How to Make Money as a Kid- Part 1 Home Services

hi i'm steve from how to make money as a kid calm today we're going to talk about over 200 ways you can make money as a kid stay tuned alright so all these ideas are either ideas I've done myself I've seen other kids do or professional businesses do them so let's get started we're gonna talk about home services ways you can make money around the home first off house-sitting when people go on vacation they need Sun a lot of times they want someone don't stay and wash their home they've got plants to water they've got pets to take care offer your shares to the sitter their home take care of those things and watch and you know watch TV you need popcorn it's easy handyman everyone these things fixed around the house if you're good at fixing things offer your services to fix people's stuff around their house and get paid window washing windows are always dirty offer your services that come and wash their windows on the outside or the inside house cleaning is a great way to make money as a kid charge a little bit less than the professional people to do it and get tons of clients furniture cleaning carpet cleaning companies will usually clean couches chairs different things like that offer your services to come through of people's homes and clean their furniture tile grout cleaning you know there's two little spaces in between the tile it gets really dirty that gets mold their dirt their stuff gets stuck in there offer your services that come and scrub that little grout charge bar per tile or a charge per room or however you want to do it it's great what it makes some money book repairs my mom and my wife both have a stack of books that they need to be repaired they either need a little glue or a little tape offer your services to come do that organic pest control pest control is a huge industry trust me I've been doing it the last four years it's a great way to make money as a kid just charge less you could probably do just as good a job as a professional people installer and you know those little those little look throughs in the on your front door so you can see when people are knocking on your door yeah a lot of people don't have those offer your service to install people's up high or if they're you have one and have kids install one lower in the door for kids so they can see out as well credit control if you live next to the mountains or Lexus a big field people who got mice rats raccoons alligators squirrels you name it offer your services to come get rid of those critters and charge poor critter carpet cleaning everyone needs their carpets cleaned rent a rug doctor from Walmart and charge to do someone's house or just buy some a little spray stuff and spot clean people's homes paint fences in the Sun and rain paint chips off wood and metal fences need to be painted also rust or mold and breakdown offer your services once a year to come by and paint those fences paint home exterior the same thing goes with home exteriors whether it's a stucco home or a siding home they need to be constantly painted so either whether it's touch-ups on the home or painting the whole home it's great way to make money you poxy paint garage floors if you're not if your floor is not epoxy it already you'll notice how there's always those oil stains in this concrete because the concrete sucks up the oil if you poxy paint those it goes away you can't see it the oils does spill you just wipe it up it looks really good a lot of people really like having that done paint garage interiors contractors never paint the inside of the garage when they build a new home offer your services to go around and paint those and garage and tears it's easy and it ups the value of people's house paint home interior help people in your neighborhood paint their homes inside whether it's a one-room the changing the color or if it's a whole house power wash homes always get really dirty cobwebs wasps nests dirt it all gets build up on there Spray homes down with a power washer to clean a lot clean gutters if you live in an area where there's a lot of trees the chances are people are going to need their gutters cleaned all that debris falls in the gutters and clocks them so offer your services that go around a couple times a year and clean those gutters and get paid hanging up pictures hang up pictures around people's homes whether it's pictures or decorations people always have things they're moving around or want to change offer your services to change those Christmas lights around Christmastime everyone wants to put up Christmas lights offer your services to come by and do it for them professional companies charge a lot of money but you as a kid could charge a lot less would still make awesome money holiday decorations up and down whether it's Halloween Christmas Thanksgiving people are always putting up tons of decorations and then taking them down after the holidays over offer your services to help people do that take them up and put them down holiday yard flags many patriotic people love to have a national flag stuck in their yard on national holidays earn money as a kid by doing that every national holiday and get paid game day yard flags there's a ton of sports fans everyone's got their own team they like on the day their team plays put their team flag in their yard so that the neighbors can know who they're rooting for flagpole installation it's easy but a flagpole in the ground put it up charge people to do it air filter changer people need to have these change every three months for their cooler or their heaters in their homes offer your services that come by every three months and change people's filters garbage cans service I've seen a five-year-old do this take the garbage cans out before the dump truck comes bring them back in after he's done and get paid every week to do that boat cleaner no one wants to clean their boat after they go to the lake offer your services to clean up their boat after they get back or even before they go camper cleaner the same thing goes with this clean people's campers when they get back from camping inside or out ATV maintainer and cleaner ATVs always need an oil change air filters change and they always need to be cleaned after they get back from digging in the minor in the sand dunes offer your services to clean those and maintain them shoeshine men and women all have tons of shoes that need to be shined but they never get around to doing it up for your services to come to their home every week every couple weeks to shine all their shoes and get paid Christmas tree disposal all right so after Christmas no one knows what to do with their Christmas trees come by and pick them up charge five dollars per tree or whatever you feel you can and make money all right I hope you found some of these ideas helpful and hope you can do one of them all right I've got three things I need you to do before we go like this if you found it was helpful subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to learn more and write your questions below I want to hear what your what you have to say I want to hear about questions you have about any of these ideas or how to do them let me know oh yeah

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