't have any special skills
and you are not; even if you are just a student, you might want to do this part time so
start you could register to any of these platforms and start
to actually make money online.

Buat duit online. Guna PC ataupun phone, melalui Internet,
if you have found this video helpful. Please click on the like and hit on
subscribe to see more videos like this. A reminder, any income that you generate online, you must pay tax.
Jangan tak bayar cukai bagi lembaga hasil tau..

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