How To Make $100 PER DAY With ZERO Money To Start! (Make Money Online With Your SMMA 2020)

What's up, you guys Jason Wardrop here and in today's video I'm gonna break down how you Can make $100 per day and the best part is it absolutely takes no money to get started You don't need any prior experience. You literally don't need any money guys Like you don't have to watch some 90 minute long webinar Pay a thousand two thousand dollars to be able to go through and have this crazy business opportunity Literally by the end of this video you're gonna have all of the skills all the expertise that you need to make that $100 Every single day and it really doesn't matter if you've got a full time job here in school Everyone can make this happen.

Now the first thing before I actually show you guys I'm gonna jump onto my computer here in just a second and show you step by step the exact clientele We're gonna choose the exact products everything that we're gonna be doing, but I like to think about business anytime I'm going through and working. I like to think about whatever I'm doing Is it gonna be able to pay me right now? And is it gonna be able to also pay me in the future now? This is a huge concept guys because if you get a normal day job You're only gonna get paid when you're actually going in and going to work even like a doctor Okay, you look at a surgeon a surgeon makes a lot of money, but they're only actually making money when they're going in and doing surgery, so we want to think about our business about your business something that you can make money right now and that also can make You money long term and that is the great thing about technology And leverage because we have that at our fingertips today.

Where as our ancestors They have it They had to go and hit the farm every single day and they couldn't have some like tractors plowing all that stuff for them They had to do it. Whereas now you not only have all the tractors the automation, but you've got a computer You've got a phone then if you've got those two things you can easily make this happen So with that said we want to find a product that's going to be consumed every month every Week and potentially even every day for example if we look at the supplement industry Okay, you're gonna go through you're gonna take your supplements every single day if you're gonna take protein You're pretty workout your post workouts, whatever.

It might be you're gonna take those every day and then next month You're gonna have to buy more and then you're going to consume again And then you have to buy more and then consume again And so that's why I like the software space And for those you guys who have followed my channel you know that I've got a software company and so it's gonna be something that you know do work get people onto the software and Then we are providing this software as a service and there's a monthly subscription involved or if you look at Netflix or Hulu Or iTunes music or any of these things they are in monthly software service iTunes music is actually an amazing example of my next point of what you want to do when you're actually Finding the best business model to go in you want to find something. That is crazy sticky now you look at Netflix and they've gotten Disney Plus now coming about so there's gonna be people that like idly like I don't Necessarily want Netflix anymore.

They want to jump to Disney Plus But if you look at iTunes music you go you get your subscription iTunes music you download the songs you want You keep building this database. You keep building this library more and more songs are being downloaded and Every single song that you download it gets harder and harder for you to leave Because you know if you leave you lose all the songs all the playlists you lose everything that you've already Downloaded then that you spent weeks or even months compiling together for your business So not only do we want something that is consumable that our consumer is gonna be paying on a monthly basis or reoccurring basis So that we can continually have that money coming in We also want to find a product that is extremely sticky now real quick before we dive in on the computer. I want to explain what that product is what our market is what we're gonna be doing and then I'm gonna show you guys exactly how to Make this happen.

Okay, so that product is a website okay, if you think about any type of business owner, every business owner needs a website, they don't have a website then they're basically archaic and a lot of times people have websites, but they're absolutely Crappy websites their websites from like the early 2000s and they don't look very good Maybe they're not optimized to mobile phones and so because of that their websites aren't converting like they possibly could okay and then market is The real estate market. Okay. Everyone knows a real turn If you don't know a realtor You know somebody that knows a realtor.

So what you're gonna do And you're gonna find a real estate agent who either does not have a website Which I know most real estate agents have a website but a lot of times is through their brokerage So there's no personal branding involved which the key thing with the real estate market You want to have your personal brand and be building that personal brand on a daily weekly monthly? Basis and then for those of people that do have a website, maybe it's not through the broker It's a lot of times. It's just a crappy website overall And if you think about it the great thing about a website, like I said a little bit earlier with iTunes music This is an extremely sticky product because no one's gonna cancel or delete their website service unless they're completely Going out of business like even if your business is kind of just staggering along You're still going to keep the website because that's where people can actually find you online Right, so that's a great thing is it's sticky It's something that we can have money coming in every single month and you might be asking yourself Well Jason, I don't own a website service.

How do I actually do that? Well, guess what? The great thing is is you can go through you can find a real estate agent every single day charge them a hundred bucks To go through build out the custom website for their business a hundred bucks guys Real estate agents are gonna be more than willing to pay a hundred bucks for you to do all the heavy lifting I'm gonna show you guys how the heavy lifting is actually not that hard here in just a second and Then on top of that remember how I want to say like anything.

I do I want to make money now So the 100 bucks right now and I want to make money on an ongoing basis. Well, guess what? You can make money through affiliate commissions on an ongoing monthly basis So this person is going to be charged a monthly fee for their website, which you don't have to pay They're gonna pay it and then because you set the website up because you referred them to the website service. You're gonna make an ongoing Commission every single month now with that said guys, let me just jump on to my computer I want to show you guys how easy this is and like I said you literally can get started with no experience No money, and at the end this video you're gonna have all of the skill sets that you need alright guys so I've got a link to this website just right down below this video and this is where you can easily go through and Make websites for any real estate agent that you know that doesn't have a website has a crappy website or has a website through their brokerage and the great thing about this is you can Charge that upfront $100 to build out the website I'm gonna show you guys how easy it is to do right here in just a second and then the great thing about software remember it is charged every single month and You can be an affiliate.

If you look right here earning up to 126 dollars on a single referral sales. So we payout 30% recurring Affiliate commissions so someone can sign up on an annual plan and a monthly basis, whatever it might be get your own affiliate dashboard but you can make 30% on an ongoing basis. So if you think about that even one every single day you made 100 dollars times 30 days So you made 3000 dollars in the first month by just building out websites for real estate professionals But then the next month You're still gonna be making money from those websites that you did the month before and then if you continue to do it in month 2 then month 2 you're gonna have all the money coming in for month 1 as Well as the people that you build out for month – and then month 3 and it just keeps building and building and building To the point where you're literally making a six-figure income in just a matter of months on a completely Passive basis and this is an extremely sticky product So if you want to jump in and get start with this all you got to do like look over here There's no credit card to get started.

So if we put in our name, let's put in our email address right here boom Password hit get started and you are in like that. Is it? Okay? So now I want to show you guys how you can go through and get your affiliate link So we've got all these beautiful website designs being good. Let's say it was click on this one and Like I said guys most real estate agent websites.

They're archaic. They're from the early 2000s so they're not responsive which means if you pull up on a tablet or a mobile device They don't optimize like this one does and so we just click start with this theme we give it a name test and Then this kicks us into our super easy drag-and-drop website builder Like you can easily just drag that around go like this if you want to make things like different sizes We just go like this up and down like that save the changes There's so many cool things that you can do But once you come in create your account right here You don't even have to pay anything as I'm showing you guys right here. You can build this whole thing out Come over here to the dashboard go over here to the affiliate referral and then look at this 30% Recurring commission. So you just hit go to your affiliate of dashboard right there And then we are gonna go through its awaiting approval.

We will approve you and at that point you will get a custom affiliate link which basically is gonna look just Like this link and then anytime you go and build out a website for a new customer You could say hey I'm gonna build out right here for you pay me the hundred bucks you go through create their account on your affiliate link So it's gonna have some little URL down here at the double extra code right here And then you just hit get started now create their account and then obviously if they want to go through and keep the website you put their credit card on file and You can be paint making money every single month from all of these websites that you're building out Alright.

So anyway guys if you have any questions on this go ahead drop them right down below this video Honestly, probably the easiest way to get started and if you're looking to get started in the social media marketing agency world this is probably the best easiest way to get started with no skills because you don't have to learn Facebook Ads quite yet you get This person's website built and Then from there you can offer to help them with their lead generation running their Facebook ads or their Google Ads or whatever It might be so this is another easy way to acquire clients for your social media marketing agency And I was just recently in San Diego at a mastermind.

I have a good friend He's actually up in the Toronto area and he started out his marketing agency. Pretty much the same exact way ten years ago he started building out websites for all these different clients and Now they're coming to him because he's gained more skills and they're saying hey, will you help me with my lead generation? he actually has a client now does paying him six thousand dollars every single month and this is a client that he built out a Website just like this Several years ago and now he's making six thousand dollars per month to run all the marketing and lead generation For this client and all started out with a simple Website that he built that you can build today make a hundred hours per day make the ongoing Refill yet recurring Commission.

And also as I mentioned guys, this is an extremely sticky product because Once you get a website built, you don't want to abandon that website you don't want to go and get rid of it until you're actually out of the business and once you have a website built You're not really gonna switch website providers because it's kind of a pain in the butt to get built in the first place Alright.

So anyway guys, it doesn't matter if you are a teenager if you are in school have a day job, whatever it is There's no excuse to not get started with this If you're looking to create the side muscle build your own marketing agency start right here This is the simplest way possible And then once you get these clients, once you kind of go through and build this clientele of the websites Start learning your Facebook Ads the lead generation to follow up that whole process and then you can offer that Service of lead generation and marketing down the road So anyway guys with that said I hope this video was helpful on how to help you make 100 dollars every single day and if it was go ahead give it a thumbs up if you liked this video drop a comment down below Let me know what you thought also if your branding here make sure you subscribe Hit that notification bell because we launch new videos every single Week on how to generate more leads make more money and grow your business So with that said guys, thanks so much for watching and I'll see you in the next video

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