How to Make $100 PER DAY Online With ZERO MONEY (BRAND NEW!)

This is an award from clickfunnels that
represents one a million dollars it's Two of soon to be three that I'm about
to have but the question is why should You care about that and the answer that
is everyone is so caught up with the Popular ways to make money like Shopify
and Amazon that they forget about some Of the easiest and most consistent ways
to make money especially when you have Zero dollars to start on this video I'm
gonna show you the way that I personally Recommend to my friends and family of
how to make 100 dollars per day online With zero upfront costs even if you have
absolutely no experience guys and I Promise you you've never heard of this
so stay tuned I'm about to blow your Mind!!! oh right guys so let's talk about how to
make $100 per day and this is literally going to be a guide if you have zero
dollars in your bank account like literally zero there's not gonna be any
hidden expenses no types of like software or like upsells I'm not gonna
try to sell you anything literally this is going to be how to make $100 if you
can't even afford to go to McDonald's guys so what we're looking at right now
is called clickfunnels if you're unfamiliar with it this is one of the
main platforms that I use to actually sell a lot of my digital courses so the
reason that we're showing you this guys is just to prove to you that this is
possible and that clickfunnels people are making just unbelievable amounts of
money you see that in the last month year we made just over three hundred
twenty thousand dollars and this is just the credit card right paypal makes up a
large percentage of our sales also so this number is actually significantly
higher again not in any way to brag to you guys just to show you that this
actually is real and that you know this stuff this type of stuff is happening
everyday looks like somebody just bought the course literally like a few minutes
ago so what we're gonna talk about guys is how to actually build funnels for
other people right so if you have zero dollars in your bank account you can
still build funnels for other people and the beautiful part with clickfunnels
guys is if we look at this really quickly we see that click funnels offers
a 14-day free trial right so you get the full suite for 14 days and you know I
love click funnels I'm not gonna recommend this but if you literally have
zero dollars in your bank account you could just rotate out different emails
and do the 14 day free trial until you can afford click funnels I'm sure that
they'd be ok with that obviously eventually pay for it because
it is seriously capable of changing your life so you can sign up for a 14 day
free trial and one of my students literally went from being a homeless
veteran to making over $40,000 in a single day because of his skills that he
learned building out click funnels for other people guys and all you need for
this is a basic laptop I promise we're gonna get into the material really soon
but I just want to set this up so you really understand exactly what you need
this is not gonna be like other videos where you know people are saying you
know you can start for free but like there's this membership and that cost
for the software and stuff it's not like that at all it's zero dollars for click
phones for 14 days you can rotate out as many times as you want until you can
afford it all you need is a basic laptop you know you could even probably do this
with a smartphone it would be more annoying but it's possible right or go
to the library and go on a free computer make this happen no excuses guys so if
you're thinking yourself but you know I don't know I don't know how to make
clickfunnels I don't know how to make funnels I don't know how to build
funnels well I've thought about that too guys no skips that's here Kevin Dave you
know so what we're gonna do is somewhere in this video I'm going to give a three
coupon code to a completely free full click funnels course it's gonna teach
you everything that you need to know to be able to start consulting and charging
other people and other businesses money to build funnels for them and so what we
are going to talk about during this video guys is how to find paying
customers and then we're gonna teach you everything you need to know about click
funnels so that you can confidently build funnels for other people and for
other businesses because guys click funnels and funnels in general are
replacing websites they're much easier and click funnels is seriously changing
the world that's how they went from nothing to over a hundred million
dollars in sales with no venture capital money in less than three years alright
guys so step one is learn click funnels which we will talk about later on I
promise everything you need to know step two is finding customer so let's
talk about that right now again guys you do get a 14-day free trial completely
for free and you can cancel right at the end and click funnels will not care and
you do that as many times if you want until you can afford it so zero cost all
right so the best way to find paying customers to build funnels for guys is
three ways the first way is join at the official click funnels group and then
also join the CF ninjas group so if you type in CF ninjas on this is a click
funnels group that I actually started it's obviously smaller than click
funnels official group but there's a lot of activity here and there's a lot of
activity and click phones so there's like 11 yeah eleven thousand three
hundred and this one and click funnels group is obviously massive 173,000 so
join both of these groups guys and instead of scrolling through um what I
like to do when I was first starting out and I was building funnels for people in
this group I literally type into the search bar right here searching because
people when they are looking or searching for um you know a funnel
builder or someone to help them they literally use these words and so if we
go down here I'm searching for a company who can print my new book probably not
searching for a video editor hey guys I'm searching for a business partner to
sell my products in the USA in Canada this one definitely could work I'm
searching for a guy who can make a funnel for real estate perfect right so
in the click funnels course that I'm gonna share with you guys
the coupon code for that course later on in this video and we literally share
pre-built funnels that you can actually put into your own click funnels account
that you can then just literally drag and drop edit for these people and
charge them you know between when I see brand-new beginners on click funnels
building funnel some people there they're charging between twenty and
fifty dollars but after the the beautiful thing about this guys is as
you get better at it and you get more people to vouch for you in the click
funnels group and more testimonials and things like that you can charge more and
more and more because you're getting more advanced and you're able to help
people so I've seen people charge five hundred dollars an hour
literally just for the knowledge in their brain building funnels with no
upfront cost guys so this is perfect right I'm searching for a guy who can
make a funnel for real estate searching for a partner in a Kickstarter social
media expert right people are constantly doing this and you can type in looking
you could type in like funnel builder like you could type in a hacker because
they call themselves funnel hackers I'm looking for people who have used so
click funnels to create their entire website right seven hours ago
all these types of things that people are looking for and you don't have to
directly go for people who are saying I'm looking for a funnel builder guys
the beautiful thing about this is you can actually just go out there and
answer questions for people and if you answer questions for people in like a
you know reasonable way or you're actually like really adding value to
what they're saying they'll want to hire you literally the the three people that
I have full-time working for me as funnel builders started out by answering
my questions and click funnels so like go literally browse through the click
funnels official group look at people's questions and answer their questions and
most of the time guys you can literally Google what they're
asking and figure it out people are very very lazy intrinsically by nature right
people do not want to go look for the answers themselves so literally just
troll this group and answer questions as detail then as best you can and you can
find all the information that you need most of the time by going to Doc's click
funnels calm or just googling the answer right like a lot of people would say
like hey what kind of payment gateways can you use for for click funnels you
can literally just type in payment gateways here and it says integrating
payment gateways follow the tutorial teach them how to do it from that
tutorial and then I swear to you guys they will hire you and always be
confident with your hourly wage if you're just
starting charge $20 an hour charge $50 an hour or something like that but as
you gain more and more experience and you have more and more clients guys you
can start to charge $100 an hour right only in charging $100 an hour
all of a sudden making $100 a day seems very easy so this is this is the best
way that I've ever found to make $100 a day even as a completely broke
individual teenage or whatever you are zero dollars in the bank account right
so that is how you use clickfunnels in the actual official group you can do the
exact same thing and my CF ninjas group obviously it's smaller but it is active
there are a lot of people who are posting see the somebody's literally
typing a comment as we speak so come into the CAF ninjas group answer
questions and people will hire you the next couple of ways that we're gonna
talk about are not as good as just I'm trolling through and answering questions
and click funnels but these do work very well and these are probably more of the
long-term options they're not gonna get you clients as fast but they will get
you more clients in the long run so if we type in graphic artists for example
in fiber what we see is there's like a million people here right like if we go
to best-selling we see hundreds of people with you know 400 views 644
reviews like a ton of different stuff here but if we type in clickfunnels
what we see is there's almost no one right and there's only 39 reviews 7
reviews 42 reviews right and you know this guy is 525 reviews and physic which
is a good thing if there's only one person right because this means that at
least 525 people have bought his gig on Fiverr setting up clickfunnels for
people right so I will create a click funnels landing page and sales funnel I
will make a click funnels work for you so if you create a gig here and all you
have to do is sign up for fiber right become a seller and then just make like
you know click funnels builder or click funnels funnel hacker or whatever it is
right and so this is a beautiful way to in the long term just have a ton of
organic clients come to you because if someone's looking for a funnel builder
and they don't look in the click funnels group they're gonna come straight to
Fiverr and they're gonna come straight to up work and what we see here is when
we type in click funnels in up work the first few literally aren't even clicked
on specific like we see this guy charging $60 an hour click funnels
expert + Pro strategy consultant click funnels master right this guy's charging
forty-five dollars an hour and these people have earned like three thousand
dollars right over a thousand dollars on up work so people
are getting paid a significant amount of money to do this guy's and so this is
gonna be a short video because this isn't gonna be a tutorial the tutorial
is in the course but I want to give you guys something very very special so for
the first 50 people who comment how to make $100 per day on this video how to
make $100 per day on this video I'm going to give you a completely free
clickfunnels course it's gonna teach you everything that you need to know about
how to become a clickfunnels pro and how to start charging you know at the very
minimum $20 u.s.

Dollars per hour and up to it you know 500 or more dollars per
hour once you become an expert to build funnels for people and we showed you
exactly how to find paying customers guys so comment how to make 100 dollars
per day on this video and then literally guys we are going to let the first 50
people who click the link in the description right now it's gonna be in
the description and the pin post the first 50 people who comment that and who
actually click on the post and that's going to say click funnels course are
going to get the click funnels course completely for free guys so go out there
do that hurry up I promise you this is gonna be an amazing way to make money
even if you have no money whatsoever guys so I hope you enjoyed this one get
out there start building some funnels build up that capital and I'll see you
on the next one

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