How to make Halal Money Online 2021

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you.. Hi, I am Dawood Kim. Today I will talk about how to earn extra money online. Of course, there are many ways to make money. However, many people do not have enough income due to Corona. So today I'm going to show you a side post. It's online marketing (affiliate marketing) that does not require investment cost (capital) and you can do it quite simply I will explain it I will show you a company in Korea. You can do e-commerce and affiliate marketing here. You can do e-commerce and affiliate marketing here. First, go to the website, a company that directly ships various products in Korea, click on Log in,
then create an account, type the ID,
wait for a reply to the mail, accept it
Then log in and click on Become a partner with us (client) We are ready You can see the control panel.

Click the new link here you can see this if you look at this site you will find a lot of korean products. Click on the product you want to sell like .. Snacks and copy the link then go back to the dashboard. Paste link Save You can see the new link Copy this link again Share this link to your channel and when someone buys the product using your link, 5% of the amount will accrue on your dashboard This is how you can make money easy right? I shared the link on social media Someone liked and bought the products $50 so I can earn 5% money That's how it works So how do you promote this? I'll tell you that text and video first, the text. Simple and attractive text. And you share the text on your social media Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media and you can share the video I know it's not easy you can make the video as images and share it on Youtube, Tiktok or Snapchat Well..Next How do we make the content? First, remember that you are like the broker to clients.

We take customers in the same direction to buy products What do people want to know when they read about a product? Of course, it is the product information. "What do I get from this product?" For example, cosmetics, how can I be more beautiful with this product? How much benefit can I get from this product? Let's go into more detail 1. Choose a high quality image 2. Explain how to use the product. How good is this product? 3. Write about the advantages of this product compared to other products. 4. Share your personal experience. The best thing is to use the product yourself and write your experience. At least refer to the opinions of others. Another tip about the title or the keyword is don't make it too short because when they search they are searching for phrases like “best proven home equipment” “best marathon running shoes” they are not just searching for the word “shoes”.

Keep it simple, but the most important thing is to set
keywords that can show product details. Hashtags as in hashtags. And when you post this on social media or your blog, you don't have to target only your country. For example, if you live in India, and if you select target consuming countries
like USA, Europe, Middle East, Australia etc… Of course, they will buy the product
easily and you will get more income Well then I told you how to earn extra money. To achieve good results, it is essential that you invest a
certain amount of time and persist in your online marketing.

This may be a little unusual. But you can try, if you want to earn
more money or if you are interested in Korean products, and introduce Korean products There are many Korean products and it would be good to try.

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