How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers and Start Making Money on YouTube

– Merry Christmas,
Heather Torres and Omar. Yeah, that's my name. Yeah, is my mic on? – It should be.
– Okay. Merry Christmas, Heather Torres and Omar Omar El-Takrori here
from the Think Media Team, and we wanna welcome you
to our Christmas special. – And we are so grateful for
the Think Media Community, All year long, you guys in the
comments, liking our videos, watching the videos, and we're so glad that although we put out valuable content, that you guys make this happen,
and so thank you so much, But we're so excited,
'cause in this video, we're going to be talking about how to get your first 100 subscribers. And in that we're going
to be talking about the best kind of videos to make, the types of channels
that get the most views, as well as the perspective that you can have going into next year.

– Yeah, and in this video,
we're also going to be covering how to make money as a small channel. YouTube really is a business, and we wanna show you that there are ways that you right now could be making money. 2020 was a crazy year, and if you're ready to
go all in on YouTube, if you're ready to get
to that first milestone then this is the video
that you'll wanna watch until the end.

– So grab your coffee, grab
your hot cocoa, grab your eggnog and grab your notepad
and let's get into it. – We're answering some
of the biggest questions we get in the community,
the Think Media Community. And this one's coming at you Sean, how do you get your first 100 subscribers? 100 is a big deal, and most people think it needs
to be a million subscribers, but that first 100 is critical. – It is, and you know some
people get there pretty quick and some people it feels like
it takes a while to get there.

I think the first thing
is you wanna be patient with your own journey. We're all starting, some people have social media followings pre-existing to YouTube, so they can say, "Hey I started a YouTube channel." Or send an email to their
list and grow their channel. Some people have to really bootstrap from zero with no
connections, no social media. So it kind of depends on
where you're starting. But I think the biggest thing is there's really two
different ways to start.

And I hear like it's almost like there's
disagreement on this, I think you really just
have to have self-awareness. One of the ways to start, is actually to just
experiment and have fun. To not feel the pressure of
niching down, of having a niche because that can be limiting, or on the other hand though,
is to actually pick a niche. That's the best way to start, but if you don't have clarity yet then it can be limiting
and you can overthink it. And so I don't know what
you think about that? – Yeah, I think when I first
started my homeschool channel we had a discussion and it was like, "What do you want to
start your channel about?" And that was a hobby that I had, but I didn't know how to make videos.

So my experimenting wasn't necessarily just about the content, it was about understanding
how to create videos. So my experience has been
getting to over a hundred and over a thousand, over
15,000 with having a niche, but my experimenting has been in the content creation part of it. – Sure.
– What about you? – Well, you already knew your passion, you already knew that you
had some experience there, you'd read the books, it was something you
could help people with, you had people you about that, but I know a lot of people
watching who are maybe like, "I don't have even, I don't,
is homeschool my thing?" And in that case, I actually, even though I'm the guy who's like, "Start with clarity,
start with the niche." I didn't start that way.

Like on my channel, "Sean Cannell", you can see the entire
history of these videos. In fact, my story goes back to 2003, I started shooting video at my church. So I got to do weekly video announcements and learn video production that way. Then though in 2000 around '10, I wanted to start a YouTube channel but I was all over the place. I mean, I did an "Amazing
Spider-Man" review and then how to cook baked
salmon in a tinfoil boats, and then I did vlogs with my wife for about 50 days straight, and then I did just random
videos of traveling, and of specific reviews of like the Palm Springs Aerial Tour.

And I was even learning a
little bit about search, like Las Vegas Horseback Riding, but it was just all kinds of random stuff. Here's the thing, I did not have a niche, I didn't have a niche, but I
was getting critical skills of the YouTube landscape, of
creating content on YouTube, I was basically strengthening
my YouTube muscles. So I would argue that if it wasn't for
all that experimenting on my "Sean Cannell" channel
that like Think Media and Video Influencers wouldn't
be what they are today. So basically it comes down to this, if you don't have clarity just start, like punch fear in the face, punch perfectionism in
the face and press record and just start posting videos.

The thing is that channel might not even be the
channel that succeeds, like "Sean Cannell" eventually
I think will be something, but it's just sitting there, while we're over here on Think Marketing and have Think Media, and I'm doing Video
Influencers with the Benji. So, that was a learning YouTube channel that led to my successful YouTube channels that I have over here. On the flip side, maybe you are already
passionate about running. And so, you love running,
you do marathons, you do half marathons, you
own 50 pairs of running shoes, you're obsessed with all of the
different running practices.

And you're like, "What am I
start a YouTube channel about?" Maybe running.
– Yeah. – And that is an amazing
niche to blow up on. People review shoes, they
look for the reviews of shoes. I'm an aspiring runner, so I just have done two half marathons, so I wanna learn, I've been watching all these shoe reviews, I'm subscribing to different people, and I'm finding them why? Because I also have a
similar, specific passion. So don't judge yourself either way, either go variety or pick a
niche, but just get started. – Yeah, I think, it is also, what's the end result
that you want to happen? And there's so many paths
of the mountain, right? – Yeah, absolutely like that,
if you were to ever think that there is only one
right way to get there.

It's kind of like starting businesses, I heard one of the sharks
from "Shark Tank" say, "In your 20s and your 30s." And it doesn't matter what age you are, it just means when you start getting into that kind of entrepreneurial
experimental creative phase all the successful business owners usually have had one, two, three failed businesses before they got to the successful one. And so he was saying, "In your 20s and 30s "just do as much business
experimenting as you can, "until you kind of figure out "a little bit of self-awareness, "a little bit about what works for you, "a little bit about what has momentum "and then go deeper on that." I feel like YouTube is the
same, that's been my journey. I mean, I got my "Clear Vision" channel, "Think International"
channel, my personal channel, my church's channel.

I had four channels
that I'd been working on before I got to my breakout channels that I'm kind of known for today, that's a lot of experimenting. I think we need to have more
permission to experiment more and kind of judge ourselves less. – Yeah, and getting to
that first 100 subscribers, that's a milestone. And I think sometimes we don't think about during the experimenting phase and getting into it that that
is something to be proud of, but I think it rocks, I think it's awesome to get to your first 100 subscribers because you will learn
so much on that journey. – It's incredible, I mean, you think about
I have my background to the church world, and I've been in ministry
for a lot of years before kind of going into
what we'd call the marketplace or kind of entrepreneurship, and the average church in
America is under 80 people.

But that's incredible, we're talking about like
an incredible community where a pastor is helping people get through the challenges of life and have a better relationship with God and overcome all types
of different things. And they're in this
community serving 80 people, we're talking about a hundred subscribers. You know what I mean, that like, no matter where you are, no matter, you know, I'm a college
dropout small town kid, didn't come from like a big city, didn't come from all these connections or all these types of things.

And you can just start
shooting videos in your bedroom and get to a hundred subscribers, you have a larger congregation than most churches in America, if you will, if you kind
of use that analogy. So no, you really have to, for sure, don't compare yourself to
what somebody else is doing, don't worry about the
person who, by the way, has been putting in the work, and has been on the platform for 10 years. You're just getting started, and really celebrate the
subscribers you do have, rather than really worrying
about what you don't have yet. – Wow, those tips were incredible. And I think it is so important
that you do see your views, you see your subscribers as people.

Sometimes we get so
caught up in those numbers and we want the thousands
and the millions, and the reality is if you had
a room of a hundred people and you told them what you
wanted to tell them, that's huge. And I think sometimes because it's on the internet and stuff, but having the right
perspective is so important when it comes to building
out your YouTube channel.

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from that first clip. We're gonna head into
the second clip Omar, where we're talking
all about making money. – Yes, one of the biggest
myths or even fallacies about YouTube is that you
need a big subscriber base or a big following to make
decent or even big money. And I think what's so cool
is we've been able to see in a lot of the people in our community really use YouTube to create an income and not really it be from YouTube itself.

And so I think this training
is going to be super helpful, this clip that's gonna come up. And then just stick around
right after the clip, 'cause I'm going to share
a little personal story on my personal channel on how I've been able to
actually pay my mortgage using YouTube and not having
that many subscribers. So check out this clip. – How do you make money
with a small channel? I'm excited about this,
'cause I have a small channel. Mine's only at almost 15,000 subscribers and we have a lot of
people who look at you with 1.5 million subscribers, having a seven figure media company, all of these big things but
everything starts small. So talk about how do you make
money with a small channel? Well, first of all, I actually
think that even your channel, I wouldn't consider small,
I mean, 15,000 is insane.

And you've already made
quite a bit of money off of your channel. And so, I think that the
question would be, what's small? Maybe hard to say, maybe
your first a thousand, your first 5,000 up to 10,000 subscribers. I think about friends of mine that were able to go full time
around 10,000 subscribers. I was able to go full-time
at around 20,000 subscribers, I went all in on Think Media
at 16,000, full-time at 20. So what are the strategies? Well, the first thing, and I know that this is going
to be one of those, like, "Okay, come on man, like." But the first thing is
actually not to focus on making money at all first, but to focus on influence first. Our phrase over at Video Influencers is helping you build your
influence, income and impact. And we say it in that order because it actually is a progression, that you can't make income,
if you don't have influence, and you can't make a
difference and an impact if you don't have influence
or income in our opinion, because if you can't keep the lights on or if you're starving yourself then how are you going to
ultimately impact others, you need money to fuel the mission.

So it all starts with influence, and the reason I say that is
the first thing I would say to make money on a small channel, is find another way to make money. Too many people, I think they
maybe start with desperation, which is the worst way to start anything. If you start in a
desperate place on YouTube, you'll make bad decisions. You might try to make quick
money with affiliate marketing, we'll talk about that in a
second, and it could be good, but too early, and it's maybe
coming from the wrong place. You might try to use gimmicks and you might try to use clickbait, as opposed to saying, "You know what, "I'm going to identify
another way to make money "so that I can even
fund my YouTube channel "in its infancy stage." In my case, I actually started my channel "Clear Vision Media" for
my company back in 2009, and I had a freelance
video production company, and then I started think media in 2010.

So in 2009, I used my
cameras and my lighting and all these things that I actually got from taking a loan out, and the way I was paying the loan down was from waiting tables at Red Robin. And I thought, "If I can't
make money in my business, "I can at least just make
extra tips on the weekends "and eventually pay this thing down." And took out a $7,000
loan to get the gear. And I realized that I was
going to pay the bills via doing freelance video
work, building websites, doing YouTube optimization,
and then use YouTube to do YouTube and affiliate
marketing reviewing cameras with really no timeline of
when I needed that to succeed.

I think that's a good recipe, in other ways like work at some other job, freelance online whether that's
doing virtual assistant work or doing graphic design
or using any skill, doing a call center or
just doing anything, So that way you can in
your YouTube channel without needing to make a demand
on your audience too soon. – Yeah, I think that's
really, really important. I've found that with even
my homeschool channel, I work for Think Media, and so I have zero pressure on that end to fund that mission, but it is a mission like,
it's close to my heart but I don't have the
time to make courses yet, I don't have the time to
develop out the curriculum that I want to, I don't
have that time yet, so one of the things you introduced to me was this idea of affiliate marketing, and I know that's how you went full time.

So let's talk about what it is? And how you can apply that
to your YouTube channel as a small channel to start making money. – Yeah, you know that also, affiliate marketing requires
a little bit of influence because we talk about affiliate marketing, we recommend signing up for
the Amazon Associates Program because Amazon is the everything store and pretty much everything is there. When you sign up and
you get a custom link, now, when someone clicks
your link and buy something you'll make between 4%
and 10% off that sale.

And this is a way that
initially I was able to quit my day job and
go full-time on YouTube, was just through Amazon and YouTube and talking about tech and cameras on my channel "Think Media". However, early on people
go, "That sounds awesome." So they try to apply for the
Amazon Associate Program, they have one or two videos up, they only have 33 subscribers, or maybe they even have 3000 subscribers, the average video gets around 350 views but you don't have a ton of momentum yet, a ton of influence yet, and so what people do is they apply for an affiliate program, they either don't get
approved or they get approved but they don't make enough sales within enough amount of time, and so then the account gets shut down, it goes back to needing influence first.

Needing to kind of hit a
tipping point of growth, a tipping point of kind
of breaking through with your content. And so once you hit, what
I'd probably recommend is that you probably want
at least 10 to 20 videos. And it would be ideal to probably have at least
500 to a thousand subscribers around there, in with
some level of consistency, not a thousand to 5,000
subscribers that say, that you built over five years and they just slowly grew on there. But just like you did you, you started knowing you
were gonna do homeschool, you started with homeschool topic videos, you started to build momentum, of course also ranking videos,
answering specific questions, being a video ranking academy student, just doing that like to the
T, and it really worked, 'cause your channel's grown on autopilot, even if you didn't upload a lot of videos.

And then it was no friction
for you to get approved for the Amazon Affiliate Program, to work with other affiliate programs through curriculum companies. So yeah, affiliate marketing
is what I would recommend, and notice we didn't say
YouTube ads and any other way, I think affiliate marketing is the best way to start
making money as a small channel because you don't need a brand to select you for a brand deal or waste your time emailing brands, when you're super small,
and it's just a ton of work, as soon as you get
approved for that program, you can start making money
based on your results. If you can figure out just, and all you need is one video
to really change your life.

We'd mentioned the "Greens Powder" video, where I have a green
juice powder that I mix up that video is earned over $10,000. It's one video, in one niche, around one keyword that blew up like that. I've got this video called
"Best Christmas LED lights", one video that video has
generated over $10,000, and every year it generates more. One video, around one
keyword, in one niche, I didn't get the brand to work with me, I didn't get free products sent to me, I actually purchased the product myself or actually I got to
borrow it from a friend, but I hustled to get it.

Like I didn't have to
talk to anybody else, I was empowered myself to
use affiliate marketing. And I know maybe this is some
new terms to some people, so we actually have a
playlist over on "Think Media" our affiliate marketing
series, we go deep, and so people could
learn a little bit more about affiliate marketing as I think the best way to make money with a small channel when
you're getting started.

– Yeah, and a lot of times, one of the mistakes we see is that people will just
put links down below and there's no reference point to it. So talk about how you were able to go full-time with affiliate marketing because of the connection or tell us a little bit more about that. – I think yeah, and we actually
teach that in a program, maybe we'll just link to it, 'cause it's, it's a baby course that we have called, Video
Product Review Profits, and we'll just put a link to
that in the description below.

And I talk about, I
think five unique things you need to know about making money with affiliate marketing,
through product reviews. That's where people make a mistake, they just have like a vlogging channel and they think "I'm gonna vlog, "I'll link up the camera
using the description, "and then some people will
click that, I'll make money." No, because the intent in
watching your entertaining vlog is not to then check out the description for things to like buy, and they're not looking for a camera. Conversely, if you do a video called blend tech versus ninja
blenders, which one is better? The person who's watching
a video like that probably wants to buy a blender at the end of that viewing session. So what I mean is and what
we teach in that program is being congruent
through the whole process, really thinking through
what is the online consumer, the online shopper, which by the way, that's why I love affiliate marketing, e-commerce is only around 15% going into 2020 in this next decade.

Like that means that, I mean again, only 15 out of a hundred
people are shopping online, most people are still shopping offline. Well, that's going to continue to grow, more people are gonna
keep shopping online. That is more opportunity for
us to do product reviews, to cover products we love and
use, and do product tutorials to make a lot of money
through affiliate marketing. So, what's the intent of the
consumer who comes online, what are they searching for? And then when they watch the video, what kind of information
do they wanna learn? And then what do they need
to know about doing next, helping them make that next
decision, to click on that link.

And then even thinking past that click to the fact that you say
this product is amazing but then they get to the page and the page is not super
optimized or you say it's amazing but there's horrible reviews on Amazon, no one's going to buy that, because you also then, your
credibility is lost in that. So you're thinking through the whole what we would call like
a customer journey, which is a whole different
approach than most people when it comes to affiliate marketing. They just kind of lob it out there, hope to get some clicks,
hope to get some sales, and I've learned that just
hope marketing doesn't work.

You have to do strategic marketing, and again, we'll link to some
resources if people are into. – Yeah, okay, so build influence first, start with affiliate marketing, and then our third point
is to sell something. – Yes, like we didn't
even mention YouTube ads, and what's cool about YouTube is that if you get approved for
monetization after 1000 subscribers, 4,000 hours of watch time
within 12 months period, now you can monetize your videos. Sometimes people get so myopic, so focused on just that
way of making money, and it's a losing recipe, because what I've learned is
even if you start getting, 500,000 views a month,
depending on your CPM, that might only be let's say
a couple of hundred dollars. And again you could make
a couple hundred dollars somewhere else, like you'd
go drive Uber or Lyft for a few hours every day, make that money and then focus on growing
your YouTube channel to build something more significant, and what that thing that's
more significant could be is selling something.

Thinking about can you
create a digital product? We talk a lot about this, one of the reasons why we
started Think Marketing because the e-learning industry, people that are now
wanting to learn online and the traditional forms of education are really being flipped
upside down is gonna be, Forbes did an article, by 2025, it's gonna be almost a
billion dollar a day industry. Like 330 or so billion a year, that means a billion dollars a day, people are gonna be buying
e-learning materials. Yes, through e-learning through
colleges and universities, but also through the stuff we create. We have digital courses, we have all these students
in our inner circle program that have digital courses, and all these different people that are packaging their
expertise, their knowledge, or just how to do something
or how to learn something or packaging digital communities
this really cool things, and so that's something you could sell. But you could also sell
all kinds of things, I mean, we have, I guess
this is e-learning too, but McCann Dogs has a
physical brick and mortar dog training studio up in Canada, and they also have an online course for how to train your dog.

We have other people in our community, some people that are like
doing kind of cocktail stuff and what they do is
they'll sell the shakers and they'll sell the sifters. Kent, who just came to our
Mastermind in Las Vegas, Cowboy Kent.
– Cowboy Kent. – Man, he's got skillets and he's got spatulas that he sells. So he does cooking videos,
crushing with AdSense because he's really grown his channel, but he's also making money through events he's making money through
physical products.

So, the reason we skip past ads is you wanna think of YouTube,
not actually as your business, probably the worst mindset
you could ever have, it's just a distribution channel, right? You want to think bigger than YouTube. Use YouTube to make your living, don't make YouTube you're living. AdSense can go up and down,
it could disappear tomorrow, but if you have a real business.

I sell physical products, I sell skillets and cooking materials and I have got cooking
classes and cooking retreats, well, you've got a real business, and then if YouTube changes, well, you can move to the next platform, like you could go somewhere else. But so what is that bigger
business you're building? What is that something
else you're selling? There's a lot of opportunities, and I'm excited to talk about that in future "Think Marketing Show" episodes.

– Yes, the "Think Marketing
Show", that was amazing. So build your influence,
affiliate marketing, and then sell something. What incredible tips for
having a small channel. And I think, again, even if
you have a small channel, you can start applying these things but it is the long game, right? It isn't, let's get to
our first 100, 10,000, a hundred thousand, it's the long game of building something
that's sustainable online.

So those are just a few ways
that you can start making money on YouTube with a small channel. And Omar, you actually
have a personal story about how you're able to pay your mortgage not here from Think Media, but from your own channel
with a small audience. – Yeah, I started dabbling
with YouTube in 2017 after taking VRA. And so I kind of had, and if you didn't know
VRA is kind of our program that we teach YouTube,
SEO and things like that. And so I just made a few
videos on photography and I started selling my presets, the things I would actually
throw onto the photos that I was taking and throw
it into the description, usually a small little cell
in a couple of the videos that I had. And like before I knew
it, people were buying it. And I think a lot of it was because I created something
that took them from A to B. And I think people really
liked how easy I made it look.

And I started thinking about so many ways that people can do that
in their own channel. And that poses today's
question of the day is what is something you
could sell on your channel? There is no threshold of
like your subscriber count or view count based off of
something you can sell down in your description box. And so, I think whether it's like a PDF or maybe something like an
ebook or something like that, you can sell something, and
I've just seen huge returns. Even today, we're talking
years and years later, I'll wake up in the morning, boom sold the preset didn't
even have to do anything.

And so I really love this principle about being able to sell
something on YouTube, it really gives you some good perspective on being able to make
money with a small channel. – Yeah, and even my channels that I talked about in that
clip was my homeschool channel, I was able this year to buy
my kids iPads for school and to pay for our curriculum. So it's not necessarily
like changing our life, we're not bawling out on a jet, but let me tell you, it was great to be able to
have someone send me a check, – Pretty sweet.
– and all I did was make videos on YouTube.

So Think Community, you can do this too. We believe in you, and we are here for you this entire year, here on Think Media and over on our Think Marketing channel. So did you know, it's
free, you should make sure that you're subscribed anywhere you can, because we go in depth on
these different topics. Those two clips that you saw, were some of our best
content from this year, we have so much packed in for you, so make sure you subscribe over there. And if you want to get
started over on the podcast, make sure you check out
our next four part series where we help you start YouTube right. So Merry Christmas,
thank you for being here, and we cannot wait to
see you in the next year. Head over to the podcast right now, you can click or tap the screen and we'll see you on the next video..

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