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if you like to explore your genius
playing video games I'm gonna show you the best way to make money doing so. is this the dreamer what? I'm talking about spending your free time playing video
games – like we both know you already do, but now you're gonna get paid for it. cuz
let's face it the reason you aren't already doing this is these guys, your
parents. come on. if you like to explore your genius
playing video games I'm gonna show you the best way to make money doing so and that's by getting your parents on your side. number one: Play to their sense of
nostalgia. for some reason your parents have forgotten that when they were your
age all they wanted to do was game too. they had things like Atari, something
called ColecoVision, commodore 64, they even had an old-school Nintendo.

Hey Dad
can you come here for a sec. what's up son? hey dad I just noticed we have this like
ancient looking game. what's this, miss pac-man? have you ever played miss pac-man? played miss pac-man?! yeah. man I was the king of the arcade with miss pac-man. used to
crush it. miss pac-man, pac-man, Galaga, Missile Command.. oh yeah this reminiscing could go on forever. I just took him back to his childhood. but now, time to move on to step number two – get him in the game. that's so cool dad. you know, I
really haven't played miss pac-man much. maybe you should show a new dog some old tricks. Man, give me this joystick. I will show you what real gaming is all about. we can stay here for the rest of the day but don't stop now. remember we're trying to
make some money with this gaming thing. so now it's time to move on to the next
plan. number three – connect old-school gaming to new-school gaming, even if it
makes no sense like this. hey Dad. hmm. you know this miss pac-man thing really reminds me of a game I like to play, Fortnight.

Okay. yeah it has a lot
of similarities. you know I really think that you'll like it. You wanna go play
that for a second. um yeah I like that idea just let me clear this board first. Sure! No problem. number four. wait.
Nadia can you get off the game real quick. Dad and I need this space. but I'm gaming. I'm sorry Nadia but dad and I really
need this space to game. dad Nigel's just trying to get you to let him play…Ahh, Nadia, Nadia, mom's making cookies upstairs.

Number four, feed them all of their
favorites. who's on your album? all your favorites. hey Dad you want a snack? yeah whatcha got? mac and cheese? oh yeah. Oreos. mmm yes! how about some Doritos? I'll take it. Is this what we're doing today? number five – play up parent kid time. hey
Dad. you know we don't get enough father-son time. how about let's go for a
walk. sure, let's do it. get ready to engage the Getting ready to engage the money-making phase. number six plan
convenient coincidences. oh this is great dad
let's spend some more time like this together I love this day. ahh me too son. well would you look at that.
there's a gaming place right on our walking path.

Nice. hey Dad you want to
continue this father-son time and get some gaming in? of course I do! number seven – operation puppy dog. dad, you're doing amazing. Thanks. I'm going to go to the bathroom real quick okay. alright that's cool. all right. see most
gaming places like this. Nadia what are you doing here? whatever. see most gaming places like this will have some kind of tournament where you can win money. and I just picked this flyer and I'm about to give it to dad.
hey Dad. yeah bud. they have these cool tournaments here where you can play to
win money. time to engage the puppy dog. but Dad they had these awesome tournaments here but I don't think I'm good enough.

I don't think I can win this.
do you think I'm good enough? good enough? Not only do I think you're good
enough, I think you're good enough to come here first place. really? yeah, you
remind me of me when I was your age. I used to play games all the time but I never
thought of making money from games. so good job. Thanks dad.
this leads me to my final and best step numbered 8 – reel him in. hey Dad? hmm? since you're so in support
of me.

I don't know… this is kind of off the top of my head but… what if I started
a gaming business? a gaming business? A gaming business? Yeah, it's just kind of off the top of my head but I do have a couple of ideas. hmm, okay, so a couple of different
options. just off the top of my head. okay dad so option one. so some kids need some help getting their scores up so I could tutor them while we play the game
through FaceTime. so the second option I can go to the park and challenge some
people to play a game. click that "I" in the corner to see exactly how I do that.
this is option 3. this is where you really get to him. Well dad I've just been enjoying this day so much so you're probably gonna
think this next idea is crazy. Aww, go on son. well I was thinking. you and I could create a gaming business. you know, keep this father-son fun going.

we could
take the big extra room in the house,set up a few gaming stations, and create our
own father-son, gaming business, gaming camp! hmm. I like it! Wow I think that's a
perfect idea. we can do it on the weekends, after work time. play games like Fortnight, Pacman, Madden… and there you have it seed squad. get your parents on
your side and not only will they encourage you to make a gaming business but they might even help you do it. if you want more business ideas you can
start as a kid click the link in the description below and get loose!.

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