what's up sexy freedom people today we're gonna go over three tip how to make $500 per day on Instagram without being famous if you're looking for the way to grow your Instagram channel and monetize in the right way this video is for you it's gonna be a good one stay tuned [Music] what's up everybody welcome back to my channel here's another awesome tutorial today I'm gonna show you how to make $500 per day on instagram if you will or subscribe yes yes yes thank you for showing up today and if you are new to my channel what you're gonna expect me teaching you how to make money online how to generate passive income and ultimately how to create your freedom lifestyle you want so if you did not subscribe to my channel making sure you smash that subscribe button and turn your notification bell so you wanna miss a future content now before I start into this finest video that we're talking about if you want to know my number one how to make a full time income online make sure you check the first link on a description with further ado let's start today's topic there is two way to make money on Instagram number one building personal branding page number two building a niche fanpage tip number one create value content why valuable content because you want to give value to your art and that is how your ardent attract to your Instagram page let me show you example Tai Lopez those of you who might don't know Thai he essentially one of the fastest-growing internet marketer on social media he was able to grow from 0 to 1.7 million followers in just a couple of years so he is one of the fastest growing Instagram platform out there the reason why he able to grow his followers so fast because every single one of his posts larly based on giving value so you can check it out his post value is a key to build an online business on Instagram just look at his Instagram alone you can see that he provided value just from the Rideau his post like this one right here when you click on it like this one Raheem Ian Russell D and Nick Wynne fan over here comment below so this is why he said this movie wasn't master P star to innovate like Freddie Mercury and Quinn did so if you check his whole entire Instagram account all his content is based delivering value here is another example Kino body you might be seeing his aunt on Facebook it's a great example for fitness bait that does a great job of marketing he's as bad note for his fitness program you can see his giving our free video training how to build a pice up right here and all the training exercise at the gym you might be wondering my we have valid to put out how can we grow our page thank you to this man Gary Vaynerchuk his $1.80 strategy now how is this treasure you work let me show you fine 10 relevant hash tag in your niche reach out and common on the top nine posts of each hash tag continue light and common and get to know each other on in your niche now the $1.80 or to send per post then you time that by nine post then you time again in ten different hash tag that give you one dollar and eighty-seven do that every day and consistent you will grow your Instagram page really fast tip number two build relationship you want to build relationship with your audience you want to take them off of Instagram why you want to do that because Instagram become a very noisy place everything similar to each other you cannot really bond to your attractive character or someone relate to your photo or your one-minute video and of course you can bond with them by looking at their story if you have time to do story every single day great go for it you can see my instrument pay I try to take my audience off of my Instagram by sending them to my youtube channel so it can be relationship with my audience you can see the lane right here on my bio click on it which is bring them to my youtube channel even build more relationship with me if you didn't subscribe to my channel making sure you subscribe to my channel so there's a subscribe button out there you can build relationship through YouTube like me or through your blog let's bring me to tip number 3 retargeting eventually my aren't gonna see my YouTube video and go to my blog follow my wind calm if you did not visit my blog yet make sure you check it out in my blog that actually a Facebook pixel install you can see right here which is build my art and even more you can see I can retarget people who visit my blog with an end you can do that the same thing with YouTube video you can actually retarget people who watching your video on youtube wooden and I can offer my art an information product that help them to build personal brand or anything related to your niche since they already know you like you and trust you they like me to buy from you this is how you make $500 per day in profit the hardest part when it's come to Instagram it is not just plumbers like taking selfie and that makes a bunch of money number one you need to have an epic content to delivering value number two you have to build relationship with your audience and number three take your art and off of Instagram plays like YouTube channel or blog posts and you need to find a product to sell if you don't have an information product you can perfectly do a filler marketing where you can sell all the people products if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing comment below because it's pretty awesome that's pretty much it if you make it into the end of this video I freakin love you and because you listen to my advice this is like an entire way to make $500 per day on Instagram I hope this helped if you think this video is bring value to you making sure you give it awesome thumbs up and don't forget to check out my number one recommendation for making a full time income online that's it guy see you to the next video [Music]

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