How To Make Money As A Kid/Teen

skills parodies comedy and more only on true comedy TV see you clicked on this video because you need money and if you're a kid like me you know that we're pretty much broke so today I'm going to give you some tips and tricks on how to get more money now I just want to say before I get into it that you do actually need to do work to get this money because it's not just gonna come right to you so just a disclaimer so tip numero uno is to do chores and I know that this may seem pretty basic and a lot of people do it but it is a real easy way to get money can get monthly allowance and that can really help you start building up for what we're going to talk about next which is creating a business so tip number two is make a small business that is easy for you to make money now I have a few small businesses that that I do I know that I'd make minecraft GFX for people it's pretty cheap you can check out that channel right here but it's an easy way for me to get money and I'm good at working with Photoshop so it all works out for me another helpful business that works for younger people is to babysit kids you can get a lot of money per hour and depending on the child and how many they are you don't really have to do anything you can just be sitting on the couch playing on your phone and you're getting money so fine who's best for your babysitting job make some fliers make some business cards and you will have moms with their three old kids wanting you to babysit them while they go and would have fun themselves and do whatever forty year olds do so my third tip is to make money at absolutely any situation that you can whether it's going and delivering something for someone or really anything you could always get an extra five dollars ten dollars depending on what the job is that is a really helpful way to start by building your piggy bank which falls into the category of saving and gingka your money and obviously we are not working for someone you know we don't get like $40,000 a year so by buying one thing your money can be gone like that and there's just three four months of allowance or whatever you do out the droop out the window it's gone I'll never see it again which is why I would HIGHLY advise not to buy a lot of stuff once you're getting that money because the sooner you learn how valuable that $1 bill is the less you'll buy stuff and I have learned that the hard way and wasted a lot of money on an Xbox 360 and a lot of games wasn't smart so managing the money and knowing what to do with it is very very important so my last tip for you is to invest your money and stuff that can make that money back for you like I invested six hundred dollars in this camera and I get money back from it from my YouTube partnership I get money for ads so I will slowly make that money back so depending on what you buy you can make your money back or not so it's really smart to buy something that you can get your money back on so thank you for watching this episode I am Ethan from true comedy TV and I will see you in the next one peace

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