How to Make $500 a Week with a Small YouTube Channel

– Warning! If you watch this video to the end. and follow these strategies step-by-step, there's a high probability that you (whooshing) will (whooshing) make (whooshing) money (whooshing) with (bell dinging) YouTube, and online. In fact, if you're just starting YouTube, or you have a small channel, I'm gonna be talking about the best way to start earning money, without the YouTube AdSense programs. So you don't have to worry
about getting 1000 subscribers or 4,000 hours of watch time first.

And we're gonna be looking at really the state of
the creator economy. And I'm going to be talking about five YouTube video
ideas that you can do today, to make money, that are easy to implement. I'm going to talk about
some of my personal results, and show you what this can lead to. And also how to start a
profitable side hustle online with zero experience. You got to just press record. Look at this. The CEO from YouTube
recently released a letter. And it revealed that the YouTube economy is
incredibly healthy and strong, despite the challenges of 2020, And that the number of new channels that joined the YouTube partner program, more than doubled over
the year before in 2020.

Now you don't even have to join the YouTube Partner
Program to use the strategy I'm gonna show you in this but this is what I want you to see. "Creators are building "the next generation of media companies," I'm quoting YouTube CEO, "that impact the
economy's overall success. "According to an Oxford Economics report, "YouTube's creative ecosystem contributed "approximately $16 billion
to the U.S. GDP in 2019. "That's the equivalent of 345,000 jobs. "in the UK 30,000
full-time jobs equivalent, "in France 15,000
full-time jobs equivalent." And I share that because
here at Think Media, we are on a mission to help 10,000 people create a full-time living doing
what they love with YouTube.

And SignalFire revealed that this is the fastest
growing small business type. And so it is crazy what is happening with the YouTube economy,
the creator economy. And the strategies I'm
going to be breaking down in this video, I believe are the absolute
best way to get started. If we're just meeting
my name is Sean Cannell, and I'm the founder of Think Media. And we're going to actually be talking about affiliate marketing, the best way to start
earning money on YouTube without the YouTube AdSense program. If you're fired up, hit the like button, and let's
talk about tip number one. This is a specific type
of video you can do to start earning money right away, And that is a specific product review. Here's what I mean. You actually create a video, and you review a specific product. In this video, I was talking
about a lighting kit, called the Neewer 660 lights. This video has done very well.

Not only was helping people
find a budget lighting kit. Not only do I explain how
the lighting kit works, and compare it to others, but I have earned a lot of money through the Amazon Associates program. And I'll explain what
that is in just a second, through doing a specific product review. I've been doing this for years. Years ago on my channel, Sean Cannell, I reviewed a Power Bank by Realjuice. That's another example. On that same channel.
I've reviewed CBD oil. I've reviewed Christmas
cards with my wife.

Did you know, you could sign
up for an affiliate program for something like MixBook
and they do holiday cards. And I were like, this is our cards. This is how you know,
the pictures we picked, this is how we use the software, link in the description down below. And we earned hundreds of dollars from doing a specific
product product review. Now, if you're new to affiliate marketing, this is the foundational
strategy you're using YouTube, which is a search engine, and a very powerful algorithm
with suggested videos, and you're using affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is when you review or recommend a product online and you earn a commission when someone purchases that product. Here's my definition. It's a cool way to make
money sharing products you love and use. And maybe you've had friends,
or you've thought before, oh is that some internet
marketer, scamming guy? I don't like the word marketing. Listen, chill out. You, I assume you're watching this video, and you're adding value. You're serving people. This is a cool way to make money, listen, sharing products that
you already love and use, just like you'd recommend
them to a friend. It does not make the
products cost more money. So instead of the big corporation,
Amazon making more money, the creator gets a piece,
and everybody wins. The product creator wins. Amazon wins, the creator wins. And I know you're going to
be doing this in integrity, and recommending great products that will help people's lives. So the person who gets a product wins. They avoid the bad product. They get the good product.

They actually find the thing that fits their specific needs best. And so that's my definition
of affiliate marketing. And here's how it works. You can sign up for something like the
Amazon Affiliate program. You can sign up United
Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, China, Italy,
Spain, India, Brazil, Mexico. This isn't the only affiliate program. You can sign up for Dick's Sporting Goods, Target, Walmart, Nordstrom, a lot of software companies. And you also don't have
to live in the country that you're promoting from. It really just matters
where your viewers are. We have a lot of students
in some of our programs that live around the world, but their most of their affiliate income comes from the U.S.
Amazon Associates program, and the Canada Amazon Associates program. Even though they don't live here, the money is generated here. And then they wire it to themselves through setting all
that up on the back end.

And so what you do is you can sign up for any affiliate program. Then it gives you the ability
to create trackable links, which you can put in
your YouTube description. And when some visitors click those links, and they purchase something, you get paid. Now, it is important that again, you're transparent with all this stuff. And here in America, we
have what's called the FTC. And so you want to make sure
you're in compliance there. And in a little while later, I'm going to show you
how much I earned today off the Amazon Associates program. But let's get into, I've
got five total tips. The first one was do
specific product reviews. The second one on YouTube is do best of, or top product review videos.

Okay? Here's an example, the best greens powder. Now, greens powder is
something you mix with water when you're traveling, so you have your greens that
you, you need to stay healthy. I'm kind of into biohacking. I invest a lot in supplements and whatnot. So again, it was a, I use,
I tried, I recommended. And this video is generated over $10,000. This was not through Amazon. It's through a different
affiliate program. But again, people don't know necessarily the product name yet. I might say the best, fill in your niche, and the products you talk about. The best yoga mat for tall people. You know, like whatever it is. And so best. Now, best could also,
here's another example, best camera and equipment
for YouTube beginners. Think about it. They're not searching
for a specific product. They don't know about the
Neewer 660 lights yet. The person is searching for a category. So it's the best camera or
equipment for YouTube beginners. Here's another one best
self-improvement books, not even just book best books, but what's the specific category.

So four years ago, I did
best self-improvement books, seven best self-help books. And just recently on our podcast, which I hope you're subscribed to, on Apple, and Spotify,
and Google, and YouTube. It's called the Think Marketing podcast. I did five must-read books if
you want to grow on YouTube. The category was books you should read if you want to grow on YouTube. And in both cases in the description. there is affiliate links to the books. This is the absolute best way to start making money on YouTube, because you don't need to be approved for the AdSense program. You don't need to hit
4,000 hours of watch time. You can start doing this early on. Maybe not from absolutely day one.

And I'll give you more information about when I think you should start later. Here's another example. Top, best, or top, top
five best strollers 2021, budget strollers systems and more. Best strollers 2020 UPPAbaby. Come on. I'm a new dad. I got a four month old. So this is the world
that I've been living in. I now have my Thule jogging stroller, my favorite item that I own, so I can take my son out on
runs, but let's keep it going. So we have top or best. And here's the deal. If you make these videos and
you put out good content, we can't even get into, you
should do some keyword research. You should research the
products themselves. You should see if there's
interest, you know, make sure you're subscribed, because we have topics that will help you in the other areas.

But when you do this right,
and you connect it rightly to affiliate marketing,
this will make you money. And if you want to work from
home and write your own checks, and be your own boss, you
can see how powerful this is. Right? So tip number three, versus videos. Cannon G7X Mark III versus Mark II. A perfect example of
someone who's like, okay, should I get the new one? Should I get the old one? There's actually searching
for that exact question. Unfortunately, the G7X Mark
III's autofocus is not good. Other than that, it's
great at photography. But if you had to pick one,
and you wanted to vlog with it I'd still recommend the Mark II. See to pass along information like that, you're helping people, right? You're serving people. Now best camera for YouTube, notice I'm combining titles here. Best camera for YouTube,
Cannon M50 versus the Sony ZV1. It's what's the category as well as two different cameras compared. So you could do, you
know, the $332 blender, versus the $53 blender. That has 136,000 views, from honest reviews, Vitamix versus Ninja, or Chef Austin's review,
Vitamix versus Ninja.

So you can do affiliate marketing in every kind of niche, for all
types of different products. It doesn't just have to be tech, right? It could be health, it could be makeup. It could be skin care. It could be books. It could be software. However, it is important that you don't
get too romantic about it, and wish and become idealistic, that I just can't think of
any products in my niche.

You may actually want to pick a niche that would be more profitable. Like if it's your vision to
be full-time, serve people, help people, but support your family, and be able to work from
home on your own terms. Like you gotta be strategic about it. You've got to think about potentially what
niche you want to be in. So if you're talking,
if you're doing cooking you're comparing pots
and pans, and knives, and you eventually, separate strategy, but you've signed up for Cutco. And now you're in network marketing too. And you got links, and
you're building your team, and you're comparing kitchen products. And you're also talking
about subscription boxes and Blue Apron and all kinds of stuff. There's so many different
ways to earn money. Tip number four, hit like
if you're getting value, ideas list video.

So now this isn't even assuming check this out that you
even have a product. Sean, what if I don't have a
product that I can review yet? What if I don't actually have two things that are versus? Did you know you can just
share a list of ideas? You could even share a list
of ideas and pull some B roll, meaning some footage
off of product trailers, or some pictures off of websites, showing the products that
are the list of ideas. I've seen people do this with
products that they do not own. So eight years ago, I made a video called gift ideas for him. Okay? So it's not a review. It's not versus. It's not the top. I'm not even saying they're the best. Just saying their ideas. Like, do you need some gift
ideas for the man in your life? And in this case, I just gathered some stuff
from around the house. And I like some headphones, and
like a watch and some books, and my GPS at the time out of my car.

I was like, you could get him a GPS. You know, it doesn't have to be the GPS. Yours might be a couple
of old years older. I linked, I linked to Courage. I'm like this one's a little bit older, but there's a great deal
happening right now on Amazon on a newer one, you can check it out link in
the description down below. You're just kind of pointing to ideas. I was using artifacts to like
signal things like, yeah, you can get him a book. Here's a couple of book recommendations but I'll link some others
in the description. Like it's just ideas
trying to help somebody that's doing some research. Imagine having a video out
like this around Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holidays. Maybe you can see the connection, that this is the fastest and best way to start making money on YouTube. Right? Like even if you're just starting.

And what I did was then I
went deeper on the topic. Cool Christmas gift
ideas, tech gift guide, top 10 tech gift ideas, gift
ideas for creative people, gift ideas for him. Is this ridiculous? Best tech gifts, gift
ideas for men, my wife, gift ideas for women, gift ideas for her. You can see like we were we're thorough, like going deep on these various topics, because again, I had a
clear vision of like, okay, let me answer a specific question, and a specific problem, which I was doing. Let me do research. Here's the thing. I mean, I wasn't taking
shortcuts on these videos. Like I wanted them to be good content. Content is King, but marketing is queen, and she runs the household. And I was putting out good content. And this is how originally
I was able to quit my job and go full time on YouTube, before ever teaching about
it or anything else right? After this, I want to share
the biggest mistake though, 'cause these won't work
if you do the mistake, especially over the long haul.

Plus my friend Shalene Johnson
has got a really cool way with 10 additional ways to
make money without AdSense. She's got a cool, like
challenge thing coming up. I'll tell you about that. And I'm going to show you my
Amazon Associates earnings. Tip number five, ASQ,
answer specific questions. This one will blow your mind. So I made a video called
Verismo Pods Cheap. Do CBTL pods work in a Starbucks Verismo? So first of all, this
is a specific question, like incredibly specific. So I got a Starbucks Verismo. It's kind of like a Keurig. Do CBTL pods work in a Starbucks verismo? And I'll tell you this story. Like, so this was given to me as a gift, when I was working at a
church as a campus pastor from the senior pastors. We like, awesome. We love coffee. This is amazing. We can make it fast. And I like Verismos most
better than Keurigs. Okay? Do you like Keurigs? Do you like Verismos? Or do you actually care
about the environment? Let me know in the comments.

So I'm looking at the Verismo, we get it, but we noticed that the
pods for it from Starbucks cost like as much as a
venti mocha, triple shot, extra whipped cream frappuccino. And so we're like, this
is not saving money. These pods are so expensive. So we go over to our friend,
Rachel and Henry's house. They've got the same machine, the Verismo. So like, okay, cool. We opened the drawer. They're like, want some coffee? To my shock, aghast, I look
at the drawer, and I'm like, what kind of pods are these, these little these little
pinkish, you know, and yellow. And I'm like those aren't Starbucks pods like what are we talking about? They're like, they're CBTL pods. I'm like, what the heck is that? Coffee Bean Tea Leaf.

I'm like the heck is that? So they go yeah, they fit perfectly. They work in this machine, even though they're not made by Starbucks. I'm like where in the
world did you get them? They go, we order them
directly from the CBTL website. So I go, huh? Cause I'd already been
doing affiliate marketing, and answering questions. And as soon as you identify a problem, you then can thinking about
how you could solve or answer that problem on YouTube. And you could actually
profit from a problem. This is what entrepreneurs do is, they solve problems for a profit, by answering the question, helping people, and monetizing in the middle
with affiliate marketing. So I go, well maybe these
CBTL pods are on Amazon. So I go home. I'm so pumped. Like Sonia is like, why
are you so in a frenzy? Like I just geek out about
this YouTube, you know, affiliate marketing type stuff. Let's see what, sure enough,
they're CBTL pods on Amazon. Order, order, order, Amazon Prime, boom.

Ship 'em to my house, test them out. Delicious. The coffee is good, and
the price is even better. And you can get them from Amazon better than some other weird website, because people are already signed up and I got Amazon Prime and
it's already happening. You get it. So now I'm like, well let
me turn this into a video, answer specific questions.

So I answer the question
which is searched. So I do my keyword research,
Verismo pods cheap, do CBTL pods work in Verismo? Now notice, this is a
seven-year-old video. It has 153,000 views. The person that is looking for this is wanting to answer
that question, curious. And notice, I've got my
little disclaimer here, Amazon links are affiliate links. You can see that right there. And I'm like, yo, are you
curious, opening of the video, if these pods work in Verismo? I'm here to tell you we're
going to do a test right now. I'm going to show you. We're also going to taste test the coffee. I got my friends, Miguel and Abby over.

And so I make a little video, six minutes at 55 seconds long. My friends, I have been
selling coffee on autopilot, through affiliate
marketing, for seven years. Every month I sell coffee
because of this one video. Can you see how crazy? Because I answered a specific question. I really scratched my own itch, 'cause notice this was the overflow of the products I love and use. Ooh, I discovered something. Like, oh cool. I found something out. Let me pass along that information. Now this is important to know, because when someone clicks
an Amazon affiliate link, for 24 hours, anything they
buy during that 24 hours, after they clicked your
link gets credited to you. So even though a box of
these pods is like 10 bucks, or 15 bucks, when someone clicks that link and they buy that new set of Jeggings, and they buy, you know,
those Bon Qui Qui nails, and they buy that
PlayStation five for whoever, you get credit for that as well.

So when you start putting out smart and strategic videos like this, you could make this video day
one on your YouTube channel. You could. And if you can find the
right questions to answer, and you answer specific questions and you connect it to smart
monetization strategies, then what ends up happening, is you're asking, you're answering a specific
question with the video, and the product is the answer, right? And in this case, it's a great example, because it is a win-win win-win win. CBTL pods, people save money on, you know, not having to buy a
Verismo, CBTL is pumped.

Amazon's making sales, they're pumped. The person who finds this out is like, I can save money, you know? They're pumped. The end-user gets more coffee options. And then I'm earning money in the process, helping support my son,
helping support my family, and helping us live the
life around, you know, with a business built
around our lifestyle, where we really have freedom
and financial freedom in the process. And listen, this is just one
way to earn money on YouTube. So hit like, I've got some
more stuff to share with you. But I did want to tell you about this, because you got to think different. If you want to get different results, and potentially create a
shorter path to revenue, than even others are experiencing.

All anyone ever talks about
is YouTube AdSense, like, I got to get monetized. I got to get a thousand subs. Cool. Like let's do it. You gotta get 4,000 hours. Like, okay. But there's other ways to do this, if you think outside of the box. And one of the best people I know for ways to make money online, and starting a side hustle and
thinking outside of the box, is my friend Shaleen Johnson. So I just want to put this on your radar. She's got a five-day free challenge. We've done a couple of challenges before. Hers is different. It's a side hustle challenge. She's going to be talking about 10 ways to make money online. It's at If you want to check it out, link in the description down below. Now this particular
challenge is Brock Johnson, who we just had on the
Think Marketing podcast Brett Johnson, they're breaking it down. And Shaleen has actually been
a personal mentor of mine.

That's why I wanted to
introduce her to you. So I encourage you. It starting maybe soon, depending on when you're watching this. But you got a couple of days. Totally free, five-day challenge to think outside of the box, and come up with multiple different ways outside of YouTube
AdSense for making money. And you can use YouTube for
the traffic and awareness. So just head to, if you want to sign up for the free five-day challenge with Shaleen. But I told you I was gonna
tell you the biggest mistake. And here's the biggest mistake
that hurts you with this: Focusing on money too soon, and not leading with
value and service, okay? So listen, I know that I was like, you could start and you should
start from the very day one, which I think is fine, if you find a video like the CBTL video I did, because it's a very practical, and connected to affiliate marketing. But what I've noticed, there's really kind of two
things that really hurt people, is they focus on money too soon.

Like if you come right
out the gate, just like, oh, how do I make the most money? How do I just find something? Like people can sense that. Like you have to lead, I
believe, with value in service. We say influence comes
first, income comes second. So you don't want to
focus on money too soon. You gotta lead with value. You gotta lead with service. And I think that as you
build up your influence, in answer to the specific question of how much views should I have, how big should my channel be
to do affiliate marketing? I would recommend should probably have 10 to 20 videos posted.

Your channels in a particular niche. And you're getting around
200 views per video. Just so there's a little bit of momentum when you start this. Now, if you really know the strategies, meaning you're making
the right videos, like, if you do the five
videos I just taught you they will do well. Like they just, if you
can find a good product, and do a versus video,
or you can do a top list, or a best list and you do it about something that's
maybe not been covered, or it hasn't been covered
in the current year yet, you have a lot of opportunity
to get the traffic and the momentum needed to get enough qualified Amazon sales. And there's so many
other affiliate programs. So I just wanna encourage you, avoid focusing on money too soon. I want you to know the strategy. But I think you should
start without like, well, I'm not approved for an
affiliate program yet. Post the videos anyways. Like, get on YouTube, start adding value, start getting comfortable
with making videos, punch fear in the face, punch
perfectionism in the face, and press record.

And I know I told you I'll
share where this led for us. Now, of course these
results are not typical. And I'm not suggesting that
anybody who follows this advice are going to get these results, and you might just get zero results. 'cause I don't know if
you're going to take action, but in January of 2021,
I earned $30,392.19 off the Amazon Associates program. So if you're curious like
where could this scale to? Dude, that's some life-changing money. You know what I mean? Like that's in one month. Now because of doing the
strategies I just showed you, and doing them year after
year video, after video, and perfecting really a
system to get these results. I share this, not just to flex, although I really understand
that this is a flex, is that to show you that
it's just real, that like, if you keep working the strategies
and you keep persisting, and you keep doubling
down on good content, and you keep building trust,
and you make the right videos, like this, isn't just,
this can learn to grow.

And we're a part of like 25
different affiliate programs. This is just Amazon. And this is just one of over
10 different income streams in the business. So when you hear that the
YouTube economy is blowing up, and I want to disclaimer, like
Think Media now is a team. So this is a team effort that's
producing these big numbers. It's got 13 people that are
are helping at Think Media, but don't get it twisted. I started this fricking thing
in my bedroom, by myself, with the camera alone, talking to myself, and into the lens, and hoping
somebody was on the other side just like you.

And video after video, discouraging up, highs
and lows, year after year, I just want to encourage
you just don't quit. Keep learning this stuff,
implement this stuff, and put this into practice. Like actually do these
five videos as I explained, do the research and you'll be blown away with the results you can get. Reminder, I did This is just one way. So I remember, I spoke at Shaleen Johnson's
event a couple of times, we've gone snowboarding and whatnot.

She's really like a big sister to me. And I love her stuff. It's really helped us grow our business. And I'd mentioned we have
10 different income streams. I mean, she's teaching The Top 10 Ways to Make Money Online This Year. So anyways, free challenge five days. This is a no miss event Check that out. I'm excited to be checking it out, and always learning the latest stuff that Shaleen is on. Link in the description down below. (upbeat music).

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