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hey guys welcome back so welcome to
another another series of thousand ways to make money so in this series i teach
you guys how to make money so my goal is to teach
you guys 1000 ways to make money if you didn't
know that make sure to check out the playlist
and check out more videos in this video i'm going to show you exactly
how you can make money as an instagram marketer right i'm not that good with
singing but you get the punch so let's move on so
what is and who is a instagram marketer so pretty much as the
name suggests so you'll be someone who's going to help
another person who has an instagram page or profile promote their products
or their profile help them get more followers audience
optimize their optimize their bio all that stuff let me show you what i
mean so i'm showing my instagram but as an instagram marketer what your job
is is to make sure that hey does the bio look pretty cool
is it going to attract more people it's going to get more followers for that
person or that company or that brand keep that in mind okay
next next thing your job is to make sure that
hey how are people engaging how is the engagement on that person's uh post so
your job is to help them come up with creative posts and creative videos to
post that's their that's that's the main goal
now how do you do that so idea is this so
depends on a product or this depends on a brand but usually you want to have
them post a content that's going to drive more likes more
share with their friends and more comments
okay so how do you do it so a couple of tips so
what you want to do is you want to post something unique you want to post
something that's going to go ahead and spark people to you know comment share
okay and how do you do that the way to do that is post something that's
a little weird that's out of the box let's say you post
you know a picture saying uh give your best
okay that's it okay that doesn't that's cliche
it's been said thousand times you have to do something unique
you have to make it unique for people okay keep that in mind now how do you do
that so let me give you some examples so i've been doing it for a long time so
i'm gonna show it to you so for example okay
i'm gonna show you a couple so i said on here says four steps to better 2021.
this is 2020 but i'm talking about 2021 so
and it's a corona time right now as you guys know and i wanted to make it a
little unique okay and uh it just to just to spark that
you know that that you know what's going on so people will
watch it okay that's one number two for example i've been making these posts
as you can see how to start a million dollar business okay
how to read 50 books in one year like how do i do it people think about that
right but keep in mind your post has to be
creative and add value to people's lives so make
sure you teach that to your client okay keep
in mind your clients you know they want to go
ahead and grow their following they want to make more money
they want to bring more traffic to their websites and all of
that can be done with posts on this instagram like these so as you
can see for example this one okay how to mail an
interview see it's a little unique okay keep that
in mind let's move on let me show you a little bit more
i said stop listening to people okay i said don't go to college i don't tell
people go to to not to go to college i just tell them
you know that's the starting that's the hook and i tell them i give them reasons
okay keep in mind that uh you know if you're
just saying if you're just following the herd
you're not unique you have to you have to make yourself
stand out and you can do that by you know saying
something unique you know you have to be you know if people are just following
one trend you have to say something else and that's gonna make a difference and
that's gonna add more value to people's lives okay
keep that in mind that's your job okay you have to make sure you're buy
make sure that you know your clients bio looks good as well they're posting often
you know the stories and all that as well that's your job okay
so that's how you go ahead and do it now so where do you find these clients who
want these things done and what you do is of course you get
your own instagram account right and then
you start creating posts for yourself as well because you do want to show people
that hey i'm doing it for myself as well you
don't have to overdo it just have some post
as an example that's one number two you wanna find
influencers right that's number one number two find brands
find brands who are interested in you know growing their audience and how do
you do that you can just go to you can go to uh
product hunt you can go to product hunt there are
there's new companies popping up every single day
and they need more following they need more customers and
you can reach out to them that's number one number two again
the best way is to search people here on instagram just
just go through it okay just go through it see who is trending and all that
stuff and you'll find people who need help
okay who need help they might be they might they might have
a lot of following but they might not be getting sales or their post might not be
that good so what you do is you look at it usually there should
be a in a button here to send out an email or you'll see their
website contact them and tell me hey i can help you get more followers help
great more engagement content and post more
creative posts go ahead and offer that to them okay
that's your job now how do you actually do it how do you
actually make them go viral or how do you
you know make sure that they are growing right here's what you do so
you need to go ahead and of course come up with creative post that's number one
and you can do that yourself through using softwares like canva canva right so canva canva is like a
powerpoint uh but it's like all built-in and they
give you instagram like you know um they give you the instagram layout
already so go ahead and go to canva and you can just do it as you go
here marketing and you'll see social okay there we go
instagram post so they have these templates right and all you have to do
is start using the templates and the free you can
get a free account as well now you feel like oh that's not gonna work
it is gonna work that's so camera right you go and create a post
and let me show you an example okay for example
like these all of these i created them on canva
simple as that so you can go and create them on canva so that's one way
number two is you can hire somebody you can hire people on fiverr
that's you know low end not that great okay now if you want
experts and then what you need to do is go to head over to or and what you can do is you can actually
pay another expert who knows how to create these
and then pay them and keep the difference you can do that as well
now there you go that's how you do it number one
number two you do need to learn how to run ads on instagram okay
running ads on instagram is actually kind of easy
uh you don't have to make it complicated you can if you want to
but to start out just head over to
business and you'll find it right here as well it'll teach you
step by step right here this is step by step on how to create an
ad for instagram simple nice it works okay so go ahead
and use that okay keep in mind you should know that you know instagram is
owned by facebook so that's what i'm telling you guys to go
on this site as what's called business okay that's it
you need to go ahead and once you go ahead and you know help them create do
all these things make sure to create a core account for your
client and then start helping them you know creating posts
on quora and it really really helps out because
it just makes them stand out now the way to do that is you know let's say
your client is in sports right or fitness
so you go ahead and click uh fitness right
fitness now once you go ahead and click on fitness you're gonna find
questions that these people have and you can go ahead
and have your client go ahead and you know
um have them you know answer questions here right here like this
that's going to bring them more followers make sure your clients profile
has their instagram and all that as well i made a different post on the on my
channel where i teach you guys how to uh you know you know how to
actually create uh in a post on quora so make sure to
check that out as well okay let's move on next up is reddit so go to
reddit same concept right go to reddit and you can go ahead and
post things like these from your instagram so
i made this post for instagram right here right i did
and i posted it on on here it works simple as that so you're pretty
much rehashing the content that you created for your
instagram on these channels simple as that
okay and how much do you charge people that's the biggest question so
i recommend having here's what i want to do have a set of fee
or rata or or a retainer okay set a fee now once you have a setup and the setup
fee is pretty much your initial deposit and how much should it
be it could be about a thousand bucks okay and then what you
want to do is you want to charge people a monthly fee
so your monthly fee could be about 1.99 per month and that could include one
post per week and running
ends okay and if you need to if you're doing like quora and all let's keep
adding 50 bucks per post so pretty much you can do that
as well so that's pretty much it and and that's how you can get started
as an instagram marketer so that's it guys so
make sure to check out my other videos on how to make money for
you and your family keep in mind guys share
these videos it really helps me out and please subscribe and on the comments
tell me what questions do you have and i'll
personally go ahead and answer them as well thank you so much you

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