How To Make FREE Money With A Phone (or Tablet/iPad) Working Worldwide (NO Credit Card Required!)

hey everyone so today i'm going to show you my favorite method for earning free money online that has no hidden costs or fees does not require a credit card and it can be done with just a cell phone or a tablet like an ipad yep and the way that you can make free money with just a cell phone or a tablet is you can open a free online store and sell free items in it like cell phone cases t-shirts hoodies and even bath mats all while making a nice profit now i'll be honest if you've been subscribed for a while you're probably going to recognize this method but i highly recommend you keep watching anyway because in this video i'm going to teach you how to do it on the go on a phone or a tablet with step-by-step tutorials which is something i've never shown before so say goodbye to playing silly phone games and hello to using that time productively on the bustle train to work on creating an extra source of passive income but first quick disclaimer this is not a way to become rich or become a millionaire overnight if that's what you're after this video is not for you but i am really happy to say that lots of subscribers and viewers leave me regular comments telling me how the views my previous video tutorials i've made on this to now earn extra side money which is awesome congratulations everybody and see here's the thing yes i've shown how to do this method before but never on a cell phone or a tablet i've only ever shown how to do it on a computer and so literally every day i get multiple comments from my viewers asking if they can do it on a mobile device so i need to answer this question for these viewers asap and well the answer is obviously yes 100 you can do this but you need to know the right apps to use so the first thing that you need to do is to hit that like button and to subscribe but no seriously thank you so much for everybody that takes a moment out of your very busy day to give this video a like i genuinely appreciate the support no the actual thing that we need to do is to come to redbubble redbubble is a website that lets you create and sell lots of products online for free using something called print on demand now i know a lot of my subscribers already know what redbubble is and how it works but most people who watch my videos are new around here so please bear with me while i explain it for them i appreciate your patience so as i said using redbubble there are lots of products that you can create and sell for a profit for free so you can create and sell hoodies and sweatshirts and you can create and sell all sorts of things for the home so you could create and sell mugs or you could create and sell bathmats or you could create and sell clocks plus you can create and sell pillows which are very popular and something else that's really popular right now are masks masks are selling really great right now because people want to wear fun ones outside instead of boring ugly ones so if you have a fun face mask idea like this one here foggy glasses club you can correct and sell these for free and of course you can create and sell the most popular products on redbubble which are t-shirts the thing is all the products that you're seeing here including the t-shirts all of them have been created just by average normal people like you or i and while you might look at this and you might be like well sarah i'm not a graphic designer and i'm not an artist so i don't have a way to design t-shirts i can't do this trust me you don't need any designing skills nor do you need to be able to make t-shirts as i will show but i can imagine though that there's another question that a bunch of you are asking out there you're like sarah i get that you can sell all these products on redbubble but how is it free i mean if someone buys a t-shirt from me on beer don't i have to go buy that t-shirt so that i can ship it out to them or do i have to go make it look i'm broke i don't have a t-shirt factory i'm confused this doesn't sound free at all well here is how it works you simply register for a free seller account and upload either a picture or a trendy funny slogan that you think customers will love once you've uploaded your picture or slogan you can then choose from redbubble's products that you think it will look good on and that you want to sell in your free online redbubble store and you can modify them too so for example you can choose your primary t-shirt color that you think your design will look best on and move the picture around to pick a spot on the t-shirt that you like best and then once you've got the design looking the way that you want it to you then just save your product redbubble then store a digital copy of it on its website and your product will immediately go live in your store and redbubble's huge amount of customers will be able to find it and if they love it buy it and that's something that i think is pretty unique redbubble don't review your product to determine whether it's good enough for their marketplace and there's no waiting around to be able to make sales and money with it and you don't have to prove yourself either brand new sellers can immediately upload products onto their super popular marketplace and customers can start buying them right away and to me i genuinely think that this is pretty cool because it meant then that this lovely viewer was able to make a sale on her very first day and if you don't believe me that redbubble is super popular check this out millions of people are coming here each and every month looking to buy quirky fun t-shirts and it's not just my subscribers using redbubble to make money nope redbubble have made over 200 million dollars in the last year from customers coming to the site buying products that people like you upload and so if one of those customers finds your t-shirt and likes it and is like well i'm gonna buy this redbubble will collect the money that the customer paid and then their merchandise factory will print your design onto a t-shirt they will then package that t-shirt up and they'll ship it out to the customer automatically without you having to do anything they will remove their production fees from the money that the customer paid and pay you the profit as a commission so redbubble makes money because they make money from producing the product and you make money from the commission they pay you for your art it's a win-win the standard commission rate for t-shirts is 20 and they will pay it out either to a paypal account or to your bank account for eligible countries and so you can see why we in the industry call redbubble a print-on-demand website because that's literally what it is they're printing the products you create with them on demand as customers order them and by the way if you're watching this video and you would like to learn even more about setting up a print on demand business then you should be sure to download my free ebook the six steps that six figure online stores follow to make over ten thousand dollars a month and you'll find a link to download my free ebook in the video description below but anyway back to the video and clearly if you want to make money on redbubble it requires that you do two things one it requires that you're able to create trendy cool slogans or pictures to be able to upload to products and two it requires that you're able to actually upload those products to redbubble and luckily with the right apps you can do all of this with either a cell phone or a tablet so let me show you how to do these things step by step now for this tutorial i am going to be using my cell phone but this will work just as well on a tablet so here's the thing right on redbubble they list their top selling t-shirts on their product category home pages and look at what one of their top selling t-shirts is it's just a simple t-shirt featuring some typewriter text this simple little t-shirt is earning its creator money each month and of course it's not the only simple word-based design here nope there are so many other top selling t-shirts on redbubble which are just funny word-based designs that feature text and that is it simple word based designs when clever can sell great and so if you're not an artist then this is what i recommend that you focus on creating so for my tutorial i'm going to show you how to create word-based designs by showing you how simple it would have been if you had been the person who would come up with the slogan here by recreating this design from scratch using just my phone and to recreate it we will be using this 100 free app here spark post by adobe now while this does have a paid version you don't need to buy it at all the free version will work great so download the app and load it up and i'll show you how i recreated this design step by step so firstly i clicked on the blue plus button in the bottom right corner to create a new design and next i have to choose a background so i click solid color now when you're creating designs to print onto products you don't actually want a background at all you want to remove your background and to make it transparent now luckily this is super easy to do with the app and we will be making our background transparent later but for now we need to just pick a color and gray is nice because most colored text will show up on it making it easy to work with so once you've picked a color click next and now you need to select how big of a file you want your design to be i recommend clicking custom like me and making a big file i made mine five thousand by five thousand pixels by making a big file it will mean it will print in higher resolution onto your products because well if you upload a picture that's too small redbubble will tell you it's in too low of a resolution to print onto products so having a big picture size is important and once you've done that click done so next i of course wanted to change this text to be my funny slogan rather than this filler text so i just double tap the text and then modified it to be my slogan in my defense i was left unsupervised and the reason why this of course sold so well was at the time this was uploaded nobody had uploaded this phrase yet onto redbubble so if you want to succeed with making money on redbubble with simple word-based designs like this a great tip is that you should stay on top of trends so that you can be one of the first people if not the first person to put new funny slogans and phrases onto their products when they first become popular but yes after that i didn't want to have the square box which shows up behind your text by default but it's really easy to get rid of just come to shape and then here you can of course select all sorts of different shapes to appear behind your text so if you did want some sort of shape you can add it here but i just wanted plain text so i clicked the circle with the cross in it to get rid of it and after that i came back to color so here you can select any color you want for your text but obviously my design featured white text so that's what i chose white text is often a good choice for t-shirts as well because it looks awesome on a black t-shirt and black t-shirts are by far the most popular color so that is why you will mostly see black t-shirts on redbubble and so that is my pro tip for you if you have a design that you think customers will absolutely love that will definitely not work on a black t-shirt and needs to work on something like a white one then sure you can do that but otherwise i recommend that you design your slogans and pictures to work best on a black t-shirt since they are the most popular and after that i went and selected which font i wanted to use and something that's also really cool about spark posts is that all the fonts here they are free open source fonts and so what this means is that you're legally allowed to use these fonts on products that you sell and obviously that's what we want to do but for me i wanted to go with a typewriter look so i settled on the josefin slab font which i'm not sure if it's the right pronunciation it was looking really good but obviously the text area is pretty small here and my advice for most people is that you should make your design as wide as it can be there will always be exceptions but this is usually the best thing to do so i came to the size tab and dragged the size bar to make it bigger and moved it to the top and center of my design and you can just drag and drop it with your finger and a dotted line will appear on screen which will tell you that your text is centered and so this was looking really good of course but there was still one more tweak we needed to make do you see how far apart these sentences are from each other that was looking a little ugly so i came to the spacing tab and dragged the lines face down to bring the sentences closer together and boom we had the design the only thing left to do is to save the picture and remove that gray colored background that spark post four stars to add in the beginning so to do that just click the download button and then click transparent image and this will now save our picture and the picture will only feature text and it won't have any of that gray background and once it's saved you can upload it to redbubble and also pro tip if you're watching this and you are an artist then check out autodesk it's a free drawing app for tablets like an ipad if you have the talent you can use this to draw and upload a cool piece of artwork if you'd prefer to do that instead and by the way if you're watching this video and you have any questions then you should be sure to come along to my instagram q a hangout session at 8pm eastern usa time tonight as in the day this video goes live i regularly host live q a hangouts on my instagram page so if you haven't followed me go ahead and do so now but anyway back to the video so we created a top selling design using just our cell phone so now we need to upload it to redbubble so i'm going to show you how to do this with a cell phone step by step alright so if you go to your phone's app store you will see that redbubble has an app and this app is great for customers it's very easy to browse here for products so you know i'm sure a lot of people buy stuff using the app but it has zero functionality to allow sellers to upload their designs boo so instead just come to ripa's website and log into your free seller account now make sure you've completed your profile too because you can't sell products publicly until you've selected your payout method but that literally takes 30 seconds so it's no big deal after that click on the menu item and then click your seller profile and then just click add new work and as you'll see it now looks exactly like the computer version of this page and it works just as well obviously the buttons are smaller but it works just fine so to upload a picture click upload new work and then select the artwork that we made earlier with spark post and just let it upload now something that you may have noticed is that when you upload a design to redbubble it will let you add in tags now for the sake of keeping this video not overly long i'm not going to go into how to pick tags but picking great tags can be an awesome way to help people find and buy your products there are some fantastic video tutorials on youtube which talk more about this so if you're interested i highly recommend checking them out but while tags are optional a title is not you have to add in the title so if you're uploading a slogan just using the slogan as a title is absolutely fine and next you want to come in and choose which products you want to sell and edit it to make your design look great on it so for me i wanted to sell it as a t-shirt so i clicked the edit button on a t-shirt and here you can choose which color t-shirt you want as your primary t-shirt color and so of course while all colors do sell well black t-shirts are the most popular so if your design looks good on black it's usually the best color to pick and you can drag your design around with your finger and place it where you want and center it using the buttons on the right the functionality is 100 the same as it is on a computer you're just working with a smaller screen so once you've finished with it click apply changes so you now want to go through and edit each the products that you want to sell if there's a product you don't want make sure it's disabled if it's enabled just tap the enabled button to disable it to go through and pick which the products you think your design will look good on and disable it for the products that it will look bad on they may have noticed that my design isn't showing up on a lot of these products and that's because i'm using white text and a lot of these products are white so my white text will not show up on them so for products like this here it means in that if you have white text there's no point in selling them on those products anyway so i highly recommend disabling them so here at the bottom there are text boxes that are tiny on a cell phone but if you squint you can read it but basically there are two check boxes here that you need to tick the one in the bottom left says that you have the right to sell the art and the second on the bottom right is asking if your product contains nudity so just tap no you know on the condition that it doesn't actually contain any nudity otherwise your redbubble account will probably get shut down which wouldn't be so good so don't include nudity and then just save your products and well you know that's it you've uploaded your first product to redbubble for free and now people can come in and buy it and you've done it all just by using your cell phone or your tablet so did this video help you if it did please hit that subscribe button and click the little notification bell so you don't miss out on any of my videos and if you'd like to learn about how i built five sources of income in my 20s that earns me over a thousand dollars a day then you should be sure to watch my video which i will have here on this page so watch my next video and i will see you over there

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