How To Grow Your Instagram To $10,000/mo in 2020 No BS** 2020 Instagram Algorithm🔥

What's going on everyone? In today's
video we're going to talk about how you can grow on Instagram from zero to
$10,000 per month and it's going to be a step-by-step plan so that you can start
implementing it today. So I'm really excited about this topic and to teach you
guys Instagram for your online business because in this video right here I
talked about how to grow organically from 0 to 10K followers on Instagram
and you guys requested a part two which was going to go over my monetization
strategy for Instagram which you guys could implement today for your online
business. Now, I'm not gonna sit here and lie to you guys and say like "Oh you guys
need to build a niche page about woodworking or travel or luxury and copy
and you know paste other people's photos." Like that is not only garbage but that's
against the Terms of Service for Instagram and I'm not gonna tell you
either to go grab any old product from Clickbank and take the affiliate link
and stick it into the bio, no that is not a sustainable business model and we are
here building real online businesses.

So here's the best part about all of this:
is that I'm teaching this to you guys and I am implementing these
strategies this year so we can do this together. So why don't you guys go ahead
and follow me on Instagram so you can see me implement the exact steps I'm
gonna talk to you about in this video because I have made a lot a lot of money
from YouTube but I thought "You know what? It's really important that I start
monetizing my Instagram, so let's go." Okay, so the first step to all of this is
implementing a linktree. Now a linktree is basically an online tool,
I think it's free, pretty sure it's free, if it's not don't kill me, but you can
implement a linktree link into the bio in your Instagram which means it gives
you the flexibility to not only share more than one link, but it's also so that
your audience could get to know you better.

So, again, in this video I'm only
going over monetization strategies, I'm not going to talk about growth because I
talked about it in this other video, but the reason why linktree is so important
is because Instagram isn't like Google or YouTube where people are actively
searching in the search engine for how to solve a problem. It's a
different mindset when people are on Instagram versus when they are
YouTube or Google because when people are an Instagram it's more about
scrolling, taking a break from their day, seeing what other people are
doing throughout their day, it's about really getting social so once they come
across your profile, when you have an epic bio of what it is your business
does and they're like "Oh yeah, you know what? I could use
Sara's services." They want to know more about you and the thing about Instagram
is it's very limiting and yes, they can see your content, but if you have in the
bio a linktree that has a link to your website, your blog post, maybe your other
social media platforms, and of course your lead magnet, and we'll talk about
that in depth later on in this video, but they need to really start warming up
to you, getting to know you, establishing that trust so that once they explore
more about you and your brand it's much easier for them to opt-in to your
freebie and for them to trust you to give you that follow and to start
engaging with your content because I think people in the online space think
that Instagram is just "Let me create a niche page and throw a link in there,
people are gonna land and first thing they're gonna buy whatever's in the
link." No.

Definitely not. It could not be more opposite. People, first off, aren't
even interested in buying most of the time when they're on Instagram, as I
mentioned, let alone pulling out their credit card and clicking on the
link and buying whatever it is. The chances of that are very, very little so
that is why you have to welcome your audience and with the link tree it
definitely helps determine those people who are just lurking on your Instagram
profile and will never do anything versus those who are serious and want to
take the relationship a step further. Alright, so step two in this whole
process is your Instagram content. We want to make your Instagram content very
shareable, very engaging, and as I mentioned in my other organic growth
video about Instagram, the whole goal is to get organic growth on your Instagram
and to have people sharing your content, leaving real comments in the comments,
not just a bunch of emojis and like weird things.

And so the reason why
we want people to engage is because that means that your content is working. You
are talking about content that is helping solve people's problems and
that is giving them tips on tricks on how to go about doing something that,
without your help, they would not be able to do. So my plan for monetization this
year is to create content that is more shareable, and what do I mean by that? So
I made this quote card not too long ago, I haven't posted on Instagram in a while
but this is the direction that I'm going to start going in, is creating more
content with quotes on it.

And I will be testing between quote cards that have my
image on it and quote cards that have just the quote and not my face, I've
noticed that people feel more comfortable sharing content that doesn't
have a face associated with it. And so it's a lot easier for somebody to land
on a quote card and be like "Oh, let me share this to my Instagram story,"
and speaking of Instagram stories, if you guys are getting value from this video
go ahead and tag me on Instagram and share it in your Instagram story and
I'll be sure to give you a shout-out on my Instagram story. So besides creating
more shareable and engaging content, the next thing I wanted to highlight for you
is you got to use IGTV.

I did not realize how important IGTV was until I
made my very first one and it went very, very, very well. It got 21 shares, it got
like 17 saves, I think, it was an IG TV I created about Kobe Bryant, it was a
tribute to him and how he taught us millionaire habits and people loved it.
And the thing with IGTV which is amazing is the Instagram algorithm loves
it because it is long-form content and guess what? It keeps people on the
platform for longer. And so on that IG TV it got 18 hundred views which compared
to one of my photos, any of my photos, is almost double the amount of views or
likes or whatever you want to call it because, on average, my photos average
about a thousand likes. And the cool thing about it was that people were
clicking on the link in the description. So IGTV is the only native component of
Instagram where you're able to add a link in the description and people can
go and actively click on the link and go to a lead magnet, a YouTube video,
wherever you want to redirect them.

Just say "Hey, click the link in the
description above to check out my 'whatever website'." So definitely
strategize on your content strategy how to make it more shareable, more engaging,
and your Instagram TV strategies. Okay, so step number three to growing your
Instagram to $10k months is a value ladder. Now, if you've never heard of a
value ladder, do not worry I'm going to break down the definition
of a value ladder and this is a proven component of your business model that is
going to help you get to $10k months and way beyond $10k months, even 6 figure
months if you want to. So basically what is a value ladder? So if you imagine a graph,
just take a regular y-axis and x-axis and on the y-axis if you have
value, on the x-axis you're going to have price, so the idea is if you're starting
from (0, 0) or the X & Y coordinate of zero the higher you go on value, the more
the price is going to increase.

So the more value you give, the higher you can
charge for your product or service. And so this is key with Instagram because in
the beginning when someone lands on your page they're just getting into your
sphere of influence and they're like "Whoa, what are they about?" And so when
people engage with your shareable and your Instagram TV content and they get
pumped they're like "I want to know more about so and so." So the way the value
ladder then starts is they opt-in to something called your freebie or your
lead magnet because it is a very low barrier of entry, because it's free
obviously, and so once people trust you for them to give you their name and
their email that is when the value ladder begins.

So the idea is, and this is
gonna take a lot of time because even I don't have my value ladder built out yet
and I'm definitely working on it, but the idea is you have a free product
then you would have a low tier product then you would have a middle tier/high ticket product and then after that you would have a super high ticket
product. The ladder can keep going however long you want, so let's go through what I
mean for each of these step-by-step. So what I mean by free is obviously
something that you give away for free. I mean everybody has to have some type of
lead magnet, that could be in the form of a free course, an e-book, a PDF, a free
webinar, a free audio file, a free video file,
I've noticed from the lead magnets that I've created that free mini courses go

People love them, they don't even have to be that long, it was like a five
video course that I created for people. It was super valuable and people loved
it and so they trusted me with that lead magnet I gave them and so I'm moving up
the value ladder to a low ticket product. We're talking about something that costs
less than a hundred dollars, it could be in the form of anything I just mentioned
and also what works well is something like a membership site where you charge
30 bucks a month for people to be members of your membership site.

so moving up the ladder again, a higher ticket product is something that
costs between $500 and $1,000 is the sweet spot for a higher ticket product
and it could even go up to $2,000 in some cases. And so it could be a course/coaching or group coaching that is more where you are involved in that
model, it's not just like "go through this PDF and read it" that's not
going to be worth a thousand dollars and when you get to the super high ticket
products that is where it gets spicy and I don't have one of those yet, I hope to
have those maybe in the next year or two but that looks like
something where you put on an event, mastermind on a tropical island, maybe
you put on a conference and it costs anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000.

I was
watching a video that Russell Brunson did, the owner CEO founder of
Clickfunnels, and he literally charges people a
million dollars for him and his team to handmake, customize, and build people a funnel. He was serious, I thought he was joking and I was like "Oh my god, a
million dollars." But these people go all the way up the value ladder with Russell
Brunson and so imagine if you had in your value ladder a freebie, and then a
low ticket item, maybe it's between $9 and $19, but within that low
ticket offer you said "Hey, do you want to have one-on-one coaching with me?" So
maybe if you have ten clients and you're charging them, I don't know,
700-800 dollars a month for one-on-one coaching, and you
could raise your prices as you go, that is like 7000-8000 dollars a month so you're working up to that 10k mark and looking
to expand.

And so remember as you're building out your
online business and growing on Instagram and other social media platforms just
remember, if you take anything away, that you will have buyers that will buy
everything from you. They will buy from the low ticket all the way up to your
most expensive product or service on the value ladder so keep that in mind. So I
know you're loving this video because you are still here, you must check out
this video which is coming up next which is my original Instagram video about how
to grow from 0 to 10k followers on Instagram this year in 2020 and that
video starts right now. "So you want to buy some followers we have 50% off" I'm
like "WTF dude?" Instagram algorithms are like "Block! You're blocked from

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