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After hundreds of comments on
all of my social media platforms. I finally made a video that applies
to teenagers on making money. If you like playing video
games, you got a smartphone, You're at least 13 years old, you speak
English, and you want to make money. Then this video might be for you. In this video I'm going to show you how
you can get paid up to $36 per hour just to test a video game on
your phone.

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into "How to make money playing video games in 2020." The website that we're
going to be using in this video is called

PlayTestCloud is a website that offers
game testers to companies that have games during their prototyping development,
soft launch, and even after release. Huge gaming companies such as Ubisoft
and Rogue trust PlayTestCloud with their needs. This site basically helps game developers
learn about what the players think about their games and if there's
anything that they can approve upon. So how does this work for us gamers? We will get paid by PlayTestCloud to
simply test the mobile game and then get feedback.

That's it. What you like
about it, what you don't like about it, what you think should
be improved, et cetera. This will help the game developers improve
their final product or adjust it for after release. What's cool about this is that you can
actually test games that haven't even been released to the public
yet. So how do I sign up? Go to and click
on become a tester in the top right. You will then fill out the required
information such as your email, your name, what games you want to play,
what gaming device you use, what country you currently
live in, etc.

Once submitted, you will then receive an
email confirmation. Once the
confirmation is received, you will then click on the link to
verify your account and then you will be taken to a short qualification
test. Once approved, you will then start receiving
games to test and then get paid. Once you start receiving these emails,
it will tell you what game you will test, how long it will take, and the amount
of money that you're going to receive.

An example of this looks like this. You will then download the game
application that the email says. Once downloaded, you will then
be taken to the app to test. Every test usually comes with a 90
second introductory type video and where PlayTestCloud will go over the basics
on how to perform the test and also the recommendations to make
it even better. Yes, you can skip this part if you've already
done a few games already and know you're doing. So let's watch a short video of a demo
of someone testing out the game with called "jelly splash." From this point on, you control the entire player experience
and people will think out loud and tell you what they think about your game.
If your test set up requires it, We can also show people
step by step instructions at
this point to guide them to specific areas of your game or to have
them focus on certain areas for this test.

Normally they will just play from
the beginning and give their feedback on everything as they encounter it. The touch indicators you see in this
video only visible in this test experience video. The players
themselves don't see them, but in the video results you get from
us, you will know where people touched. Check out the demo video on the right
if you want to see what that looks like. Pretty simple, right? So once
done in the video is submitted, you then complete a short survey
of what you thought of the game. You then wait a couple of days and then
you can receive your payment in the form of PayPal.

So now that we
understand the platform visually, let's take a look at some of the most
common questions that users have. How much money can I make? sends over a hundred
thousand playtest invitations every single month. It is basically
you being randomly selected. If you match the demographics that the
game developers are requesting based on experience reviews on their website, the average test takes about 15 minutes
to complete and you'll make anywhere from $9 to $12 on each test. The average user usually gets about
one to four games per week to test. So let's do the math here. You can make an extra 10 to $50 per week
by simply testing video games for only about 15 to 60 minutes of work
if you call it that. Nope, this is not going to replace
your full time income.

However, this could bring in
some extra side income, to help you pay for your phone bill
electricity, or even start investing. So what devices can I play test on? You can test on Android phone or tablets
and also the iOS phone or tablet, I E. The iPhone or iPad or will
I be recorded and why? Yes, you will be screen recorded and
the audio will also be recorded. This is how the game developer will get
their feedback that they paid play test cloud a pretty hefty sum to get note. If a call comes through while you're
doing the test or your headphone gets unplugged or somewhere the issue happens, the screen recording will be suspended. Then you can just go back into the
app and then resume your recording. So what countries are being accepted.
Currently the United States of America, United Kingdom and Canada. However, I do recommend that you apply
anyways because we can gain, developers are looking for people in your
country and you're already signed up.

Then you get the notification via email.
Can I tell people about the game? No. You will sign an NDA or nondisclosure
agreement when you test out the game. So how do I get paid? You're
going to get paid via PayPal only. As a fulltime IT, I actually really like this because
you don't have to put any credit card information. All they need is
just your PayPal email address. When do I get paid? On average, you get paid about 2-5 business days
after the test is completed. How can I, my chances of being selected? Keep your profile updated and this also
includes updating the games that you like to play. Pro tip put as many as possible and
also include games from different categories.

Also when the email is sent out to test
the game except every email and do it quickly. How old do I have to be? Ages
13 and up are being accepted. However, if you're 12 and under and
still want to test games, you would need a parent to sign up for
you and then they must be there with you while you're testing out the game.
However, when the game starts, the parents can not interact
with the child. So there it is. How to make money playing
video games in 2020. I hope this helps you out and if it
did, can you SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON? Now it's time for question of the day.

Do you know of any additional ways that
you can get paid from home doing simple tasks such as in this video? Please leave your answer below in the
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HE loves you. See in the next video,.

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